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North America » United States » Texas » Austin May 29th 2006

We arrived in Austin to discover our hotel was not very 'downtown' at all and RIGHT BY A VERY LOUD FREEWAY! I decided to be ill for the first three days, thwarting Raj's plan to eat nothing but steak for a week by being unable to leave the room. Eventually we made it into town and headed up Congress Avenue - be in awe of our dedicated cultural sightseeing, when we wandered briefly through the State Capitol building and wondered 'are we supposed to be here?' Found Raj some authentic BBQ. I'd love to be here for South-by-Southwest, there are a lot of music venues around but most charge a hefty cover, the only free music seems to be country. Tomorrow we're leaving for Florida!... read more
state capitol building
inside the capitol building

North America » United States » Texas » Austin May 21st 2006

This morning there was a little surprise waiting for me next to the place where I currently live. A little car show seams to start here in the parking lot of Hooter's Restaurant. And this is something for my taste and of course I had to take some pictures. Apparently it was also something like a contest because later in the afternoon they announced the winners of the various categories. Every winner was called and posed with two Hooters' Girls for a picture and received some insignia they can pin up to a wall. According to the different categories and the few cars, I have to assume that everyone was a winner today. And they all lived happily every after! Click picture for full image! Some old Ford modells from the... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin May 20th 2006

I first saw Hamilton Pool Preserve on a postcard when I moved to Austin back in 1999. I knew immediately that I had to go to the preserve one day. Seven years later, one sunny Saturday morning in May, I called Tony and we headed to the pool for a day of relaxation. We drove from Austin to the preserve in less than an hour. We drove through picturesque farm roads and private properties fenced with barbwire to get there. Once you arrive, a moderate hike with plenty of trees and rock formations on the way makes the walk easier and more interesting to bear. As we got closer we could hear the water splashes and chatter of the people at the pool. Seeing the pool and cliffs for the first time poking out among the ... read more
Cool Sight!
Hamilton Pool Preserve
Hamilton Pool Preserve

North America » United States » Texas » Austin May 7th 2006

As already mentioned in my last entry, “First Impressions”, Texas has some special roads named Farm-to-Market or Ranch-to-Market, many of these roads are signed just "Farm Road" or "Ranch Road" though. You may look this up in Wiki and find out more about it. There is also a good description and all route numbers as well at Texas Highway Routes, an unofficial site for information about Texas Highways. So today I am driving a little bit around (as almost every day) and I show you a few impressions. I take you West of US-183 to Ranch-to-Market road 620, or R.M.620 for short. It begins (or ends???) in Round Rock and crosses Austin's North at US-183. Click on picture for full image! im... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin May 3rd 2006

Getting to Austin was a royal pain in the arse and meant we had to take a 3 day train trip back to LA (again) then through into Texas. By now we are really getting fed up of the trains they are so damn slow and full of wierdo's (yes more of them)! As we have been spending such a long amount of time on the trains we have both been recently thinking alot about home and are starting to really get excited about being back next month, can't wait to have a proper cup 'o' tea and fish and chips! While waiting for the train from LA to Austin I was asked 5 times for money from beggars, one person asked me if I could buy them a rail pass and then one if I ... read more
Topping the Tan
Time to cool off

North America » United States » Texas » Austin May 3rd 2006

Well, I'm in Austin, TX now since almost one week. And of course I haven't seen enough yet to give all kinds of information or make up a full relocation guide. Nevertheless, here are my first impressions. You may be surprised to learn that I have never been to Texas before. First of all, for those of you who know nothing about Texas like me, Austin is the capital of the state of Texas. It is in the southern half of Texas but it's normally revered to as Central Texas. The whole area is home to an estimated population of about 1,4 million, half of them living within Austin city limits. If traveling by car you find Austin on the Interstate Highway 35 with Dallas to the north and San Antonio to the south. Older maps ... read more
Woody Austin 2
Hill Country

North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 25th 2006

I've lived in Austin now for eight months! Since I've been acting like a tourist in my own city, thought I might share a few of my 'Best of Austin' pics. ... read more
The Austin 360 bridge
Barton Creek resort
Lake Travis

North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 14th 2006

I organized a potluck/kayak outing with my vegetarian group. The moon was supposed to be full and beautiful. There is a regular full moon kayak organized by the local rowing club that is supposed to go from the city dock on Town Lake. I showed up at 7:10 pm and I didn't see any of my friends on the dock. I thought for sure this would be a popular event. It was a perfect night, perfect weather to howl at the moon a few times. I was feeling rather dejected that no one showed up, but then I wound up on a totally different adventure in true Austin style. I was sitting on the dock with my Thai rice noodles and feeling rather discouraged by the veg group when a woman came up to me and ... read more
Town Lake at night
Going under the bridge
The full moon

North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 3rd 2006

Grace, Cory, my parents and I made a quick trip to Austin to visit some old friends (Doug and Rebekah) and to attend the Kansas-Texas basketball game. We had great time in a wonderful town (except for KU getting their asses kicked in the game). Also got to visit the Austin Museum of Art. They had a neat Christo/Jeanne-Claude exhibit that Grace really enjoyed.... read more
Taking a culture break
Nice band names
Tip off

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 22nd 2006

After some wonderful shopping and days lounging by the super natural thermal pool, we left San Miguel with a bang. Our last night, Josh and a gang of 3 others really put on a spread of fajitas, homemade tortillas, wonderful local fruit and a variety of yummy drinks. We had a great week in San Miguel and would like to extend a special thanks to Tom, Proferia, Tony, Triny and Maria for all of their hospitality. We had an amazing time because of you!! After leaving San Miguel, we got on the freeway heading due North. Our sights were minimal because the insurance was due to run out the 16th. We did stay the night in Saltillo about 250km from the border. Besides the amazing amount of pigeons in their main square (one almost took a ... read more
Tom's House
Texas State Capital and us
Our Wonderful Austin Hosts

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