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September 28th 2013
Published: September 29th 2013
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Horsefloat and RV in one
Woke this morning to the sound of a man on a loud speaker making announcements about the dressage competition that was happening in the horse barn. Felt a little out of place considering the sizes of the other motor homes around us - floats that held about 6 horses plus RV living quarters at the front of the float! Never mind nobody bothered us as we had our breakfast and prepared for the day.
We filled up with petrol late last night $3.39 per gallon. Put $100 in the RV to keep us going. By the end of day today we have travelled 4,855kms in a two week period - not a bad effort!

The drive from Black River Falls into Milwaukee took us all day but we made numerous stops during the trip (all part of the fun of road tripping). Took a road off the interstate to see some more of the Wisconsin scenery. Drove through the town of Oakdale where we spotted two Amish Ladies complete with horse and cart selling bakery items. This was unexpected - did not know the Amish were in this part of the country.

While in Oakdale we also noted tat

House in Black River Valley
the gas stations had RV dump stations for use! I think we both felt like going back 100 miles or so and telling those service attendants we spoke to last night that RV dumps do actually exist in Wisconsin! Mill Bluff State Park was our next stop - the park had trails, camping spots and even a man made beach built alongside the lake. The park was full with campers - guess they are out enjoying the last of the warm weather.

The fall colours are showing their beauty here in Wisconsin. Geoff loves to get photos of the changing fall colours (he is loving his new camera). The road took us through New Lisbon which had a large campground built next to the river. Clearly a boating and fishing town. There was a lady sitting on a park bench next to the river just watching everyone go by - what a relaxing way to spend the day.

Since Wisconsin is the "Dairyland" state we decided we had to visit one of the local cheese factories and we found one on our travels in the town of Mauston. Carr Valley cheese is one of Americas artisan cheese companies

Autumn colours in Wisconsin
and has been making cheese the old fashioned way for more than 100 years. Milk is delivered to the factory daily from a number of local dairy farms and Carr Valley make more than 100 varieties of cheese.

Like most things on the USA you can have your order shipped anywhere in the country. Since the company has won many awards I'm sure it's in great demand. We had some samples and bought 2 different cheeses to have during our road trip. Back onto the interstate for a while till we spotted another interesting lake. Mirror Lake State Park is not far off the highway and offers camping, hiking, boating and fishing. The lake was being used today by people in canoes - looked so peaceful out there.

Stopped by a produce market and took some photos of the many pumpkins they had for sale. Halloween is showing its face everywhere with plenty of houses already decorated for the occasion. Today we have passed by many red barns - small and large. These barns have always fascinated me - they are such an American icon and look very attractive in the background of the many corn farms we

Mill bluff state park
drove past.

It's interesting how the old barns and houses that are deserted and just about falling down are never demolished. They just kind of stand alone in paddocks as a marker of time in history. I would so love to hear the stories behind these places.

Lunch was in the town of Sauk and time to use wi-fi before heading back on the road. Final stop for the day before reaching Milwaukee was Lake Mills - another fishing/boating destination. The weather was quite windy and overcast this afternoon so the water looked very choppy out on Rock Lake- not too many people out on the water.

This evening we are staying just outside of Milwaukee and the plans are to spend the next day or so exploring Milwaukee before heading off to Chicago. Most of the meals in the RV are prepared and cooked by Geoff. Usually at the end of the day I sit and put together the notes from the day ready to be uploaded onto the blog site while Geoff cooks dinner - didn't plan it that way it's just how things happen. Im usually in charge of the breakfast and lunch menus.

Carr's cheese factory

Oh must remember to share this - if you've ever wondered where "home on the range" actually is - I can confirm it really does exist and can be located in North Dakota! There are no services at Home on the Range just a couple of homes!

People ask if we feel safe staying overnight in Walmart carparks - well clearly yes - its well known that RV's park around the parimeter of the carpark and there are usually other campers and truckers parked in Walmart carparks anyway. Walmarts also have 24 hour camera survellience in the area as well. I guess it's not everybody's idea of an overnight stay but for us it's perfect and as helped cut costs quite significantly.

Additional photos below
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Mirror Lake State Park

Produce store

Pumpkin display

Horse stables and sheds

A classic barn

Rock Lake

5th October 2013

Pumpkins - all shapes and sizes!!
What an array of pumpkins!

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