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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan September 2nd 2004

I don't like to fall more than a day behind in my blogging, but sometimes it's inevitable. I came up here to New York with my friend Tom, and by Tuesday evening the two of us barely even had the energy left to say, "Dude, I'm beat!" Every day feels like a marathon, and by Tuesday night I was dragging after four days on the streets. I'm sure the cops and the protesters are just as beat, but for me there added burdens of carrying around a bag of cameras, keeping my eyes peeled, navigating the unknown streets of New York, interviewing people and, oh yeah, taking pictures. But being on the streets of New York is in itself physically demanding. For most of the week the temperature has been hovering around 90 degrees. If I ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York September 2nd 2004

I worked from home this morning so I could finish packing and leave early for Dayton, OH airport. My flight left exactly on time (4:35 pm, est) and arrived exactly 1/2 hour early!!! (6:30 pm, est). It was the second time I had flown into LaGuardia, but the first time during daylight hours. I kept seeing water come closer and closer! The edge of the runway is right in the water! Yikes! My friend Ted met me at the airport. First we went to Long Island sound near Little Neck Bay walking along the bike and ped trail that is part of Gateway National Park. The temp was probably low to mid 70's and beautiful blue skies. Unfortunately, I got distracted and 'took out' a little girl on a bicycle as I attempted to cross ... read more
On the Pioneer
Belvedere Castle in Central Park

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 31st 2004

Friends, I've gotten my film processed and printed, and the prints scanned and uploaded to my website: Tomrrow I'll be uploading a blog on my experiences on 10/30; In Peace, Wes... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 31st 2004

Monday was a day for another march, this time unpermitted. I joined the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign for a permitted rally at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza across from the United Nations. The rally started off with promise and vigor, with each speaker taking no more than a minute at the microphone. But it was at some point after Nicole from the Deaf and Blind Committee for Human Rights "spoke" through an interpreter (don't ask me how Nicole was able to see her hands in order to speak in sign language) that I realized that brevity in speakers could easily be overcome by quantity of speakers. After the tenth speaker took to the stage, the press started to drift out of their pit in front of the podium, and headed to the back of the plaza, ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 29th 2004

Yesterday was the big march.  My friends headed off early to Washington Square, while I stayed behind at the apartment which was so graciously opened up to us on the Upper East Side.  After several cups of coffee I finished my blog and headed downtown to the Fifteenth Street Friends Meeting.  There I joined with Quakers from as far away as Minnesota Mexico in the centering silence of a Meeting for Worship before lining up in the courtyard and marching out into the streets under a banner proclaiming "Speak Truth to Power."  All told, there were probably 150 Friends and attenders gathered together in a peaceful witness. The march to Union Square was predictably slow, and as I walked with the front of our group, I shared in frustration of trying to keep more than a ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 28th 2004

"Dude, you're on TV!" Thus said my fellow protestor Tom as we watched CNN Headline News at close to midnight. For a few fleeting seconds my face and wide-brimmed Tillie hat stoud head and shoulders above a crowd of thousands of people participating in the Pro-Choice March across the Brooklyn Bridge. The footage must have been taken early in the day, because by the end of the day I was considerably less enthusiatic after spending 12 hours on my feet in 90 degree heat with a camera bag over my shoulder, at which point my clothes were entirely soaked through with sweat and I was craving salt on anything, "I'll have an order of fries, please. They come with salt, right?" I doubt that I will ever be able to forget the sublime joy of marching ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 27th 2004

No more work! No more income! This is so cool, I've never tried anything like this. I guess the next time I'll write will be in Spain. My first stop-Barcelona!! I hope I'll be able to keep up with the journal entries, but you guys have to cheer me on and send me e-mails (e-mails must include words like: miss, love, wish, hope :) LAST week in New York. You guys better show me a good time! ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 27th 2004

I left Newport News this morning on the Amtrak train to New York City, and along the way I read several chapters in "Lies My Teacher Told Me," by my Vermont homeboy James Loewen, which follows up quite nicely on a conversation I was having with my boss Mary. Yesterday she half rhetorically asked, "Why don't more Americans know about the terrible atrocities our goverment has done?" I replied, ''Education. Or a lack thereof." My homeboy James Loewen offered up a quote by Helen Keller that extrapolated upon the American tradition of willful ignorance. Helen Keller pointed out, "People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions. Conclusions are not always pleasant." It is not pleasant to consider that, for instance, the United States has not promoted democracy in the Middle East. In ... read more

North America » United States » New York August 23rd 2004

Ik zit nu in Buffalo. Ben vrijdag in Portland op de bus gestapt (de Greyhound bus inderdaad) en weer via Boston ben ik hiernaartoe gereisd. Goed hostel waar ik nu in zit, in het midden van de stad. En Buffalo ligt vlakbij de Niagara watervallen, waar ik voor kwam. Daar ben ik dan ook geweest op zondag. Eerst aan de Amerikaanse kant alles goed bekeken en de Maid of the Mist gedaan (de boot die vlakbij de waterval komt). Daarna over de brug naar de Canadese kant (zonder problemen). Daar was het uitzicht nog mooier, zeker ook toen 's avonds de lichten aan gingen. En na het vuurwerk ben ik weer op de bus gestapt naar Buffalo. Vandaag heb ik een beetje rondgelopen in de stad waar eigenlijk voor de rest weinig te doen is (van ... read more
Niagara Watervallen

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan August 13th 2004

Ok, goed aangekomen. De vlucht verliep allemaal voorspoedig en soepeler dan ik had verwacht. En om 12:00 stond ik al buiten het vliegveld. Toen met de subway naar Manhattan. Hotel gezocht en gevonden. Toen ff wat te eten en drinken gehaald en Central Park in gelopen, waar ik vlakbij slaap. Redelijk vroeg gaan slapen vanwege de jetlag en toen vanmorgen had ik met floor en Michelle (waar hij slaapt) afgeproken. We hebben toen zo'n toeristische busrit gedaan. Af en toe uitgestapt om wat te eten of om naar het United Nations gebouw te gaan. Daarna naar de film geweest, Alien vs Predator en na afloop stiekem Open Water gekeken. Toen ff een burger gegeten en nu zitten we op Michelle's werk te internetten. Morgen maar 'ns kijken of ik 'n auto kan vinden en voor overmorgen ... read more
Ik en Floor

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