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North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City September 14th 2020

Well. seeing as how we had an extra night to plan for due to our cancellations at Coos Bay and Crater Lake, we decided to continue heading East today on Oregon's Scenic byway called Hell's Canyon. The plan was to traverse the entire 42 mile road and then proceed to LaGande, OR for the night. There is still smoke in the air out here, but is much better than previous days. We were able to enjoy the scenery a whole lot better today. We headed out on Rte 86, and passed through a few small towns. The area is completely covered in huge cattle ranches, with grazing land that stretch as far as the eye can see. The land here goes from rolling hills and prairies to mountainous along the whole route. It is very beautiful, ... read more
Hollis Canyon Drive
Snake River
Steep drop offs

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City September 13th 2020

Well, as we stated in the interim blog for today, we arrived at a plan B, and hoped it would work out in our favor. We left Sisters at 8:10 am. The smoke seemed a little less than the night before and we wondered how far East we would have to go to lose it entirely. We spoke with others that had altered their plans, and many of the RV parks were getting cancellations. As bad as we felt about not seeing some of the sites we had planned on, we felt worse for the many people that had to leave their homes and lost them to the fires. I thought I'd do a section here on RV life, at least the life that we've experienced in 30' RV's. First off, if you can't stand being ... read more
Our bedroom
The kitchen
Dining area

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City August 8th 2018

Today was s good Rest and Recovery Day for both Bruce and myself. We slept in, ate a leisurely breakfast in our cozy little 2 BR Air B&B and spent some time planning for tomorrow. It will be another long day, climbing over three mountain passes and the temperature will be a record hot day. We are planning to be riding our bikes about 5am to put a good deal of the ride in before it gets rediculously hot. Today we both got haircuts and my beard is gone! I was tired of looking like an old homeless guy! We also spent some time at the Baker Heritage Museum where we learned about the history of Baker County. As with most of the American West, early settlers in the Baker area were in search of Gold. ... read more
Powder River runs through town.
Inside the Baker Heritage Museum
Great depiction of a mine near Baker City

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City August 7th 2018

Bruce put this ride on his shortlist of toughest ever! I’ll have to agree. It was long, mostly uphill and hotter than blazes! We started climbing from the start and it never quit. As soon as we left Oxbow we started climbing the 18 miles up to Halfway! Then the climb got steeper until we crested the top at 24 miles thinking we had done the work for the day. We did get to enjoy a mostly downhill to Richland where we ate a late breakfast. Since we had already knocked off thirty miles by 10:30, we were thinking we could finish the next 40 miles to Baker City without much stress. Wow were we wrong! What we didn’t anticipate was how much the extremely hot temperature would drain us! When you combine a long day, ... read more
We climbed high above the Powder River at one point!
Our Air B&B in Baker City.
Looking back at Oxbow.

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City August 21st 2017

Lähdettiin liikkeelle jo klo 3. Ajettiin Baker Cityn ohi etelään ja pysähdyttiin paikalle, jossa oli jo auto tien poskessa. Näkyi tähtitaivas, Venus kirkkaana. Lämmintä oli vain 7 astetta. Monta tuntia odottamista. Paikalle ei tullut muita. Käytiin jututtamassa läheisen auton kaveria. Hänkin oli Seattlesta. Marko otti osittaisesta vaiheesta kuvia kameralla zoomilla pimennyslasien läpi. Peitin oikean silmän lapulla, jotta sillä näkisi paremmin täydellisen vaiheen aikana, joka alkoi klo 10.24. Pimennys näkyi hienosti pilvettömällä taivaalla. Katsoin pimennyslaseilla aurinkoa, kunnes se peittyi kokonaan. Sitten paljain silmin koronaa. Ehdin nähdä Venuksen ja pari tähteä. Sitten kaikki oli ohi turhan nopeasti. Lähdimme heti paluumatkalle. Alussa oli ruuhkaa tietyön takia. Kävimme kasinolla lounaalla. Colombia-joen ylittävä moottoritie oli poikki. Piti ki... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City July 16th 2011

Interstate highways do not have a reputation for being especially pretty roads. They are meant to be efficient ways of getting from point A to point B. If they are nice to look at, it’s a good bonus. Today, I drove what is likely the prettiest Interstate in the country. Interstate 84 in Oregon follows the route of the original Oregon Trail through a landscape of hills and mountains. Farewell Bend The road starts by following the Snake River. It is surrounded by rolling hills covered in scrub. The drive reaches a wide bend in the river where it turns north through higher cliffs. This is Farewell Bend, where the pioneers left the river and prepared for more mountains. The Snake heads in... read more
Baker Valley and Blue Mountains
Emigrant Spring
Cabbage Hill sunset

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City November 6th 2010

October 2: Our last night of camping was at Farewell Bend State Park, Oregon, just over the border from a long day's drive across Idaho. We had felt that if we could make it into Oregon before nightfall, we could slide the rest of the way on in to Portland the next day, and in fact, that's how it worked out. In the days of the pioneers, wagon trains followed the Snake River through Idaho for 300 miles or more, and Farewell Bend was the last stop on the Oregon Trail beside the Snake River before the river curved north and headed for Hells Canyon. Wagon trains would stop at Farewell Bend to rest, and water and graze their animals before the Oregon Trail headed through more rugged country to the Burnt River and then westward ... read more
Farewell Bend #2
Farewell Bend #3
Farewell Bend State Park #4

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City August 8th 2010

August 4-5: If you travelled with us in cyberspace last year, you'll know that we got to the outpouring of the Snake River at the north end of Hell's Canyon at the beginning of our trip, but didn't dare spend the money to take the boat trip up it. It's said to be the deepest canyon in the USA! This time we approached it from the south, which, just to gently befuddle you, is actually the upper reaches of it. We had spent the previous night at the Clyde Holliday Campground, a manicured and well-kept state park just west of the town of John Day. It continued the trend of lush grass, quiet, tree-lined, rather suburban-feeling, campgrounds where people operated in hushed tones and only the mosquitoes exhibited bad behavior. For the first, but not the ... read more
Refreshed and ready for the new day
Looking downstream
Phil and Martha

North America » United States » Oregon » Baker City July 7th 2010

Hi everyone. We are on the move again, this time to Catherine Creek State Park which is about 10 miles outside of Union in eastern Oregon and it’s been interesting. Catherine Creek is very pretty with a small campground of only 20 spots for camping. They are all classed as “primitive”, which means no RV hookups, except at the Camp Host site, giving us all the conveniences including a phone line which means we have access to dialup internet but no cell phone access. We do have 2 buildings with flush toilets and some water faucets scattered around the grounds though. A mix of beautiful evergreen and broadleaf trees surrounds a picturesque creek which runs alongside the campground with a foot bridge over the water leading to some easy hiking trails. The only downside is the ... read more
Sweet Stuff
Personal Escort

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