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North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 13th 2018

Since most of the trails in Glacier West are still closed we had to venture to another area and chose Flathead National Forest. Getting to the Birch Lake trail was an adventure itself -- 6 miles up a gravel bumpy road. The hike was fairly easy, just a few places where it made you catch your breath. Great views out over civilization towards Flathead Lake. Birch Lake was quiet and we had the place to ourselves. We did spot some wild life - a group of about 30 middle schoolers on their way up another hike close by. Got back to the car just before the rain came, so we were lucky.... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork June 13th 2017

We knew the weather was not going to be favorable today, so we planned on some activities in which the weather did not impact much. After breakfast we gathered our supplies for the day and headed south to the town of Bigfork. Finding the little unique shops in small towns can be interesting. I often wonder how some of these small towns got their names. Did Bigfork actually have a big fork in it? Or did it simply mean something else? Either way we were in route. As soon as we got on the highway, the rain started and did not stop the entire day. Unfavorable. We reached Bigfork at the same time we notice the huge lake next to the road. We followed the sign for the historic section and found the appropriate area which ... read more
Rainy day view
Mama elk with their babies

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 8th 2015

Bon hier, j’etais trop heureux pour faire attention a la route que je suivais. Resultat, je me suis engage sur la mauvaise route. Rien de dramatique, j’ai pris la 35 plutôt que la 83. C’est plus long, sa passe le long du lac Flathead a la place de passer au milieu des montagnes et il n’y a pas de « National Forest » (possible de camper gratuitement dans ces forets). Bref, retour vers Bigfork qui se trouve a 20 miles. Avant la tombe de la nuit, je n’arrive pas a atteindre la ville, je campe sur une plage qui borde le lac. Ce matin, reveil aux aurores par les 1eres gouttes annonciatrices d’une belle journee. Le temps d’etre pres pour prendre la route, je me retrouvais a affronter une pluie battante. Pas mal pour commencer la ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 7th 2015

Before we departed Montana to head back home, we had time for one last morning hike. Again, we headed right, further up the mountain, joining an access road and passing the trail to Patterson Creek, going further up the mountain to head to our destination, Wolf Creek. Probably the wildest location of all our hikes, it was the deepest into the forest, and it was also the one with the most outstanding views of the surrounding area. These morning's hike will remain a very special experience of my visit to Montana, since not many visitors are likely to enjoy this unique opportunity to experience these hidden Montana mountain treasures.... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 6th 2015

On our last full day in Montana, we chose as our morning hike Patterson Creek. We headed higher into the mountain for this hike and, this time, encountered a vehicle when we interceded into a side road before accessing the Patterson Creek trail. It was a ranger patrolling the area, with a highly energetic dog that gave us a momentary anxiety, but was obedient to his handler, thank goodness. Afterwards, we chose Bigfork as our daily excursion, with a very fun stop at the Flathead Lake Brewery overlooking the lake, where I happily sampled several of the local beers, one of my favorite pastimes, specially when the beers are excellent like the ones I had. Then we meandered through the lovely little town's shops and streets, and also enjoyed looking at some of the cars at ... read more
Pat 2.
pat 3
pat 4

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 5th 2015

Our next stop in Montana was a wonderful drive around Flathead Lake. Before the day's outing, we started our morning with a different hiking destination. Again, a short climb through the backyard, brought us to the main trail inside the Flathead National Forest, and then we found our way to Peterson Creek. It seemed that our destinations grew prettier every day, and this particular hike was memorable for its wild, untouched beauty. If my sixth sense was working, I believe we were being observed from the forest by one of the bears that my friend mentioned seeing around his property in the past. I kept having that feeling of being watched. It was comforting being told that it was very unlikely that a bear would seek a confrontation, and would likely try its best to avoid ... read more
pete 1
pete 2
pete 3

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 4th 2015

Alors que je m'appretais a quitter le Glacier National Park, une surprise j’avais des etoiles pleins les yeux mais je n’etais pas au bout de mes surprises. La route qui m’amenai jusqu’à Bigfork se faufile entre des montagnes recouvertes de sapins. Rien a voir avec l’aspect rocheux et anguleux des vieilles montagnes du parc. Ici les montagnes ont des sommets arrondies et se suivent a la queue leu leu. Je passe au travers de petits villages encaisses dans la vallee qui vivent probablement du tourisme saisonnier. Puis les montagnes mettent de la distance entre elles et c’est une large plaine agricole qui voit le jour. De longues lignes droites sillonnent la plaine, reliant les quelques villes entre elles. Il n’y a pas d’accotement pour les velos mais les gens sont majoritairement sympathiques. 70% des gens font ... read more
Troy L. Waller
Flathead Lake

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork September 2nd 2015

At our arrival in Montana after a long and convoluted flight, our exceptional host met us at the airport in Bigfork for the drive to our home for the next few days, his amazing house on the slopes on a nearby mountain. The drive to the house itself was through beautiful countryside along Montana Hwy 83 out of Bigfork, and the curving road to the house itself slowly climbed through a beautiful forest of trees. The neighbors were few and far between, which provided a feeling of isolation and peacefulness in beautiful surroundings. The house itself was rustic in appearance and perfectly comfortable, with wide glass windows opening level with the ground in the back, and featuring a shaded balcony off the ground in the front. After a quick tour of his property, which backs into ... read more
Home in the mountains
house 2

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork August 15th 2013

Heute ist ein "border crossing day", immer etwas Besonderes (wenn auch nicht so aufregend, wie Russland oder China). Wetter strahlend schoen, trotz Gewitter am Abend vorher. Die Canadier wollten gar nichts von uns, die Amis stellten viele Fragen - was bedeutet 3-11 auf meinem Nummernschild (so lange ist Berta in Deutschland versichert), warum habe ich einen Fuchsschwanz am Motorrad, woher, wohin... Ich war direkt froh, dass die Gruppe auf mich gewartet hat, ich hab mir schon vorgestellt, wie die noch schnell ein Foto machen, wie ich in Handschellen abgefuerht werde und von da ab nichts mehr von mir zu sehen und hoeren ist.... Dann Montana - die Vorberge der Rockies und dann rein in die Rockies - traumhafte Kurven, wenn man sie knapp doppelt so schnell faehrt, wie die Geschwindigkeitsbeschraenkung ist, dann macht das richtig Spass. ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Bigfork August 11th 2010

Today we were heading for Glacier National Park which is about 1 ½ hours north from Bigfork. Unfortunately Dad was still unwell so he decides to stay home and rest so Karen came with us for the day. We left after brekkie and up the Highway and in the distant you could see the ranges they were very impressive. We arrived at the rangers station and payed for our permit into the park and made our way along a narrow and windy road for about 45mins. The view was just awesome we soon made our way up the mountains were the road dug into the rock and the other side was a steep drop. We stopped a few times on the way up to take in the view and a few pic’s. This time of year ... read more
down the valley
zavanna next to some snow
Little ground Squirrels

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