Bison Block, Sagegrouse, Owl, 6 Wolves

Published: June 24th 2017
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Geo: 43.7904, -110.682

What a great way to end our stay in the Greater Yellowstone area. First we were caught in a buffalo jam on our way to view the other wildlife there was out there. Got some great shots as they moved about heading across the road.

We also got to the Footbridge area and were told there was nothing there but there was some activity down at Hitching Post. Headed down there and got ourselves set up in time to see six of the wolves moving through the area. First it was the alpha female bringing some meat back to the den area. We watched her move through the grass and then cross the road safely before heading up the hill.

We were standing close to some of the Wolf Project people and could hear the others reporting from a different location with a slightly different view of what we were seeing. Two more of the wolves came into sight and were moving toward an elk kill and were lost to sight.

Then there were three more of the wolves moving through the sage right out in front of us very easy for everyone to see. It was very nice to watch the excitement of some of the people who had never before seen any of the wolves!

We watched the three until they went over the hill and then headed over past Footbridge to watch them bed down. Visited with some of the people from the Wolf Project and heard more about the possible formation of a new pack. All very exciting.

From there we headed up to Mammoth so see about getting a new spotting scope. Along the way were stopped by a sagegrouse leading her young across the road. So very nice to see and glad they all were able to get across.

Got to Mommoth and did our business and stopped at the visitor's center to check out the new exhibits. Walking back to our car got another treat; two of the workers from the Raptor Project were on their break and had a scope set up and had a fledgling Great Horned Owl and the mother in the same tree. Got to check them out with the new scope. What a great way to end the day.

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