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North America » United States » Mississippi » Clinton November 2nd 2017

blog 11-02-17 The East Side of the Mississippi UGH! Today we drove on I 20 through 3 states. Not exactly through them but we drove in 3 states today. Finally out of Texas we sailed through Louisiana and almost half way through Mississippi before we settled for the night in a fairly nice rv park in Clinton, MS. The only really bad part is that we are now on the wrong side of the Mississippi. : ( . We are getting tired of driving everyday so in Birmingham, AL we will spend 2 nights at one campground and visit a friend of Ginnie's for lunch one day then the rest of the time just chilling out. I can't say enough about the dogs and how good they have been. No matter what we throw at them ... read more
then Mississippi
the bridges spanning the Mississippi

North America » United States » Mississippi » Indianola September 13th 2017

Den Morgen verbrachten wir noch in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the boyhood home of President Clinton, wie am Ortseingang steht. Seit Beginn des 19. Jahrhunderts sind die heißen Quellen bekannt. Heute gibt es 47 Quellen, die täglich 3.8 Mio Liter Wasser leifern mit einer Temperatur von 62 Grad. Die Geschichte des Ortes ist sehr unterhaltsam, so war das Arlington Hotel sehr beliebt bei Al Capone. Auch war hier eine Hochburg von illegalem Glücksspiel, erst 1967 griff man mit harter Hand durch. Bandenkriege forderten Todesopfer- schwer vorstellbar heute, wo HS ein schläfrige Ort ist. Nur die Art Deco Gebäude sind hinreißend, reichen aber offenbar nicht aus, um hier einen beliebten Badeort zu schaffen. Wir besichtigten ein Museum in einem ehemaligen Badehaus. Den Rest des Tages waren wir auf dem MR. Das Aufregendste war die Überquering des Mississippi. Der ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi August 18th 2017

Natchez - pronounced as in 'book of matches', is famed for its antebellum mansions, that is grand houses that pre-date the American Civil War. It is the oldest settlement on the Mississippi River, dating to a French settlement of 1716. There used to be a tribe of Native Americans, the Natchez Indians, who were by all accounts generally brutal. They snuck into the French fort and killed everyone except for a cooper and a tanner. In revenge the French wiped out ALL the Natchez, who are now an extinct tribe. It is the first deep water port north of New Orleans, and there was great trade along the route - cotton and lumber going south, luxury goods coming north - and this made Natchez very wealthy. Then in 1850 it became 'the wealthiest city in the ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo April 25th 2017

I probably started out the day with a bad attitude, and sure hope it didn’t show to my travelling girlies. We had such a long way to go today, and I was not looking forward to the drive at all. 250+ miles over hill and dale and ‘hood and vale. It took us pretty much 7 hours, with 2 lengthy stops. Some of the roads in MS are wonderful, and others just plain suck. The interstates suck, full of potholes and varying road surfaces. The State and County roads are mostly ok, but their speed limit can range from 45 to 65. I don’t do 65 at all; I would be airborne over the bumps. I was point person, Kim next, Ginnie tail gunner. I am very surprised how hilly central MS is. Beautiful rolling hills, ... read more
Can you see the marina thru the mist?
Johnnie's Drive In
We were in the Elvis booth!

North America » United States » Mississippi » Natchez April 23rd 2017

There are 15 pictures in this blog. Make sure you scroll to the end to see them all We were in search of 2 more stamps in Natchez. Remember, I took them all at the bookstore, but I knew I had to visit the actual places. We headed for Melrose Plantation. Our quest for the stamp for Friday was going to take us to two different places. Remember, I got all the stamps at the first bookstore, but knew we had to visit the sites. The first we went to was Melrose plantation. By antebellum standards this plantation was out in the country, but by today's standards it would be considered downtown. Built in the early 1800s it was the peak of southern prosperity. I think it had about five owners and was always well maintained. ... read more
Parlor.  Note 24c gold cornices
Dining room table
Shoo fly fan over dining room table

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg April 23rd 2017

Total of 21 pictures. Make sure you see them all. I was not happy with the weather report for Saturday morning’s travel to Vicksburg, but I pleasantly surprised when it changed at the last minute and the rain went around us and our planned route. We broke camp, leaving the barking beagles, and were on our way by 10:30 to our next stamp, Vicksburg Mississippi, 1.5 hours north. The ride was pleasant on a beautiful highway. The last 3 miles of the trip we travelled a road that said ‘no trucks.’ I led the way very slowly, and other than a few low limbs that didn't reach my rig, we made it through safely. Ameristar RV resort is run by a nearby casino, it has about 60 sites with full hook ups, mostly a pavement lot ... read more
View from the bluffs of Vicksburg down to the Mississippi

North America » United States » Mississippi April 20th 2017

Travels with Snowbirds Quest for the Stamp April 19 and 20, 2017, Natchez, MS Wednesday. This is a pretty campground, but very plain. I took two walks around the full loop and not much to see and spent time cleaning and straightening up, watching the roadway for Ginnie and Kim. Tuesday was a down day, I took the opportunity to clean the inside of Moya. Winston slept all day and didn’t eat. He hardly even barked when a dog passed by. They arrived around 3 and were anxious for a little time out of the RV. Ginnie's Doberman, Linus, must have jammed his foot; one of his toes was very swollen and he was hobbling. Poor thing. We had happy hour and exchanged funny road trip stories…Caravan leader Kim turned the wrong way leaving their campground, ... read more
Riding across bridge, Natchez to Vidalia, LA
Mississippi River Bridge
William Johnson House

North America » United States » Mississippi » Natchez April 19th 2017

Travels with Snowbirds Quest for the Stamp 04/16 to 4/18, The first stamps My last blog was more for me to write down some thoughts ruminating in my head that I needed to purge. Today and going forward my writing will be for the readers enjoyment with an occasional history or culture lesson thrown in. Before I left Country Boys CG on Easter Sunday, I opened my ALLStays RV app to write a review. Duh. I had already written one there in 4/15. It looked kind of familiar, but not really. Is that a big senior moment or what? I liked it then and I like it now. Good thing. The local town had a Walmart, a Pilot and a McDonalds. All open on Easter Sunday and I did it all on my way out of ... read more
At Andersonville
POW wall at Andersonville

North America » United States » Mississippi » Meridian April 18th 2017

Today I am going to talk about things I have seen along the road thus far; some simple, some great, all extraordinary. As I left Wilmington on Martin Luther King Blvd, the beautiful fields of flowers along the sides and in the median set my mood for the day. The red, pink, and a few white poppies look stunning, and every time I see them I look for Dorothy and the three skipping down the yellow brick road. I like to think the county has knowingly planted those large beds to attract and breed bees. When I crossed over into Leland…..the road is done!!! I think that was the first time there was no traffic due to construction in either direction since I relocated. It was an easy trip to Columbia, SC. I had hoped to ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Biloxi March 28th 2017

Ici à Biloxi on se sent en 'vacances'! Du sable, du soleil et de la plage c'est fameux. Les trottoirs sont larges pour accommoder les piétons et les cyclistes, c'est le paradis! On roule à vélo au moins 2 heures par jour pour nous permettre de rester en forme, de garder la je ne parle pas de la ligne à pêche! Je pense que vous aimerez les photos!... read more

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