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North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis January 18th 2018

I left the Canyonland part of Utah and moved on to the Needles area, the hiking was fantastic, met a lot of interesting people, there is something very peaceful about the scenery here I would like to come back and spend more time. Went to Mesa Verde next in the south west corner of Colorado, this was the home of the poabloen indians about 800 to 1000 years ago, they had an amazing culture with agriculure, livestock and a rich heritage of weaving and pottery and then they all moved away, why? The buildings they constructed were amazing, and the fact that there are still remnants after all this time is a testiment to their construction. Went on then to a small town in Utah called Bluff that was founded by mormen pioneers after the most ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis June 29th 2011

Hej allihopa. Jag inser att det tog mig längre att starta min reseblogg än jag hade räknat med, men det var inte så lätt att hitta tiden som jag hade räknat med. När det väl fanns tid kraschade vi på soffan, tog en tupplur eller placerade oss på någon restaurang (eller pizzeria, faktiskt). Jag anlände den 10:e Juni klockan 22:40 lokal tid, fullkomligt utmattad efter nästan två dagars konstant resa med ungefär fyra och en halv timmes sammanlagd (alltså inte ens sammanhängande eller speciellt kvalitativ) sömn. Det var ju förstås inte resans första anhalt. Den absolut första anhalten skulle ha varit Örebro Central, men min mor fick för sig att hon skulle köra mig till Hallsberg så att jag slapp vänta. Där fick vi veta att mitt tåg var en timme försenat (tror jag) men det ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis July 20th 2010

With my cough subsiding and temperature returning to normal, Jas now has picked picked up a variant of our flu and has the fever and slight cough. That hasn't stopped us from heading to south Corvallis to raft the Willamette River (remember it is pronounced liked "damn it" "Will-A-mette damn it"). But before the rafting, Matt had classes so the rest of us went into Corvallis for a little shopping. The toy store "Toy Factory" at 442 SW 2nd St is great. Loads of toys, made-up leggo and playland kits, polished stones for $0.25 each, stuffed animals, and all sorts. I looked at the large range of board games, none of which I was familiar with from Australia. In Aus we'd expect to see five versions of Monopoly but none in this store! With Ky, we ... read more
Too peaceful
Always pushing the limits
In hot pursuit

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis July 17th 2010

Another warm, sunny day that blended with the food and atmosphere at the Da Vinci Days Festival to make the day idyllic. Almost too good to be true. The boys looked around the kids' area after we arrived at around 9:30, while I stopped to look at two absolutely gorgeous carousel animals. There is a group of volunteers making a whole carousel with the animals being carved out of wood and painted (see Albany Carousel ). I hope to get to their studio next week to have a better look. The kids' area was awe some ( I get the feeling I'll be emphasising a lot this trip). There was stick insects, mantle movement demos, flood demos, cube puzzles, juggling stuff, magnet and visual tricks, crystals, and lots more with every display having a real hands-on ... read more
Mucky mantle
A dose of the Ukraine
Graand Kinetic Challenge

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis October 18th 2009

And here it begins. I just created my travel blog. Been planning this trip in one fashion or another for over a year. After a culmination of dramatic events over the last week, it became clear that SOONER, rather than LATER would be better for departing. I will have fulfilled my company obligations by early November, and ready to leave by the middle of the month. I checked Icelandair to Europe, and its just $360 one way to London if I leave on the 19th. SOLD. I have my date, and a million smiles to go!... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis August 30th 2008

8/30/08 For two days this week, I spontaneously boycotted the Carson & Barnes Family Circuses, I add some photos to this blog and some information about why I felt compelled to do it: In one advertisement alone for the Carson & Barnes Family Circus, it gave the schedule for their performances in Washington - Oregon - and California from August 19th - September 6th, 2008, and stressed how they have beautiful elephants performing. In reading between the lines, it occurred to me in just 19 days, the circus animals would need to perform at their best in a total of 16 cities, sometimes having to perform two shows per day. (And please note, this was just one flier, these elephant and other the other animals have been: and will be on the road for much longer ... read more
Boycotting the Circus
The first arrivals to the Circus
A trailer for animal transport

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis April 28th 2008

For those of you who haven't heard from me in a while, I'm planning a cross-country motorcycle trip this summer. In June I will be graduating from Oregon State with my mechanical engineering degree. I really feel the need to get out and travel for a little while, and I think this will be a prime time to do it. I have many reasons for going on this journey, though I won't bore you with them right now. Most importantly, I don't really have any large commitments in my life right now. School has had its ups and downs for the last 6 years of college. For the most part it has been a great experience, and I have learned a lot along the way. I guess this relates to academics as well as general life ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis November 30th 2007

We are out of our house and on the move, and we will be leaving Oregon Saturday, Dec. 7. We first head to Texas to see Amy's family, then we're off to Washington, D.C., and finally arriving in Ireland on Dec. 17. We had thought that would just be a short trip to Ireland to scope out cities before we headed to Spain for a term, since there is a hiring freeze for Ireland's national health system until at least the first of the year, maybe later. But if you know anything about our plans, you know they change hourly, as they did when Amy got a call from her recruiter with a great opportunity in Cork with a private non-profit employer to start ASAP. We don't know if that will come through or not, but ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis October 24th 2007

hey ya'll, i guess at the ripe young age of 29 one starts to become a planner. that, and i spend sooooooo much time on the computer, doing things like this is called "a fun break". anyways, the countdown is counting down and i'll be flying high in the sky in the wee'morning hours of the 18th day of November (also my mama's birthday!) i want to make sure i have everyone's address correct so i can check it off my "master brain list", which i'm sure you all know, feels oh so good. this is my first travelblog, but the hope is that i can upload pics here if i ever need to empty my memory card to just for the halibut, which will be nice. since a picture is worth more than a thousand ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Corvallis August 20th 2007

Monday our last day of rest. It's Billy's 48th birthday so Jane has invited some friends over this evening for a low key celebration. We were hoping to do some local wineries but lethargy overtook us and instead Sylvan took the car for an oil change and we went for lunch downtown. Corvallis is a pretty little city and the area has a lot to offer since Oregon State University is here. Everyone is a Beaver fan. Yes they are the Beavers. Football is huge. Their stadium looks like it is big enough to hold the entire town. It's been a fun visit, so nice to just hang out. Tomorrow we leave for Boise Idaho and roads that say East. ... read more

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