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Left Grand Forks early as it was forcasted rain. Nice weather till we hit Fargo and it started pouring. I do not mind rain but when it pours so hard you cannot see we pull over just for safety. Made numerous stops. Rained very hard for 150 miles and when we got to the Twin cities it was the hardest rain in stop and go traffic. Very Stressful. We crossed the river into Wisconsin and decided to call it a night in Hudson WI. Tomorrow the plan is to be home by eve. About 525 miles. Trip has been great and lucky to not have more rain than what we drove through. Bike now has left front fork leaking fluid so I will have a rebuild when I get home. Also will need a new rear ... read more

Left Malta Montana and our goal was to make it to Grand Forks ND. 555 miles and it was a good day. Eighty Three degrees and sunny the whole way. Highway 2 turned to 4 lanes part way across ND and it was a fantastic road. Rode past Devils lake and did not realize how big a lake it was. Not many pics except a few along the way. ND does a great job of posting historical info along the way. Also many many oil wells have sprung up in this area. Saw a bunch of the FEMA trailers that come from New Orleans that were temp housing for oil workers. Not much else to say as this journey is coming to an end soon.... read more

North America » United States » North Dakota » Grand Forks August 16th 2011

Well blog followers, tonight is our last night in the US of A. We are in Grand Forks, ND and tomorrow we will be heading to Winnipeg to see our son and his family. We have traveled from Custer, SD to Gettysburg(not the battle), SD in the last two days. The landscape was very boring and nothing to report. We did stop in Rapid City, SD and Sturgis, SD to see what they were about. We spent the morni ... read more
Just outside of Custer, SD
Rapid City, SD
Sturgis, SD

Bahamas North America » United States » North Dakota » Grand Forks By PinkphoenixJune 28th 2007 For my graduation trip, I was able to go on a fantastic cruise to the Bahamas with my daddy! This trip was eventful, and I was able to meet a lot of great people, as well as just go out and have fun. The island of the Bahamas in Nassau was very hot, busy, and was a learning experience. I had to go back to my "small-town" roots and try to remember that big cities are different. I was able to tour the city using a horse and buggy and everything was pink!!! The 3-4 day at Sea we ... read more
Amazing art gallery
AMAZING water!
Approaching the island

Hola Amigos! Dar la bienvenida mi diario. (Hello friends! Welcome to my journal/diary). Today is Monday, May 15th and I am two days (and counting) away from departing for Spain. I am anxiously awaiting D-day. It seems like just a few short weeks ago when I first began making travel plans. If you are reading this diary entry, you likely received an unsolicited email message notifying you of this entry. I took the liberty to "subscribe" you to my travel blog. You should receive an email each time I post a new entry. If you wish not to be a "subscriber" please unsubscribe yourself (and I won't take it personally!). I have subscribed family, friends, professional collegues, and others to my blog. Because of the diversity of whom is subscribed I want to make some suggestions ... read more

North America » United States » North Dakota » Grand Forks December 28th 2005

Hello, I've added 50 new pictures. I'll add more of puzzleworld and new zealand on the next blog. I'll leave these pics up for about a have a look before they're gone! Beth and Justin... read more

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