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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee February 27th 2015

This is my first official entry for my new travel blog. I am not off on an exciting trip to an exotic location currently but stay tuned for some more interesting entries about fun trips to places both near and far!... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee May 14th 2014

The inaugural post of my inaugural travel blog! Since I depart out of Chicago late Thursday night, there are still over 24 hours before I embark on my Grande Adventure; however, considering the number of things I still need to do before then, I figured I'd get the blog post out of the way (assuming I've figured out how to use this thing!). I'll use this post to give a brief overview of how the trip is probably going to go. Ready? Here we go. Step 1: Depart Chicago O'Hare; arrive London Heathrow. Step 2: Overnight in London, then fly to Dublin (don't worry, Anglophiles; I'll be back) Step 3: Romp around Ireland for ~1 week with friends Step 4: Let the itinerary get more 'fluid.' With my remaining 5 weeks, I will be visiting the ... read more
View from New Digs

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee September 30th 2013

Began the day with a 9amfactory tour of the Harley Davidson manufacturing unit outside of the city in Menomonee Falls. Here they produce engines and transmissions for the final assembly plants in York Pennsylvania and Kansas City Missouri. They employ around 900 staff here working 24hrs around the clock. Each employee is able to buy 2 Harley's a year at a significantly discounted price and they must keep the bikes for a minimum of 12 months before reselling. The free guided tour takes you through the factory line and offers a limited view of the assembly line and machining areas. The tour gives you an insight into the inner workings of these bikes using both robot and man power. Geoff says it was a great tour - it didn't mean too much to me though I ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee September 29th 2013

Rain fell during the night but woke to a stunning day here in Milwaukee. Got an early start - with a big day planned touring the city. Walk around Millers Park - home of the Brewers baseball team. An impressive looking stadium that's for sure. Quiet here today - place was empty which gave us a chance to have a look around and grab some photos. Drove along to the water front to look at North Point Lighthouse. A pleasant drive along the waterfront took us to the lighthouse at Lake Park. The light house was first built in 1887 and restoration of this historical site was completed in 2007. The light was taken out in 1997 by the United States Coast Guard - there is also a museum in the Queen Anne style keepers dwelling ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee September 28th 2013

Woke this morning to the sound of a man on a loud speaker making announcements about the dressage competition that was happening in the horse barn. Felt a little out of place considering the sizes of the other motor homes around us - floats that held about 6 horses plus RV living quarters at the front of the float! Never mind nobody bothered us as we had our breakfast and prepared for the day. We filled up with petrol late last night $3.39 per gallon. Put $100 in the RV to keep us going. By the end of day today we have travelled 4,855kms in a two week period - not a bad effort! The drive from Black River Falls into Milwaukee took us all day but we made numerous stops during the trip (all part ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee November 7th 2012

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park was the midpoint of our trip - our turn around point, but for the little boys, it was the highlight! and for them, the grand climax, since they went home to Michigan after. The heat was UNbearable - crazy hot! Heat advisories in effect - apparently, this particular road trip was through a record-breaking heatwave. Yay, us. Thanks to that, we didn't get to do some of the things I wanted to do in Milwaukee - first and foremost - skipping down Knapp Street, chanting "one two three four five six seven eight! Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!'" I had convinced Shannan to dress up as ... read more
Boo Boo's fishing pond

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee August 5th 2012

Sadly, my time in London has come to an end. I arrived back in the United States yesterday afternoon and already miss the hustle and bustle of the city. Naturally, I arrived at the airport six hours early (12:20 flight), so I had plenty of time to get to know Heathrow airport. I had a delicious sit-down breakfast, shopped, and played my with iPad for quite some time. Everyone who helped at the airport commented on my punctualicty. Although one commented on the amount of luggage I had (what's it to him? I had to pay 45 pounds to check it; if anything I was giving him money). The flight was relatively smooth and interesting. I sat next to a young girl about eight years old who commented, "We talk Polish." She was traveling with her ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee August 11th 2011

So we rolled out of Cubs stadium and into one of the biggest party scenes in the country. I mean where else can you see a live band with a huge dance floor on a Tuesday night other than The Cubby Bear. After the bar we hit a man vs. food nation favorite and had shots of Jack and giant sandwiches in that order. We decided to take surface roads out of Chicago on the way to Milwaukee. We passed by huge mansions and occasional picturesque shots of the lake. In a few hours we were knocking on Milwaukee's door and we hit a Motel 6 by the airport. Motel 6 is apparently now taking long term delinquents to stay and ruin the place. There were six kids drinking beers and cussing in the pool ... read more
Easy Ridin'

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee August 10th 2011

Left Madison for Milwaulke in the morning and was looking forward to a shorter easier ride east. Not so, it seemed that everywhere I tried to go, had roadworks! Ended up at a dead end more than once, was on the wrong side of the unmarked road and tried to go up an off ramp! All in one day, which should have been straightforward travel. Finally reached Milwaulke where we locked up the bike, changed, showered and just took the bus to downtown. Then took another to Millar Valley brewery, where they make over 150 different beers! This is a free tour and they give you three different beers and pretzels at the end! Other brewery tours could learn a lot from here! Interestingly, this brewery and very many others are owned by 'South African Brewing ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Milwaukee July 6th 2011

Hi everyone! Here I am yet again, about to set out for another adventure and write another chapter in the Book of Noel. However, this trip is quite different from any I have previously taken. As most of you know, I leave tonight for Roatan, Honduras to study hawksbill sea turtles for my Masters research project. I will be studying the turtles' behaviors, movement patterns, ecology and diet. I will start a second blog that is more researched-focused and will update you with the link when it's set up. Since LLU is pretty conservative, I might save the juicy details for Sykpe. :-) Those of you who have been in touch recently know that I have been struggling to work out details and logistics with my graduate advisor. I have received little advice, support and guidance, ... read more
Ladies night
Cliff diving!

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