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9/1 January A visit with Aaron & Patrick to Philadelphia - It’s place in history was secured by its role as the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Philadelphia's architectural history dates back to colonial times. Later many Georgian brick styles were introduced. We viewed the Liberty Bell from the outside, City Hall, Philadelphia Bank Building & Carpenter’s Hall, the official birthplace of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a key meeting place in the early history of the United States. The area we visited around Chestnut Hill had retained the historic atmosphere with cobbled streets and gas lamps. Benjamin Franklin was the man who organized America’s first public postal service. The first post office is still open for business. Lots of dates and info to take in, thank goodness we have the postcards ... read more

What did the founding fathers drink when they signed the Declaration of Independence? Drunk by the founding fathers during the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Madeira was also what Francis Scott Key sipped as he composed “The Star-Spangled Banner.” George Washington (who reportedly drank a pint every night with dinner), Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin all adored it, as did John Adams (who wrote to his wife, Abigail, about the copious amounts they consumed during the Continental Congress). By the end of the eighteenth century, nearly a fourth of all the Madeira produced was being exported to the American colonies. The unbridled American passion for Madeira was certainly a testament to its compelling flavor. But Madeira’s popularity was equally based on something far more mundane: taxes. As of 1665, British governing authorities in the colonies ... read more
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First of all, I call this trip "Mothers and Daughters Respite in Scotland" because I am travelling with my daughter, Sara, her friend, Helen, and Helen's mother, Faye. We all need a respite from something, whether it is family trials, work problems, health difficulties, or something else. So this trip is a respite, a relief, as well as an opportunity to cross a few things off our respective bucket lists. So we started this day quite early, up by 3:30 am and at the airport by 5:30 for a 7:10 flight to Philadelphia. Unfortunately we were stuck with a 12 hour layover in the city of brotherly love. So, we decided, this was our time for a little history lesson. Upon deplaning, we got an Uber to take us into the old city, starting at Constitution ... read more
Constitution Hall
Constitution Hall
Constitution Hall

Each year, I usually outline a general path of travel and then select one or two major events that could be “massaged” into my itinerary by adding a week here and deleting a week there. This year found only one event making the final cut – the celebration of Independence Day in Philadelphia PA. A brief glance showed that all the Pennsylvania RV parks were a minimum one-hour drive from city center, and my attempts to find an RV park relatively close to a mass transit station were futile as well. After spending several hours in vain scouring the Pennsylvania options, I decided to look outside the box and examine New Jersey – just across the Delaware River from the target in my crosshairs, the City of Brotherly Love. I learned that the Port Authority Transit ... read more
The Train Doesn't Become a Subway Until After Crossing the Delaware River on the Ben Franklin Bridge
And I Thought Sinkholes Were Only in Florida
Walking Around INHP Held Many Pleasant Surprises

I live in North Carolina, but occasionally travel to the Adirondack region of New York. That's where I spent my summers as a kid, and it's a great place to cool off and escape the extremely hot summers in the south. On my last trip from NY back to NC I decided to visit the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Parking. I pulled in to Philly and quickly discovered that what I heard was true. There's basically nowhere to park. I currently live in a small town in North Carolina and drive a heavy duty Dodge 2500 with the big crew cab and a long bed. The truck is around 25' long and takes up 1.5 parking spaces. I can pretty much go wherever I'd like with ease and even pull up close to businesses. In ... read more

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the New England states. We were both born and raised in North Carolina, so we were familiar with the East Coast. However, both of our parents had never taken us more north than Tennessee, so we still had lots to discover about this part of the country! My husband had a work meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, so we decided to fly into that destination and start our journey there. Thankfully, the meeting only lasted about an hour or so and after that, we were free to explore the rest of the region on our own! We started the day out at the Liberty Bell. I was surprised to see how close we could get to the Bell itself! My husband is a huge history buff and ... read more
Philly Cheesesteaks
Time Square at Midnight
Merritt Canteen in Bridgeport, CT

I'm sitting in the Philly airport trying to figure out how to invite you all to my blog and charge my devices. So far I figured out I forgot my long charging cord, oh well, I'll just need to buy one. If that's all I forgot, I'm golden! I worked on keeping my packing light, my backpack is 20#, I still feel like I am carrying a lot of stuff. I woke up at 1:30AM to catch a 5:45 flight. Thanks to my lovely husband for driving me to the airport at 2AM! My butt is already sore and I have another 8 hour flight. It is strange to think in 10 hrs I will be surrounded by a completely different language and culture, hopefully I can sleep on the plane, I forgot how hard it ... read more

Today we woke up with the sweet, sweet sense of freedom on many levels—not only is it the 4th of July in the city where it began, but we are also waking up in the Bike & Build home office with a rare day off! So rare, we don’t even know what to do with this freedom or lack of a planned schedule. So we mosey around and research celebrations in the city while figuring out what others plan to do with their day off. A group decides to go on the Chris Benson tour (I swear he’ll be mayor of Philly one day!), others decide to catch up on work and stay local, while I found a parade that goes right by Independence Hall! Originally I had planned on going home to see everyone at ... read more
With Love, ❤️ Philadelphia xoxo
Penn’s Landing
The Realest Philly Cheesesteak

The heat continues here in Philadelphia, but that’s not going to stop us from going to our Build Day here in my home city of Brotherly Love! I pull out my American Flag inspired hat & fanny pack and we pile into the van to head to West Philly. Right before we arrive, Ryan (who was driving the van) hit a car mirror (or something), which lead to a man following the van down the street. He eventually stopped, we piled out of the van prepared to walk, only to get back in the van, the issue resolved, and us continue on our way to the build. We arrive and meet Magpie and her boyfriend Matt, who’s in town visiting for a few days. I introduce myself and try to make friends, but he’s a bit ... read more
Amanda doing what she does best
Me doin’ thangs
Quotes by Earl 💛

Today’s the day!! The rides I was most looking forward to on this trip were my rides home—to West Palm & to Philly —and Philly is phinally here!! 😊😊We are awakened by some Philly inspired music dj-ed by Nora Jane and I’m filled with excitement and disbelief that this day is here! Have you ever woken up in the morning and just knew it would be a great day and one you would never forget? That’s how I felt today as I rolled up my sleeping bag and got ready for the day. I then asked NJ if I could help DJ the philly inspired music, which she kindly gave me the responsibility for. I cued up Rocky, P!nk, Boys 2 Men and the Fresh Prince to get us fired up for our ride into the ... read more
Coffee Crew!
Pokémon Bug!
Hillz of Death

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