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North America » United States » New York » Long Island December 1st 1989

1 DE DICIEMBRE DE 1989 HISTORIAS DEL AEROPUERTO Stuttgart, Luxemburgo, Keflavik, Nueva York. Llegué al aeropuerto JFK, pero mi conexión rumbo a Dallas (y de ahí a El Paso) salía del aeropuerto de La Guardia ¡24 horas después! Fui a La Guardia con la idea de meter mis cosas en un locker y darme una vuelta por la ciudad. ¡Pero no había, carajo! Así que tuve que instalarme en una incómoda banca aeroportuaria a cuidar mis cosas y esperar. A unos metros de mí, ocupando un asiento, había una escultura muy rara, de papel y plástico, con forma humana, que me hacía sentirme muy, muy lejos del arte abstracto. Horas después, empezó a moverse. ¡Pensé que alucinaba! Pero no. En un procedimiento perezoso, que debe haber demorado quince minutos, la persona que había bajo todo eso ... read more

North America » United States » New York March 31st 1988

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North America » United States » New York » New York March 1st 1988

March 01, 1988 *City official name :New York *Founded date : *Location :New York State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :New York City is the largest city in the United States and one of the world's major global cities. Located in the state of New York, the city has a population of over 8.1 million within an area of 321 square miles (approximately 830 km²), making it the most densely populated city in North America. Its metropolitan area has a population of 18.7 million and is one of the largest urban areas in the world. New York City is a center for international finance, fashion, entertainment, and culture, with an extraordinary collection of museums, galleries, performance venues, media outlets, i... read more
New York
New York
New York

North America » United States » New York July 13th 1986

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North America » United States » New York » Nyack December 12th 1981

My parents took another two year furlough, living in Nyack again from the summer of 1980 to the summer of 1982. They wanted us to come to the States for the Christmas of 1981 and to celebrate my Grandfather Northcott’s 95th birthday. I also had business to attend to in Florida. 12 - 17 December 1981 Saturday through Thursday. We flew from Frankfurt to Miami where my sister Sue and husband Rob picked us up at the airport on Saturday afternoon. On Monday I took care of business that would make me a Florida resident as I had no intention of ever moving back to Virginia, and didn't want to keep paying state taxes to that state. We toured around the West Palm Beach area with them. Our new nephew, Brendan, loved to eat at McDonalds ... read more
Linda with Bob's stepgrandmother Laura in DeLand. Florida
Darryl and Marilyn with Dereck and Melissa at St Simons Island
Original Carlsen family

North America » United States » New York » New York September 13th 1974

Day 1 9/13/74 - Friday Patricia Dorsey Murphy - age 39 Atlanta Airport Weather is overcast, mild humid Finally took off at 6:15, cruising speed at 37k ft. Dianne and I are in the mid section, on wing. Daddy and Ma right behind us. Richard, Pam, Terry, Dale and Ricky saw us off. We'll fly over Spartanburg, SC, VA, Atlantic City, NJ, etc. Had chicken breast for dinner. Dianne and I played poker, we're even so far. Arr NY city 8:10 PM Dark outside called Anancias. Di and I walked all over Pan AM building…went to roof top to see skyline. (Took Butch and things over to GA Tech yesterday and got him set up. His birthday is today 9/13/74. 18 years old.) Dianne Dorsey Parker Gilbreath - age 37 Place: Plane in Atlanta, GA - ... read more
Boarding flight in NYC

North America » United States » New York » Nyack June 6th 1964

Following the spring semester at Dalat it was time to go back to the States for a year furlough. This would be our third time around the world, but by commercial jet (Boeing 707’s or DC-8s) this time. We flew from Bangkok to Beirut, Lebanon, which was before their civil war. The city was similar to any wealthy touristy city along the French Riviera. We took a day trip to Byblos, a Phoenician city founded in 5000 BC, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. We enjoyed touring the archeological sites. From Beirut we flew to Jerusalem, the eastern half of which was part of Jordan at the time. We toured all the holy sites and then crossed through the Mandelbaum Gate, which was the only crossing between Jordan and Israel. The crossing could only ... read more
Family on beach near Byblos
View of Jerusalem

North America » United States » New York » Nyack April 26th 1958

Our journey to America We took the train from Khon Kaen to Bangkok, and then down the Malay Peninsula to Singapore, where we would embark on the Lloyd Triestino Line’s Asia, one of the last great ocean liners of the “Golden Age.” But before that we toured Singapore. My favorite spot was the Botanical Gardens, which was overrun with monkeys. You could buy bags of peanuts to feed them, but they preferred going through whatever personal belongings that you brought along. They got into Dad’s camera bag and stole some flash bulbs. I can imagine their surprise when they attempted to bit into one. Then it was time to board. The ship was beautiful; fully air-conditioned and our cabin had its own private facilities. We were in tourist class. There was also a first class. The ... read more
Singapore street scene
Singapore Statue of Sir Raffles
Anglican cathedral in Singapore

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