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North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington December 29th 2021

After months of preparation and anticipation, not to mention some serious last-minute shopping and COVID testing, Maggie's big adventure finally began! We dropped her off at Dulles Airport at about 7:30pm on 12/29, the five of us waving goodby as she made her way through security. We won't see her again for more than 150 days, but we know she'll have an amazing time on this life-changing trip. We'll be posting updates to this blog for everyone as we get them from Maggie, so stay tuned for photos, stories and more for the next five months!... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington November 12th 2021

The ride is over. I have now completed the daily entries, and am sending the completed blog of the trip out to friends who might be interested. To start at the beginning, go to the following link. One can then scroll through the days and the pictures. You may have to copy and paste it into your browser. The overall tour took a month, from Sept 7, 2021 when I left for Parkersburg WV, through Oct 7, 2021 when I flew back to Arlington VA. The first leg of the journey, across the country to Boise ID following US 50 for most of the way, took me 8 days and 2,700 miles (4,300 km). I then rested and returned to Durham NC for a family wedding celebration. Back in Idaho for the second leg I ... read more
The Magruder Corridor in the Nez Perce / Clearwater National Forests

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington July 26th 2021

Bjørn and I wouldn’t have had the chance to check out America’s premier military cemetery at Arlington, if not for Amtrak. (More on that later.) Despite wanting some easy (and free) tourism during a layover, I wasn't quite expecting to be confronted with my own mortality at so many turns. I also wasn’t prepared for the vastness of the grounds, or for how easy it was to get there. Even in the blistering heat, I’m glad I got a chance to see a place that made me question a lot of things about myself and even my convictions about national mythology. It started out easily enough. I didn't even have to leave the train station to get to the DC Metro, since Amtrak's Union Station is on the metro's Red Line. Change at the aptly named ... read more
View of DC from the grave of L'Enfant, the chief planner for DC
Bjørn is too short to drink from the fountains
Gravestones are quite similar throughout much of the cemetery

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington July 7th 2020

It took me half a days' ride to get home again. The Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route is 1,058 miles long. It was designed perfectly for access by residents of the Washington Metro Area. From Arlington to the Start at Damascus VA is some 355 mi and 5 1/2 hours. From the Finish in Lawrenceville PA back to Arlington VA is about 268 mi and 4 1/2 hours. If one were to just drive via interstate from Damascus to Lawrenceville, it would take about 9 hours and cover 555 miles. By riding the mountains and forests, it takes 9 days, and over 1,050 miles. Campsites are available. Hotels are plentiful (I always stayed at hotels) and very Covid-19 aware. Shields and cleaning emphasized everywhere. Food and gas are easy to find -- but don't pass them ... read more
Map of the full MABDR
BMW R12GSA 2012 Hexhead Oil Cooled 75,000 mi
BMW R12GSA 2012 Hexhead Oil Cooled 75,000 mi

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington June 21st 2019

What better way to celebrate a high school graduation than to get on a trans-Atlantic flight the next day? That's what we were thinking when we booked our first family trip to Europe with a departure the day after Maggie's high school graduation. Let the record show, that a buffer day probably would have been a good idea. Especially since it turned out Todd was in court until 2:00pm the day of graduation, Maggie was out until about 12:30am that night, and we had so many friends and family visiting Wednesday evening that no one was really interested in (or available to!) packing prior to our actual departure day! But, we made it to DCA airport on schedule, only to be able to spend some quality bonus time with my brother, Brian, who ended up literally ... read more
Todd - 1st crepe
Sean 1st crepe
Marcia 1st crepe

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington January 22nd 2018

At 11:00 pm last night, I finally fit my motley collection of motorcycle impedimenta into two duffle bags and a carryon. It was never clear it would fit. I had to throw out all my underwear to get it all in (no I am kidding, but I came close). I am renting a bike in Osorno for the trip. I have never done this before, and packing my helmet and boots away is a little traumatic. The joy of the journey is slowly percolating into my body. It has been a tough two weeks for Beth as she battled a giant stone in her kidney. Luckily, all is now well and the green light is shining brightly for the 5th trip of a lifetime... With my little local commitments mostly completed, I can look forward to ... read more
Punta Arenas and the Southern Section
Bike Stuff.

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington May 23rd 2017

Planning a long trip is really fun. It provides a comforting sense of purpose and commitment. I study maps, design routes, and steep myself in the culture of the land. Potential disasters are foreseen, acts of God set aside, and contingency plans developed, which lead to the best part of the preparation process -- buying more equipment ! Canada, in its benevolent wisdom, provides travelers on this road with free satellite phones -- picked up at one end, and dropped off at the other, on the honor system. A key feature is convincing Beth that the project is indeed worthwhile. She has always been very supportive, no matter the destination. I think she understands how important these forays are to me. An issue with this trip has been: "where is it you say you are going ... read more
Bill with his trusty Subaru Forester

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington November 21st 2016

Geo: 38.8905, -77.0863Week two, I have started to find my feet and I have gotten used to driving on the right side of the road. I am almost a person in the USA as I have an American bank account, now for my social security number and my drivers license and I will be a full person here!Last Sunday was the opening of the season here, Lucie and I went off to National Harbor to see some fireworks and go on the gigantic Ferris Wheel but it was unsuccessful to say the least. We decided it was way too cold to take the ferry across the river, little did we know that it was heated inside, we took an Uber to National Harbor and got stuck in crazy traffic, so we ended up seeing the beautiful ... read more
Christmas Tree, National Harbor
Fairy Lights, National Harbor
Wondering through Old Town

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington August 2nd 2016

My flight wasn't leaving from the airport in Baltimore until the early evening, meaning that I had the morning to do some more sightseeing. I had been looking online for more free tours, I've become a bit addicted to them, and found one for Arlington National Cemetery. The cemetery is a short subway ride out of the city and it didn't take me too long to get there. I met the tour group at the office at the entrance to the cemetery and from there we headed inside. Arlington National Cemetery is a 624 acres military cemetery, which was established in 1864. The dead of the nation's conflicts have been buried here since the Civil War, and the dead from earlier battles have been re-interred in the cemetery. Private William Henry Christman of Pennsylvania was the ... read more
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery

North America » United States » Virginia » Arlington August 3rd 2015

Bonjour à tous Cette Charlottesville est vraiment très agréable. Hier au soir comme prévu je suis allé dans le centre sur Main Street, qui est la rue piétonne la plus longue des États-Unis. peut-être 1 km. Énormément de monde dans cette rue, les terrasses sont bondées, et la température de 28°est très plaisante. Ceci explique cela. Je mange chez un Italien, en terrasse, et je vais craqué, pour un jambon cru au melon. Le jambon est un Prociuto Américain, sans beaucoup de goût, et le melon c'est un melon d'eau, pas plus de goût. Faute de cochonaille à Yzeron j'ai fait avec. Les gens que je vois passé respirent, d'ailleurs comme toute la ville la "zénitude" (merci Ségolène), on se sent en paix ici, chose que l'on est en train de perdre en France. Charlotteville, 45 ... read more
Charlotte la tranquille
ça c'est du Ricain !!
fallait y penser

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