Wolf Watching in Beautiful Lamar Valley, YNP

Published: June 24th 2017
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Geo: 43.7904, -110.682

The excitement of watching for the wolves in the Lamar Valley. This year it seemed the campgrounds were filling up faster than in years past. This year it seemed we would not be able to get into Slough Creek, Canyon was full and we were able to get a site at Pebble Creek by arriving at around 6 am in the morning, the campground host was awake and helped us get our site.

We spent the rest of the day watching for wildlife and the next morning were up and on the road to see what we could see. We arrived at the one overlook first with no luck and continued on down the road and came across the Prospect Peak pack wolves out and visible. We watched them until they went out of sight and them followed them over to one of the pull outs over the pass to see if we could see them again. We did not see them again but it was exciting to see the ones we did see.

Story of the wolves as we understand from what we have read and from hearing information from Rick and the other wolf watchers. After the death of 06, the alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack, the Lamar Canyon pack had dispersed and there was a void. Slowly they have regrouped but will not be called the Lamar Canyon Pack but another name. Evidently the remnants of the Lamar Canyon pack and the Prospect Peak pack have reformed and actually had some pups and they seem to be reforming. New name will be forthcoming! This is always a great place to watch the wolves because their denning and rendevous area are close to the road.

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