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Great Smoky National Mountains National Park straddles two states. Mom and I had left Gatlinburg, Tennessee and were once again driving through the park and beginning our descent into the North Carolina side. The road was pointing steeply downhill and Baron von Zoom was not happy. The old car’s brakes shuddered from the exertion. I was relieved when the car in front of us pulled off the road and I was able to just let my old car run. When we finally approached the park’s exit we came upon a long line of cars and a big electric signboard saying “Don’t Slow Down.” That seemed a strange request. But just as we made our way to exit, we noticed a huge herd of majestic elk lolling about on an open patch of grass. We hadn’t seen ... read more
Elks at rest
Cherokee Warrior
Carolina Woods

Smokemont Campground, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina We woke up to torrents of rain again. And it made no sign of stopping. We had planned on ending our visit here and starting the trek back home yesterday. Although we've done it before, hitching up and breaking camp when it is raining bears and elk, is not a fun experience. And, since this was our last planned stop with no reservations anywhere until we get home, there was no consequence to staying one more day. Thanks to being 'senior citizens', the campground only costs $10 per night, so adding another one would certainly not break the bank. Finally, there was some serious driving ahead of us to get the trailer up, over, and down these Appalachian mountains, and I wasn't looking forward to doing that ... read more

Smokemont Campground, Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina When I read that the park receives almost as much rain as the Pacific Northwest, I kind of wondered how that could be. And while I still don't understand what the weather patterns are that produce that much moisture, especially on this side of the park, I don't question that it is true any longer. Rain started in the wee hours of yesterday morning and it just dumped out of the sky. Although we enjoy the cooler temps at night by leaving all the windows open, we had to shut down the vents to keep dry. And then it poured some more - it rained all night with no let-up that I was aware of. When we woke up it was raining. The campgrounds were all flooded with ... read more

Smokemont Campground, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina (We do not have phone service here, so I don't know when these posts will get out!) I'm sitting here on the edge of Bradley Fork Creek as it flows rapidly and noisily through tree-lined banks. The water is flowing over smoothed boulders, bubbling up white in many spots. I look at its continuous stream and wonder how there could be a water shortage. Although we slept pretty well last night, it seemed like it was raining all night, but it was the creek right behind us. It is cool this morning - I even have my MisterParks fleece on. I suspect it will warm up some today, but I'm hoping that we've left the high heat and humidity behind for a few days. We have made ... read more

Cherokee, North Carolina After a day of stressors with the trailer brakes and another one doing a long drive, we took it easy yesterday. Not exactly a down-day but we didn't actually DO much sightseeing. We made it to the Oconaluftee Visitor Center (one of four in the park), talked to park rangers, picked up maps and brochures, and bought a couple of books. There are really just two things to do here, driving tours and hikes, and we are hoping to fill up our days with both to see as much of this park as we can. And it is a big park. Great Smoky Mountain covers almost 600,000 acres and has 800 miles of hiking trails, third only to Yellowstone and Yosemite in the park system. It is the most visited park in the ... read more

We arrived in Cherokee, North Carolina 5 days ago. We had a nice trip through Mississippi and Alabama. Stayed in an Alabama State Park on the Tennessee River. Very beautiful with marinas and large r.v. spaces. Cherokee is the entrance to the Smoky Mountain National Park on the North Carolina side. We are staying in the Indian Creek R.V. Park which has the Indian Creek running through it. Cherokee is located on a reservation and there is an outstanding museum located in the town which gives a complete history of the Cherokee Indians and their experiences living in this area. The Smoky Mountain National Park is just full of spectacular views and we spent 1 day exploring the park. The next day we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway which gives you a different perspective of ... read more
Tennessee River R.V. Park
Smoky Mountains

North America » United States » North Carolina » Cherokee October 19th 2013

We slept in and then had our coffee, tea, oj, bacon, cinnamon toast and I had scrambled egg whites. We got ready for our adventure today: horseback riding. Ken had checked out a place nearby earlier in the week so we felt comfortable with the place we were going. The girls were so so much. I used to ride a lot...when I was 18 years old. We got there and had to wait on another family. They finally arrived-a young family-mom, dad, and 3 little boys, 2,6 and 8. The eight year old was supposed to go by himself but he starting crying so he rode with his dad and the 6 year old. The mom rode with the little guy-who was so cute. It kind of reminded me of my guys when they were ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Cherokee October 18th 2013

We all slept in. It was a cool morning. Ken built a fire outside; I turned on the fireplace in the RV. For breakfast we had: coffee, tea, hot chocolate (Lola helped and added marshmallows as it was warming on the stove), bacon, toast, oatmeal and eggs!! After breakfast, Lola wanted to use the First Aid kit-pretending she was a doctor and I am the patient. She was so funny; she really gets in to role playing. At the end, I had band aids and ointment everywhere! The girls took a shower and we dressed for hiking. I made a lunch to take with us. It is an absolutely perfect fall day. Sunshine, cool, blue skies, no wind. Couldn't be better!! We drove to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (just a mile or so). We ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Cherokee October 17th 2013

After a working week in Atlanta, I couldn't wait to fly to Asheville. Bella and Lola are spending the weekend with us! I had a late flight out of Atlanta, arriving in Asheville at 8:40. Ken had picked Bella and Lola up after school in Bryson City, and they came with him. They are spending the weekend with us! They were all waiting for my arrival at the airport in Asheville. As I approached the truck outside of baggage claim, Ken jumped out of the truck and said-"don't get excited, but Bella hit her head on the mirror of the truck (she was 'horsing' around) and she has a cut that was bleeding pretty badly; we need to see if she needs stitches." She was laying down in the backseat with ice on her injury. I ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Cherokee October 11th 2013

We took a walk around the campground...of course we stopped and talked to a few folks. One couple has a 'Cameo' RV- the same manufacturer as ours. Theirs is newer and bigger. We asked them questions about it and they asked if we wanted to see it. That was our goal all along. :) It was really nice! They were talkers! They are retired, sold their house and RV full time. They travel all over the country. Their next stop is Helen, GA, outside of Atlanta for some kind of race car rally. I guess the race track has a place for RVs. I think it is a club of 'RVers'. Anyway the wife was cooking dinner (and burnt the potatoes while she was talking to us), so we told them we'd let them eat dinner. ... read more
Cooking the apple butter
Cooking the apple butter
Cooking the apple butter

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