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This blog and the photos are the result of Bob's trips to two air museums -- the MidAtlantic Air Museum (WWII) and the Golden Age Air Museum (WWI). They're both close to his sister Judy's home near Reading. “The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum (MAAM) is a membership supported museum and aircraft restoration facility located at the regional airport serving Reading, Pennsylvania. The museum . . . collects and actively restores historic war planes and classic airliners as well as rare civilian and military aircraft. Many of the museum's historic aircraft are often seen on the airshow circuit. “The Mid-At... read more
Custer CCW-5 "Channel Wing"
the actual Custer CCW-5
B 25J Mitchell

In May, 1963, Pioneer Tunnel, which ceased operation in 1931, was retimbered and reopened as a place where visiters could experience a real anthracite coal mine. According to their website: "Pioneer Tunnel . . . runs 1800 feet straight into the side of the Mahanoy Mountain. You make the trip in comfort, riding in open mine cars pulled by a battery-operated mine motor." I beg to differ. I've had a bunch of medical procedures less painful than this ride. It had no suspension whatsoever. I can't imagine how people manage this ride whose bottoms are less padded than mine. Both going down and coming up --which was worse because the cars went faster on the return trip -- I held my head as tightly as I could so my brain wouldn't knock around too much as ... read more
pioneer tunnel
petrified tree
brave little sprig

The Smartest Things Ever Said About… Quitting It's not in my best interest to say this Frank, but quitting while you're ahead, is not the same as quitting. - Chinese General in American Gangster You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em Know when to walk away and know when to run. - Kenny Rogers He who fights and runs away may live to fight another day. - Inspired by Demosthenes Rule number one: Throw in your cards the moment you know they can't win. Fold the hand. - Jo in Rounders If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it. - WC Fields Quit while you're ahead. All the best gamblers do. - Baltasar Gracian Each month, Men’s Health opens up its ... read more

I successfully wrapped up my all nighter last night and, after a rejuvenating shower, made my way to the airport. Finding a cab at 5:30 in the morning proved to be a bit challenging but, after a lot of gesturing, the second driver I found agreed to take me to the central station where I could catch a bus to the airport. When I reached the bus terminal, I came upon a shuttle driver who offered to take me to the airport in his half full shuttle. Haggling the cost down to the same as the bus and feeling somewhat safe that this guy was legit (there were other passengers and he probably just wanted to fill empty seats) I got on board and made my way to the airport with plenty of time to spare. ... read more

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Berks County October 29th 2009

A confession: I’m writing most of this almost a week after I returned. It’s taken me several days to properly reflect on things. And the marathon and the R&R that followed it have not led to expediency. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to write it as of the last day of my trip. I’ve included a few of my favorite pictures from the most memorable spots along the way. Coming home As the end of my trip approached, people continually asked me if I was ready to get home. At times I was ready; at others I was wishing for months more. But overall, I’m glad to be back. When I look back on the last 64 days, it seems as if I left some of the places just yesterday, while others feel like a lifetime ago. Nevertheless, ... read more
Barcelona, Spain
Dublin, Ireland
Berchtesgaden, Germany

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Berks County October 14th 2009

I really enjoy taking photos of things which are purported to be “the biggest . . . ,” “the oldest . . .,” “the heaviest . . .,” etc. and also really quirky stuff. Following are a few dandies. About the cheese -- In 1893, a 22,000 chunk of cheese was shipped from Perth, Ontario to Chicago for the World's Colombian Exposition on the Canadian Pacific Railroad's World's Fair Cheese Train. This cheese, which was 6' high and 28' in circumference, required what would amount to 1 day's milk from 10,000 cows. That's a lot of milk and a lot of cheese. ************************************************************************************ By the way, I’ve just added a few people whom I meant to include from the beginning of this blogging process. Sorry for the delay. You can easily catch up with the ... read more
shortest international bridge #2
Whoop-a-Tone label

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Berks County October 13th 2009

We're back in the States as of yesterday morning. We went through customs (no problem, and they didn't even ask if we were transporting cats) and then went straight to Boldt Castle in the 1000 Islands area of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Photos to follow. Today we toured Steamtown, a National Historic Park in Scranton (photos to follow) and now we're spending the night in Bob's sister's driveway near Reading, PA. -- in our camper, of course. In the meantime, a couple of comments.****************************** We very much like the way Canadians' behave, at least from what we've seen. They seem easy going and practical and matter of fact, taking life as it comes. No dramatics, no one talking on cell phones in restaurants, no loud voices or shrill laughter. But then we haven't been to a ... read more
bunk house
double bunks & cooking area

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Berks County September 30th 2009

Today I decided to drive out to mid-Pennsylvania. The plan was to go out to the famous horseshoe curve in Altoona, located in Blair County. However, it was further away than I thought it was! By the time I got out there, it was time to head back to Newark. Still, the drive was nice, and I did manage to take a photograph of one of the many covered bridges that are scattered all over that part of the country. ... read more

So far this week, we've had rain, hale, thunder & lightning, and tornados. All we need is sunshine and snow and we've about covered it. We were kind of lucky in my area; power has remained on, but not so just 10 miles away. In Chester County, major power outages have occured since Tuesday 7/18. In fact some homes and business's are still out of power and may be until Sunday. I know at Wawa, they managed to keep 15 stores open by using generators. Rather large and expensive, but we always want to be there for the community. To "brighten" up the message, here's a couple pics of the kids having fun between the rain.... read more
bug eyed Chris

So here we are...celebrating our nation's day of independence by blowing things up. Sorry I don't have any pictures, but you can appreciate it. We've had about 40 inches of rain in the last week in the northeastern United States. How do other countries celebrate their independence day? I know Mexico has "Cinco de Mayo" and they blow stuff up too! We had a great day dispite some rainy weather. We all ate and drank more than we should have, the kids had a blast in the pool, we visited 2 different parties that day and set off fireworks that night. We did go to 1 party where we really didn't know too many folks. My son really got left out...he's 13 and the other kids his age didn't quite let him in to the "clan". ... read more

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