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July 11th 2020
Published: July 11th 2020
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Las Vegas - Day 1

Getting there
Our first day in Vegas was awesome.
The plane rides were easy. This is the first time we had flown in First Class. In Starling tradition since there is a global pandemic there is no service in First Class unless you ask.
We were up at 4am to catch our 7am flight out of Tallahassee so all we wanted to do was get comfy on the plane so we weren’t worried about drinks or snacks on the plane ride. I did want a water and I thought that was kind of extreme to have to ask for that but oh well.

Tallahassee to Dallas our flight was almost full. This caught Jeff and I off guard because we haven’t traveled since March. We just assumed people weren’t flying. Oh they are! We think there might have been 3 empty seats on the flight.

We arrived in Dallas. There was a little hustle and bustle in the airport but I don’t know enough to know if the airport was actually busy. We got a table at a TGI Friday’s and finally got to take our masks off. Wow, traveling with a mask on is not for the faint of heart. It is very difficult to try to communicate with people. I didn’t realize how much I read lips when I talk with people. So we had some appetizers and Jeff and I had some mimosas.

The Dallas flight was also very full. This surprised us too. The stewards on the flight were great. They kept checking on us and offering drinks. They were really nice.

We arrived in Las Vegas about 10:30am Vegas time. That would be 1:30pm our time.

We head led to the baggage claim and Jeff told me that Alton had arranged for a driver. We found our luggage and our driver and headed to the parking area. We see limos lined up and you mind is blown because you are getting ready to ride in a limo in Vegas. Sweeeettt!! Well, I guess the Vegas or the YOLO got to Alton and Martha Lynn. They didn’t rent just any limo!

We keep walking and the driver takes us to this fire red stretch truck that is bright and loud and AMAZING!!! It was the prefect color of Kirby red and everything that Kirby would have loved. My trip is done. I’m on cloud nine and no one is taking me off it!

We got in the limo and he tells us how to connect to the blue tooth. Ohh, we found all the base pumping songs really quick! DJ Timmy has taken the reigns. It was the best 3 mile ride to the hotel of my life!! I was in pure heaven. Nothing else the rest of the day could bother me. I just kept smiling and laughing about this glorious red monstrosity that we rode in.

We weren’t able to check into our rooms until Alton arrived so we spent the day roaming around the Bellagio and the immediate area.

Getting to know Bellagio

Yes, you have to wear a mask at all times except if you are eating at a table in a restaurant. If you are drinking a beverage you can take a sip but then you have to put your face covering back on.

So faces covered in Vegas but asses and boobies are another story. I really need to work on my sneaky picture taking skills.

We roamed around the property. We go eat lunch by the pool, found a quiet sitting area, Jeff and I take turns gambling, we walk to Caesars Palace next door and before the limo driver picked us back up to meet Alton, Martha Lynn and Megan at the airport we watched the water show in front of the Bellagio. That water show is pretty cool. The water rushing is so loud and amazing.

We asked the limo driver, Alan, if we could go with him to the airport because we really wanted to see Megan’s reaction. He picked us up and we headed to the airport. Me, Jeff and Timmy created a Spotify playlist with all songs that have plenty of bass and of course ‘Who let the Dogs our’. Timmy pairs my phone and we go bumping and thumping all the way to the airport.

Megan’s reaction did not disappoint. I wish I could have seen a Kirby reaction. It would have been over the top. I am sure there would have been words like lit, fire and whatever new word I have no clue about.

I hand out treat bags to everyone along with birthday favors. We thump down the road back to the Bellagio. I’m still in heaven riding in ‘The Inferno’.

We settle into our rooms and then meet for dinner. We have left Martha Lynn’s birthday party behind and we have now moved onto the bachelorette and bachelor party! Let the beard throwing begin. Just kidding that probably isn’t allowed in a restaurant but I’m sure stranger things have happened in Vegas.

After dinner it was about 1:30am our time so the normal folks called it a night. The ones that came to take on the Vegas casinos found a comfy spot at the blackjack tables.

Vegas did not disappoint us today. Oh, I’m up $50 in case anyone was wondering.

Day 2 involves more riding in The Inferno, helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and a wedding.

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