Spring Break 2019 - Packing, booking and getting to know 30A

Published: March 18th 2019
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Spring Break - Day 1

When I was growing up our Spring Breaks consisted of going to visit my moms family in Panama City. My Meme (grandmother) lived a couple of houses from the bay. My aunt, uncle and cousins would come visit us at Meme’s.

We spent many vacations at my Meme’s that we even got to know the neighbors and neighborhood kids.

Meme always had a pound cake waiting for us and green kool-aid.

I don’t remember much tv watching and surely there weren’t any computers. We’d play in the bay, climb trees in my Meme’s yard, wander around the neighborhood and jump on the neighbors trampoline.

My mom would let us walk down to the bay to play in the water. She would not think allowing her grandchildren to do that this day and age but they really let us roam free back in the day.

As we got older mom would take us to a pool at a hotel on Panama City beach where she knew someone or my uncle was working the front desk. We’d play in the pool then run to the beach. All day. Mom would pack snacks and we’d just spend the day eating and playing. We’d probably be burnt when we got back to Meme’s so we’d take a hot shower and lather ourselves in Noxema.

For a couple of Spring Breaks mom would take us to Shipwreck Island and then Miracle Strip. We loved Shipwreck. Mom would find a spot by the wave pool and we’d go ride the rides and occasionally check in with her.

Most of the Spring Break with the boys have been at Disney, camping or day trips to the beach.

This year we have rented a house with a couple friend of ours on 30A. I have been to Destin and Panama City but I’ve never spent time on 30A. I’m super excited about a week at the beach away from the hustle and bustle.


We are rented a house so you would think we wouldn’t pack as much as we do when we going camping but I managed to fill up our entire Armada.

You are going to the beach so you need beach chairs, umbrella and skim board. Oh and a tent, yeah, a tent. I’ll let you know if we use it.

You def need a Magaritaville maker for the fun adult and kid slushees.

I am in charge of breakfasts and the other family is in charge of lunches. We will figure dinner out each day.

Phone, Apple Watch and iPad chargers. Xboxes (yes, multiple) and an extra tv (don’t judge us).

Since it’s cold we all packed enough for cold weather and hot weather.

Holy moly this car is packed!!! When we went on Spring Break with mom and dad I’m pretty sure we only had a towel and a bathing suit. I don’t even think we owned beach chairs. Anywho, that’s 2019 beach packing for ya.

Golf Cart

As I said, I am not familiar with 30A but rumor has it you should rent a golf car to hop around the surrounding communities.

We signed our life away and the 6 seater golf cart was delivered to our rental property.

When we got to the condo the golf cart was waiting on us. I call that service.

The Condo

It’s a pretty straight shot to Santa Rosa beach. Drive down I-10 onto 331 and then into the Destin area that leads to 30A. It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Today it was a little long due to construction and Spring Break traffic but we made it in time to get settled and get acquainted with the area.

When you rent a condo on Home Away or Airbnb I feel like you take a gamble. Especially when you are renting somewhere you have never been before. The cost of the area is also up and down. You can find a really nice looking condo for a reasonable price but you’d have to take a shuttle to the beach. My friend Whitey and I spent many hours looking at condos in the area and creating our Spring Break boards with condos we liked. We looked and looked but kept coming back to this one because of price and the idea that the condo was right on the beach. We pulled the trigger and booked it.

Driving up to the condo you start to see all these fun little shops so that seemed promising that there were things to do around the condo but we were still not sure where it was. We looked at the map again and it said we have arrived. Lookey there we had! This condo was right on the beach. We entered the gate code and pulled right into a parking spot.

First floor and the beach is right at the back porch. The pictures on the website were true and did not do the place justice. The view is beautiful, the rooms are spacious and the kitchen is grand. If we had just gotten off a plane with only our luggage we would have everything we would need for a beach vacation.

We settled into our rooms and took our first trip to Publix. Publix was packed with families stocking their beach condos. I don’t know but I just kind of like roaming around watching all the people try to figure out where things are, the kids bored on their cell phones while the mom and dads figure things out or the twenty-ish year olds stuck on the beer isle trying to figure out what to get. I think its part of the whole journey and it makes me laugh.

We ate dinner at the condo and then took a golf cart ride. It was a little chilly so we did not go too far. When we got back the kids played Uno and then were off to their designated areas.

No big plans for tomorrow. Just getting familiar with the area and maybe renting a paddle board for Timmy.

Happy Spring Break every one.

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