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January 18th 2018
Published: January 18th 2018
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Hitchhiker I picked up
I left the Canyonland part of Utah and moved on to the Needles area, the hiking was fantastic, met a lot of interesting people, there is something very peaceful about the scenery here I would like to come back and spend more time. Went to Mesa Verde next in the south west corner of Colorado, this was the home of the poabloen indians about 800 to 1000 years ago, they had an amazing culture with agriculure, livestock and a rich heritage of weaving and pottery and then they all moved away, why? The buildings they constructed were amazing, and the fact that there are still remnants after all this time is a testiment to their construction. Went on then to a small town in Utah called Bluff that was founded by mormen pioneers after the most amazing journey that was supposed to take 6 weeks and ended 6 months. Their trip can be read about if you look up Hole in the Rock on the internet, what an adventure. I travelled across Utah visitingBridges Natl. Monument,Capitol Reef Nat Park, Bryce Canyon Natl Park and finally to Zion Natl Park with many stops along the way and lots and lots of sightseeing.

In the Needles area
In Zion I hiked up Angels Landing with Cris Perez from Chile and had a wonderful day, he is touring on a big Honda adventure bike, 7 months so far and lots more to go.drove into Nevada, through Las Vegas (no interest in stopping) but helped a girl take a load of volcanic rocks for a sweat lodge to her house, interesting. Drove north to Reno and into California, big trees and lots of them what a shock after weeks of desert. Stayed on small roads and arrived on the coast for a wonderful trip up hyw #1 and 101. Arrived in Corvallis December 19 on the first rainy day of the trip. Spent Christmas with Garth, Heidi, Alex and Max, my son, daughter-in-law and grandsons. Went on lots of walks with their friends and on New Years day went to the coast and had a picnic on the beach, beautiful day and lots of people surfing. It's been a month that I have been here in Corvallis Oregon and now it is time to move on. Am going up to Bainbridge Island to meet a friend from Ontario and we are going to Port Townsend and look at boats, boats, and more boats. Should be fun.

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Decending Hole In the Rock 1880

New Years Day on the beach

Garth and Heidi's house Jan 17/2018

18th January 2018

Staying put lol
Great to hear from you. Kristie n Dwayne got married Dec 23. she gave us 4 wks warning ! Baby due Mar 24. We r doing well
19th January 2018

We wish we were with you. Stay safe. Our thoughts are with you! But have Fun.
19th January 2018

Hey Mike ..Good to hear that you are still in a positive travel mode.. Sounds strange going to look at boats...We have had temperatures all over the map...-30's the other day..+ 10 yesterday etc...Skiing had been good at times... I'm heading to BC t(Grand Forks) o see my old friend a couple of days..then shortly after my return ..Columbia! Must admit to be being a little (lot) apprehensive.. Then when I return back to the house...sort of been at a standstill since you left (gulp) Safe travels...and if you decide to voyage across the ocean in your new sailboat (??????) I could be persuaded to lay down my paintbrush.. Ciao Martin
20th January 2018

So good to finally hear from you. Your trip sounds like 'a trip of a lifetime'. I don't know if I am replying to you or to the depths of the computer. I will try to figure it out . Penny
20th January 2018

I got it
I am in Washington , picking up a friend at Bainbridge island and we are going to Port Townsend to look at boats then I will go to Vancouver island for 4-6 weeks. Will see you in May. Hope all is well with you and DAVE.

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