Storm Over and Dinner Out

Published: May 6th 2017
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Morning Sunrise
Beaufort and Morehead City, North Carolina

It rained and blew most of the day yesterday, forcing a down-day inside the trailer. We showered, napped, and played cards but that was about it. Weather was pretty miserable outside and kept it cool and damp on the inside. Joan won the Beaufort, North Carolina card tournament. She's been winning a lot recently - I need to watch how she deals the cards a bit more.

Weather finally started to lift around 4ish, so we decided to venture out a bit. Campground was flooded in many spots, but no real damage that I could see. I snapped some more photos of the RV Hospice we are camping in. Seriously, many of these trailers have plants growing out of the air conditioning units, so I don't think they have seen much use in a while. A few more people arrived yesterday evening, so some of these trailers see some action, at least once in a while.

After being cooped up all day, we needed to get out, so we drove back to Morehead City to a restaurant that came highly recommended, The Ruddy Duck. Its located on the dock, and has a

patio outside, but it was closed because of the wind. Instead we sat at a table at the window overlooking the water and watched the fishing boats coming in and out. Joan had a seafood Ciopinni, which was a seafood stew in a well seasoned Italian-influenced broth. I had roast duckling that was cooked nearly to perfection. If in Morehead City, grab a meal there!

That's about it - not a whole lot to talk about. Guess that's kind of good, because we have to leave here soon for a busy day! (17.1.59)

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The dead RV

10th May 2017

What a picture
Very nice Mike. So you're in NC. My last day tutoring today and brothers family is arriving tomorrow so - as you make your way across the state- thinking of your amazing journey. Very nice. 👍

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