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North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 18th 2021

We woke up late and since our reservation wasn't until noon, we left the KOA around 9am. Soon into the trip we entered the Flathead Indian Reservation, populated by the Salish Indian tribes. It was obvious we were on a reservation when many of the road signs had a very different looking language on them. See the photo of one sign. As we got close to our destination, Big Arm Marine, we got a view that was amazing, so I turned off onto the next roadside area and we walked way back up the road to get some photos. Soon after that, we made the sharp right turn onto the road where Big Arm Marine & Rentals were located. There is also a restaurant, a group of cabins, and a number of private homes along the ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 17th 2021

Day 6: This morning we were in no rush to leave because Manoli had to call Glacier National Park at 8am to see if we could get entry passes through the "lottery", first-come first-serve. Unfortunately, even though she was signed in by 8am, we didn't get them. Glacier National Park is part of the reason we planned on stopping at Missoula, to either spend a day at the park, or go there on our way to Spokane. We left the KOA and awesome Yellowstone behind and hit the road on our way to Missoula, about a 4-hour drive, with no special places to stop along the way. Since we already knew there was a WalMart near our destination, we didn't both stopping in Livingston or Bozeman. We did stop for gas and a coffee after we ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula September 13th 2019

What a great day! We didn't have to leave Fresno until 12:40pm. It was so nice no to have to get up in the middle of the night. Leisurely Lyft ride to the airport and lunch at the Fresno Airport. Nice way to start a vacation. Delta was on time as we headed out of Fresno. Usually I have an aisle seat so I don't see much but today was a window and we flew right over our home at Woodward Lakes. Then, over Millerton Lake just north about 10 miles from home. Quick jump over the Sierra Nevada range and there was Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort. Ahead to Mono Lake and 1 hour and 12 minutes later, into Salt Lake City. Just an hour layover then another hour and 6 minutes and the green valleys ... read more
Home: Woodward Lake in Fresno
St. Ignatius, Montana

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 24th 2019

Some days I find it very easy to write this blog and other days I do struggle. It depends a lot on how tired I am and how inspired I get with what we did and or saw that day. Yesterday was a struggle. Hopefully today will flow. So here we go. We left Pocatello, MT at 8:10 AM and 73 degrees. And we spent a good deal of time fighting with the soft talking lady in the black box. She wanted us to travel to Missoula on the interstate. But that is not where you have the best experiences and see the best vistas. So we continued to argue with her and work around her for the better part of two hours, until she finally relented and let us have our way. And boy were ... read more
North to Missoula
North to Missoula
North to Missoula

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 31st 2018

Today was a great time to be off the bicycle. This was the day my daughter Breanna put on her Doctor’s white coat and said the Hippocratic Oath! I am very proud of that young lady! If I was riding my bike I would have missed it! Earlier, Bruce and I went to breakfast at Hob Nob and then rode our bikes over to Adventure Cycling so he could get the tour. Then it was time to watch Breanna. We stopped at the Mercantile for a very light lunch and watched the ceremony. Thank Heavens for the internet! Later, Bruce and I rode our bikes down to Historic Fort Missoula and took the tour. It was established in 1877 to maintain control over Western Montana and was the only Fort west of the Continental Divide. It ... read more
25th Infantry Bicycle Corps
Sculpture at the University of Montana
Picture of the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula July 30th 2018

Another great day on a bike! We woke up early and broke camp with enthusiasm. Pat , Becky and I were on the road about 7:10 and as per the last week we had very little wind to contend with. The route from Darby to Missoula is basically downhill and we were able to make great time. We covered 66 miles in about 4 hours and 40 minutes which is one of the fastest of my tour. The serendipity is that we were able to ride on a bike path for the last 48 miles which really made for an enjoyable day. Although the scenery was very pretty, it was very similar to the last few days in the Bitterroot Valley. Once arriving in Missoula, we went to the Mecca of bicycle touring, Adventure Cycling Headquarters. ... read more
Our view of the Lolo National Forest.
We rode the Bitterroot  Bike Way 48 miles from Hamilton to Missoula.
More of the bike path.

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula September 4th 2017

There was a pretty brisk wind overnight from the west and this morning the wildfire smoke was particularly bad, enough to irritate your eyes and throat. We met up with David and Caroline this morning and drove north a ways to the National Bison Range, a large area that is part of the national wildlife refuge system, managed for bison. If you are ever in the Missoula area I can heartily recommend a visit to the refuge. There is a 19 mile gravel road loop that takes you up a mountainside and back down and then across a lower grassland, and its much like a camera safari. We saw plenty of bison but also pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail deer, several coyotes, and a couple grouse type birds that I believe were blue grouse. The scenery is ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula September 3rd 2017

We drove up to Missoula, Montana, today to visit with our nephew David and his wife Caroline. The smoke haze was heavy all day, more so the closer we got to Missoula. We drove in on I-90 and there was no problem from the wildfires but we did hear that another more secondary route is closed. Unfortunately the haze was so thick that we can't see the mountains surrounding Missoula very well, but definitely the terrain here is more mountainous and forested than where we have been before today. It was good to see Dave and Caroline. We had supper together at the camper, then followed them into the city where we took a walk along the Clark Fork river. We plan to do a little more sightseeing in the area tomorrow. ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula September 9th 2015

Je suis a 16km de Lincoln, il fait bien plus froids qu’a Bigfork. Il fait 41’F soit 5’C. Je suis la Blackfoot river qui serpente au milieu de montagnes faiblement boises. Le climat semble plus aride, la vegetation est principalement compose de broussaille. Je suis decu d’avoir perdu ma canne a peche, la riviere semble prometteuse mais ca devrait etre le prix a payer pour l’aide que les gens m’ont fourni. Je m’apercois que je suis poursuivi par de gros nuages gris. Je me rappelle que nous sommes passe au milieu d’un orage lorsque Chuck conduisait. Deux options traversent mon esprit. S’arreter ici et me refugier sous la bache en attendant que la pluie ne passe. Ou continuer en faisant le pari que la ville n’est pas loin. Je choisi la seconde option. Et bien, malgre ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Missoula August 7th 2015

blog 08-08-15 Butte to Clinton, MT It was moving day but I didn't have to be out of the campground until noon and my next destination was only 2or3 hours away so I decided to go on the tour of the Clark Mansion in Butte. Mr. Clark was the richest mine owner in Butte at the time and he wanted to build the biggest and best house he could. The house was finished in 1888, the same year Dave and Lisa's house was built so I wanted to see what was different and what was similar. I was out of the camper by 8:40, stopped and got a few groceries and got to the tour about 9:10, I was the first one for the day. I was thoroughly impressed with the house and especially the workmanship ... read more
every ceiling is hand painted
 a hearth in a bedroom

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