My husband Ken and I love to travel. We love new adventures and realize you can't wait until you retire to have fun. Life is now!

24 “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. Matthew 7:24-25 Remember when I said things don’t happen quickly around here...well I was wrong this time. We had plans to visit my best friend Pati (since grade school) this weekend. We planned to stop in Whittier, NC to pick up sweet Lola about noon this morning and then head to Cincinnati. Last night after dinner Ken got a call from ‘Bud’ the excavator. He can dig tomorrow morning or it could be 3-4 weeks until he can get to ... read more

It's nice to see progress even when it's not huge. Today was a cold (36 degrees), windy day in Hendersonville, but not raining. I'm working from home which is so nice. As I was sitting at my computer, a huge coyote walked past the window. As I said before we are house sitting in a townhouse which is in a pretty populated area. Crazy. Ken got a call from the builder who had time to stake out the land today. So Ken went up and they 'officially' put stakes in the exact location of where the house will be. The next step is for the excavator to further make more calculations and then dig! I think that's the next step. I'm new at this :)... read more

Our new home: Hendersonville, North Carolina, 22 miles south of Asheville-the gateway to the Appalachian mountains, the Blueridge Parkway, Land of waterfalls (swimming holes and Slide Rock), the French Broad River (tubing, rafting and kayaking), the Biltmore and so much more. I love it here-small historic town, parades, Music on Main concerts every Friday night - where you can dance in the street with your granddaughters and not feel ridiculous, Apple festivals and Christmas tree lighting at the courthouse and a ride down Main on a horse drawn carriage. Small town vibe but big enough to please my foodie tendencies- fabulous farm to table restaurants and lots of vineyards. Population approximately 16,000, elevation 2150 (although our land is 3000). This is our first time living in a small town and feel so at home. I also ... read more
Our Charlie Brown tree survived excavation

North America July 1st 2015

Today is my last day of work before our summer vacation. I am still working in Atlanta, Ken has our RV In Asheville, spending the summer with Lola. I commute each weekend to Asheville. Lola has already been busy this summer. She went to Alaska with Jason and Amy- visiting Amy's family. She did a week of Science camp at the NC Arboretum. Other days are spent helping Pops work at the RV park, swim and meet new friends. Pops and Lola drove down to Atlanta and met me at my hotel. We went to dinner at Atlanta Fish Company. I have been fighting a clogged ear and sinus pressure for about a week. I had gone to Urgent Care in Asheville and the Doc there said my ears looked perfect. He gave me a steroid ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis April 17th 2015

Pops followed through and woke us up at 6 am. He went down to the RV to make coffee and the the girls and I got dressed, washed faces and brushed teeth. We looked at our hair after going to bed with it wet and decided we could enter an 'Funny/Ugly hairdo contest today and I would rank #1, Lola #2, Bella #3. We went downstairs to the free breakfast and Pops joined us bringing in our coffee he made in the RV. We got on the road. It's cloudy- our first day without the blue, cloudless skies. I dozed off and woke up to pounding rain. It finally stopped when we got through Memphis. I pointed out the Mississippi River to the girls. I really feel like my mom doing this but at least they ... read more

North America » United States » Texas April 16th 2015

Pops woke us up at 7 am again, he was making coffee. I took a shower and he woke up two sleepy girls. As I was getting out of the shower, he brought Lola in and we put her in the shower. Oh, forgot to mention we had a very sad thing last night. We discovered that Lola left 'Blanka' in the hotel in El Paso! She has had this blanket since birth... It was very sad. I called the hotel and they said they didn't find it. She cried and I told her it was ok to cry and be sad about it but we needed to think about a few things. We have so much to be happy about-we are all healthy and safe with lots of people who love us and if she ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Weatherford April 14th 2015

April 14 continued. We got a late start, hoped to get to Pecos, Texas but only made it to El Paso. We found a Chili's for dinner. I had also found an RV park on the web but Google Maps kept taking us around in circles. After 3 attempts, in the dark and in El Paso, we decided to drive a bit further-out in the middle of nothingness -as in RV Parks or WalMart parking lots. Since it had been a long day, I found a Best Western-our best, safe choice. It was pretty new, clean and the girls thought it was great. Lola was checking out the paper wrapped soaps, shampoo, etc. I remember doing this as a child and I love that she still has this excitement. We were all tired, Bella and Pops ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Oro Valley April 14th 2015

My friends (colleagues in Atlanta) Christine and Sadiha visited us in Tucson for 4 days and we had so much fun. They were so easy to be with. Lola and Ken loved getting to know them. Ken spoiled them with his Barista skills. Lola loved getting up in the morning and joining them in their room. Things I learned about them from living with them, which is always different than just working with them. 1) They both are easy going, flexible-not selfish 2) They both appreciate a GOOD latte 3) They both have patience with young kiddos 4) Sadiha always looks on the bright side of life, she lives it to the fullest always looking for the next adventure 5) Christine has a sweet calm spirit that Lola gravitated to. She wants to learn how to ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona October 23rd 2014

We set the alarm for 6 am. I had to do something for work at 8 am ATL time so had to get up early. We actually were awake before then. Gaining 2 hours in 2 days affects your sleep. After coffee and cereal we head out. It's sunny and cool 48 degrees. We stopped east of Albuquerque at a Starbucks for our second cup of coffee. It's a pretty boring drive although it does get pretty in the high elevation in New Mexico. I have lots of work to do to try and finish up projects before my last day next week. We picked up sandwiches from Starbucks so we only stopped for Fuel and bathroom breaks. It's 3:30 Tucson time and we are 100 miles from home! Can't wait to sleep in my own ... read more
Morning in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

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