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It took a month for all the parts to come in. Everyone was blaming it on Covid19. Nothing left in stock and reduced staff at warehouses and could not guarantee mail. They couldn't explain why 2 companies sent the wrong part and had to reorder. Ha. The job took about 40 min total. Hopefully it is fixed and I can roll now. I'm leaving at 6 tomorrow morning. Hope to get at least to Charleston. I really like this little marina. Small and laid back filled with very nice people. Nice little town with lots of good eating places with open decks. Bike friendly. Great place to wait out the bad weather up north. I have heard the Chesapeake Bay has been angry for a few weeks. Maybe it will all calm down before I get ... read more
Relax beside the Beaufort River.
Having a beer and looking at the American Star
The culprit

I've been hopping up the coast making 9 to 10 hours a day. Anchored in Factory Creek in Beaufort SC. Wind got up and I was dragging anchor. Somehow got the anchor up with no damage and tied up at Lady's Island Marina. Next day discovered a hole in my exhaust pipe. Now I am in fix it mode again. Waiting for parts to come in the mail. Who knows how long that will take. Not a bad placevto wait though. Foid, groceries,and restaurants are all close by. The town of Beaufort is right across the bridge. A 15 min ride across the bridge. I am a long 10 to 11 hours from Charleston. I hope to do it in one day. I did it ten years ago by hitting the tides exactly right. Hopefully can ... read more
Marsh in Beaufort SC
Mooring field at Beaufort City Marina
Sunrise at St. Mary's Inlet just north of Fernandina Beach, Fl

Beaufort and Morehead City, North Carolina It rained and blew most of the day yesterday, forcing a down-day inside the trailer. We showered, napped, and played cards but that was about it. Weather was pretty miserable outside and kept it cool and damp on the inside. Joan won the Beaufort, North Carolina card tournament. She's been winning a lot recently - I need to watch how she deals the cards a bit more. Weather finally started to lift around 4ish, so we decided to venture out a bit. Campground was flooded in many spots, but no real damage that I could see. I snapped some more photos of the RV Hospice we are camping in. Seriously, many of these trailers have plants growing out of the air conditioning units, so I don't think they have seen ... read more

Friday April 1, 2016 =============== Awoke around 7:45 am and had a good night sleep in Hardeeville,South Carolina. Left around 8:35 am drove for awhile and then arrived in Beaufort, SC around 9:15 am. Parked and found somewhere for breakfast in town, a sweet little cafe " Market News" which had good food. After breakfast, walked around to the waterfront,swinging benches and saw the stores as well. Then took another walk around the town to look at the churches,architecture and historical buildings which were all amazing and beautiful. Also stopped by the St. Elena Historic Research Center in downtown Beaufort which was great to learn about the history. After lunch at the same cafe, headed towards "Sheldon Church Ruins" - which was about 40 minutes away. Drove up to the site and was amazed that this ... read more

We woke up in the rain in a parking lot Friday morning. It's payback for an absolutely wonderful day on Thursday when we exited I 95 and coiled our way through picturesque “no man’s land” to beautiful, historic Beaufort, South Carolina. The RV rolled past scenery lush with wisteria competing for dripping rights with Spanish moss, barren salt flats and "low country" backwater bogs alive with rushes and sedges reminiscent of the opening scenes of Pelican Brief. We started to fret. Would there be sufficient parking for a 34 foot long motor home towing a Honda CRV made even longer by a bike rack jiggling off the stern? BINGO! We spotted a sign for a municipal parking lot with specific extra-long “pull through” spaces (important as backing up is an issue). BONUS! Unlike the regular parking ... read more
Check Out the Risers
Porch - Blue Ceiling

We are back outside its not to rough but still bumpy. Im just glad I can catch up with my photographs between meals.... read more
Beaufort- SC to Wrightsville- NC-26
Beaufort- SC to Wrightsville- NC-13
Beaufort- SC to Wrightsville- NC-4

North America » United States » South Carolina » Beaufort December 6th 2012

Hey there everyone, we're on the road again. This year we're not doing any volunteer work. We loved the experience last year ( the blog entries for that trip start inDecember 2011) but the volunteer situation we were accepted for this year involved cleaning public bathrooms and that is just not part of our retirement plan. Ron told them that when they hired professional cleaning crews we would apply again. We left Brighton on November 25, Sunday at about 9 and pulled into Levi Jackson State Park near Corbin, KY around 6pm. A great little park and perfect as a park to organize all the stuff we just threw into the camper before we left. Somewhere along the way one of the rear panels fell off the camper!! It's like losing a back panel off a ... read more
Smoking Pig BBQ
Pendleton town square
Hunting Island

North America » United States » South Carolina » Beaufort February 5th 2010

Several weeks back we headed by auto to Beaufort, South Carolina. I had won an auction for a three night stay at an old hotel in downtown Beaufort. The old hotel was just a block off the main drag and was a delightful place to sty. The old room was tasteful decorated and there was free wifi. In the afternoon we had tea at the main house and in late evening they offered drinks and desert. Each morning there was a very good breakfast on the porch of the main establishment. One afternoon we headed for the beach and before leaving they packed a picnic lunch for us and offered chairs and bicycles if we wanted yo take them along. The beach is a few miles form the main town but well worth the drive. Being ... read more
"Gone With The Wind Stairs
Bridge Into Beaufort
Old Church In Beaufort

North America » United States » South Carolina » Beaufort November 9th 2009

Destination- Beaufort, SC Left Charleston, SC at 7:00 AM and arrived in Beaufort at 4:00. Great weather. Upper 70's and sunny. Rode with just shorts on most of the day. Lots of dolphin. Lucked out on the tides. We hit hight tide most of the day and the tides in this area run 5 to 9 feet with lots of shoaled areas at MLT. Tied up at the Downtown Marina and went to get a greasy hamburger and fries and an IPA. Also blew out my flip flop. Lucky I have one more pair. This huge what must be a million dollar boat pulled up on the other side of the dock with a crew with matching outfits. Breaufort looks like a nice town. has a little mainstreet and a hometown feel. Forgot to take my ... read more

Yesterday we arrived in beautiful Palm Key. This place is magical and so peaceful looking out at the wetlands and islands of South Carolina, with huge majestic oaks and Spanish Moss everywhere. We have a spectacular view from the deck of our gorgeous private rental home. There’s even a few resident alligators in the pond. Last night we saw a tiny baby raccoon that could not even walk yet it was so little. The owners here are multi talented folks and cooked us a fabulous dinner after we went crabbing to collect the daily catch from the crab pots. We steamed them right up---cannot get any fresher than that! Everyone kayaks here to see the dolphins, egrets and other wildlife right from the very cottages and homes when it is high tide---it’s a sight to see. ... read more
Views from  backyard
Our vacation home in Palm Key
View from our back porch to the wetlands

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