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7th November 2015

Two Australians in NYC
That all great pictures and really interesting to view any time
7th November 2015

An amazing city
7th November 2015

Fantastic photography
Great shot
5th November 2015

Looks like you had a grand time.
25th October 2015

Pike's Place Market
We lived in Seattle for 7 years and never grew tired of visiting the market. What a great city.
25th October 2015

Very exciting
Looking forward to reading about your trip
13th February 2015

Fun in Orlando
Sounds like you had a good time and did it as cheaply as one can. We are sad that the past decade the prices have gotten so high. It is expensive for an average American family of 4 to take the kids on holidays with the prices of food and such but the crowds keep coming so the prices keep going up. Glad you had fun. Disney is about happiness and being playful.
9th February 2015
Hard Rock Orlando

Kids at heart!
I love how you two really got into the spirit of Disneyworld! True confessions--for my last birthday in the states, I went to Disneyland with a friend. How great that you visited all the centers, went on the rides and attended special breakfasts and dinner shows--a proper way to do it! Must say, I'm shocked at the prices, but I'm so glad you two thought it was worth it. It was mighty fun experiencing it through your eyes.
9th February 2015

It sounds like you did Disney World and the rest of Orlando attractions just right. Did your Magic Bands make your bill go away?
7th February 2015

Everglades and Celebrity Cruisin
Sorry the trip to the everglades was disappointing. There are other trips available that are really time. Cruises offer top notch customer service. You look very nice dressed up. Glad you embraced the trip and all of the ports. Sounds like the perfect balance of relaxing and exploring. I can see you now doing an internet search of one of those around the world cruises. (not a bad idea)...and the desserts! Cruise ships are like small cities but you can always find a quiet place to be alone.
8th February 2015

You must be reading my mind...been searching the Internet for cruises! Just need to retire and win a fortune to support all this travel...we have been so busy since arriving in orlando that I still haven't had time to finish my blogging..hoping to have that up soon..btw we loved Disney world
29th January 2015

Faster way
I love the pictures! It looks like you had a great time. To get down there faster my family uses the Key West Express Ferry so have less time traveling down and more time to enjoy our stay.
12th January 2015

Have fun cruising
From Blog: Bye bye Harley
11th January 2015

7 Mile Bridge
It really is something isn't it? The cruise ship thing is new in the past few years and a sorry development. Glad you enjoyed your ride.
10th January 2015
Geoff at Little Havana

So much fun and so little time.
8th January 2015
Strawberry Mojotis

We are serious about super sizing everything
Looks like you are having no trouble working your way through the mojito. Love following along and reading your impressions. Eager to hear more. Enjoy the Miami traffic.
7th January 2015
Splish splash

Nice photo
7th January 2015

Florida is known for the fantastic beaches. We can give you a list of beaches to check out next time. Most W.W. meetings I've been to are rather interactive. Sounds like this one did all the talking. Hope you continue to feel better. Happy sailing.
5th January 2015
Chicago skyline

Chicago skyline
The architecture of Chicago has influenced and reflected the history of American architecture. The city of Chicago, Illinois features prominent buildings in a variety of styles by many important architects. Since most buildings within the downtown area were destroyed by the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.
5th January 2015

Holiday of a Life Time!
Hi Judy and Geoff, Thank you so much for sharing your incredible and awesome holiday. I have been enthralled with every new blog and am amazed at how much you are seeing and doing! Surely you are beginning to feel exhausted! Congratulations on your skills in writing in such an interesting way all about your adventures etc and the photography is excellent too! Enjoy very minute and I look forward to seeing you at WW in Cleveland on your return. Best wishes for 2015. Fiona
4th January 2015

Warmer climate
Great planning to vacation in florida after NYC although they are having some cool temps this year. Sounds like you found a great place to stay. Eager to hear what you do....or do nothing.
4th January 2015

2015 NYC
Sounds like you stayed in a great place and Rick has provided excellent suggestions. We will be using your blog as a guide the next time we go to NYC.
4th January 2015

Cameras, W.W. and Cakes
You've had another perfect day. I've purchased from B & H via the phone but I've never been to the store. I'd love to go in there. The customer service on the phone is just as top notch. I'm a weight watchers lifetime member so I giggled when you missed the meeting, not your fault and was forced on to ice cream and cakes. Another weigh in another day. Anyway you've got me interested in making a trip to that store. Loving the photos.
3rd January 2015
The Grand Canyon falls

The Grand Canyon falls
The Grand Canyon Caverns can help arrange and organize your visit to the spectacular Supai waterfalls. We are the closest place to stay to the “Hill Top” (the starting and ending point) before and after your Supai adventure. . If you are able we hope you hike at least one direction to be able to get a feel for the canyon walls in all their glory.

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