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North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 5th 2005

Ok, I couldn't help myself. I LOVE kids, they always come to me, and this one was just too cute and friendly to pass up.... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 5th 2005

Ok, this is my dog Gretchen I had in Buda, in Texas; something like 2 years ago. Paid $35 for her. EXCELLENT guard dog, but just couldn't get it straight who actually was the boss. I guess that made her an Alpha female.....ANYway, the stories I could tell about that dog. Like the first time she came in heat and dug a hole in the 2nd bedroom of my trailer to get out to the Rottweilers who were howling for her while I was at work. Come home at midnight, and there she is, tail wagging acting like she didn't have a care in the world. What a nut, lol!! More pics of her to come.... read more
Gretchen Swims in Texas
The Dogs in The Truck
My Other Dog, Baby - Here in Virginia

North America » United States » Texas » Austin March 25th 2005

We will have an Easter family reunion at Tommys'.... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 24th 2005

The highlight of this past week was a visit to the 100 acre ranch of Ray and Marge Roolf in the Texas Hill Country. Ray is a nephew from Pittsburgh, who works at Kelly Airforce Base as a procurement manager for space shuttle fuels. Marge, originally from Washington,DC., teaches the 5th grade. They bought a ranch several years ago and last summer finished building their dream home on the land. It is very remote and beautiful. Bear Creek and another stream run through it, forming clean, natural pools along the way. The house is huge,beautifully built, with lot's of built-ins. Being able to walk this natural hill country ranch, and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Ray and Marge were an important part of our trip to Texas. We have also been biking in various areas around ... read more
Jim and Joan along Bear Creek
Ray Roolf with his cattle
One of several pools

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 16th 2005

The past 3 days have been wonderful for bicycling, so we are taking advantage of this. The colder, cloudy and sometimes rainy weather is to return tomorrow. On Valentine's Day we went to Austin. The visitor's center sent us to a bicycle shop to get better information than they had. So here we were at the bike shop Lance Armstrong frequents in Austin, his home town. In fact he had just been there earlier in the morning! And the day before he blasted past a friend of the guy in the bike shop on the roads in the hill country. He had also "stolen" the bike shops mechanic for his own. At the shop, as we came back from our ride, a fellow who looked like Lance, pulled his black sports car back so we could ... read more
Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial in Austin

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 14th 2005

This is only the 2nd day we have seen the sun since we arrived in Texas.Jim and I have been busy however. First we have explored the Hill Country, visiting LBJ's boyhood home,(we were too late to visit his ranch). We watched as art glass was made in Wimberley, and bicycled the Guadalupe River Valley. We happened on the river road accidently and rode most of it with no traffic at this time of year. In San Antonio we rode the trolley all over town, had dinner at Landry's on the Riverwalk and attended the San Antonio Symphony. This was our Valentine's Day Celebration. The symphony is very good, (but not as good as the Pittsburgh!) The Majestic Theatre where they play is a part of the fun. It is very heavy, dark Spanish mission(mostly)and reminded ... read more
Jim along the Guadalupe

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 14th 2005

On Sunday, February 13th it was 75 and sunny! We biked among the 4 missions along the San Antonio River, south of town and up into the city to the restored historic homes along the river closer to town. It was good biking everywhere. Trails are best but not often available, so city streets with low traffic or country roads work well also. In the mission ruins I could see the beauty everywhere. I just wish I had had more time and more memory space! It was a glorious ride. ... read more
Arches at San Jose Mission
Concepcion Mission
Angel at the door

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 4th 2005

After 3 days of travel on the interstates, with heavy truck traffic, Jim and I arrived in Texas. My first impression of Texas is it is BIG and with lots of WIDE OPEN SPACES. So far it is also flat with big billboards everywhere. It is also booming. Austin is fast growing and up-to-date. In the pitch dark, we hunted for "Joy's Country Cabin". I can't imagine a better place than this lovingly restored pioneer cabin for exporing Austin, San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. It is Texas Rustic, but with all modern conveniences. The hill country is between the two cities. Our cabin is near Sequin a small town near Rt.10 northeast of San Antonio. The weather is in the 50's, and it is sunshining right now. In Texas this can vary, especially when ... read more
In Murrysville
Jim riding on FM1339
Jim in kitchen

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 4th 2005

My friend Emi is a member of this website and is really happy with it. I have decided to start one of my own so that those of you who want to keep up with my life can read all about it and make comments when desired. Please do because I would love to hear from each and everyone of you. I am going to try to catch myself up on my trip here in Chile on this Travel Blog so it may be a while before things get current. So, bare with me! Contribution to My Family: The day I was supposed to be leaving for Chile (Feb. 3rd) was a day filled with mixed emotions and lots of chaos. I felt like my mind was left at home and the only thing keeping me ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 18th 2004

Finally, I get to break away for a little while.  I am going to see a friend of mine.  I will be flying into Mobile, Alabama, we'll head out to Biloxi, Mississippi then over to New Orleans for a bit.  I know it's not a spectacular European Vacation, but I have gone nowhere since being in Europe almost 2 years ago.  I am well over-due for a trip outta here. I leave in less than 2 weeks and as cheesy as it sounds I want to get as much as I can out of this trip.  I am looking into the "must see/must do's" of mostly New Orleans.  It has been a very long time since I have been there.  I was a small child and aside from the street jazz, dancing, sugar-dusted beignets, and the ... read more

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