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North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg June 10th 2013

In Vicksburg, MS -- Kota waoke up at 10:40AM wanting to go to the pool. :-) We all made the pool and then Aleta went to the casino while Shelby, Dakota, and Briar went to the Vicksburg Military Park (renamed to be politically correct, I guess). Aleta made her donation and returned to the motorhome. Shelby, Dakota, and Briar enjoyed the park, the cannons, the monuments, the Cairo ( an ironclad which was raised from the river. Had supper from Subway. Kids went back to the pool, Briar rode his bicycle in the park.... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Tupelo April 25th 2013

Aug. 20, 2012 My husband and I traveled to the town of Tupelo, Mississippi for the sole reason it is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. We arrived in the late afternoon at the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. Once again we were limited on time, so we decided to skip the museum but purchsed tickets to see the inside of the two room house where Elvis was born. Once we entered the small house we were greeted by a friendly woman who shared her knowledge of the house. Directly across from the house was the church Elvis attended as a child. Church services were being held. Along the walkway, events dealing with the first thirteen years of Elvis' life are displayed as well as a statue of a young Elvis and a car similiar to one ... read more
House where Elvis was born
Statue of Elvis
Church Elvis attended as a child.

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg February 28th 2013

ON THE AMERICAN QUEEN - VICKSBURG Vicksburg was incorporated in 1825 in honor of a Methodist minister, Newitt Vick, and was a prosperous city until the 47 day siege during the Civil War. There are several interesting museums in this small city, with a great deal of emphasis on the Civil War and the river. There are also several hills in town. Walking downhill is a lot easier than going up. It was a beautiful day today with sunshine and temperatures in the low 60’s. The hop on - hop off tour had seven stops. The first I got off at was the Old Depot Museum which had a nice diorama of the siege and several models of ships. Also, a working model train exhibit was well done. My next stop was the Old Court House ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Natchez February 27th 2013

First, corrections were submitted by viewers - the correct name of the plantation I visited is Oak Alley and the passenger capacity of the American Queen is 436. My apologies! NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI - FEBRUARY 26 - Woke up to a cold (46 degrees), windy (15 mph), cloudy day. Sweater and jacket day and even at that you wouldn’t want to stand out in the wind any more than you had to. By the time I came back to the ship the sun was peeking through, the wind had calmed a little and the temperature raised a little. Natchez is a small city, less than twenty thousand people, but clean and has some beautiful buildings. I started my hop on - hop off tour at a large, well preserved ante bellum mansion, the Rosalie Mansion, built in ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Biloxi December 31st 2012

December 27-30, 2012 We left 10” of snow in the driveway on December 27th and began our drive to Louisville where we would take the 10:30 flight on Vision Airlines to enjoy a complimentary three night stay at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. The normally two hour drive took an excruciatingly three what with stopped traffic on I65 which caused us to decide to take US 31 as an alternative. Unfortunately, 31 was still snow-covered with extremely heavy traffic. We made a detour to Horseshoe South to enjoy a late lunch/early dinner at the Paula Deen Buffet and some free play before completing the drive to the airport. This was our first trip on one of the complimentary junkets. Beverage service on the charter flight was a little different than on a ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi September 12th 2012

Our first stop on our winding, unpredictable journey brings us to the Hollywood Casino RV Park in Bay Saint Louis, MS. It is like it was meant to be.....not going to Hollywood, California but staying now 3 times at a "Hollywood"'s like we are being compensated in some way. And compensated we were: Mr.Lucky was in full form on the crap table. The other players kept getting him drinks so he would stay - I think he thought he was in Glory Land.....playing craps, drinking Jack Daniels & winning! I think our entire vacation has been funded by his gambling activity. Maybe we should move to Las Vegas and really utilize his steel-plant education skills. The RV campground is has 100 sites but only about 6 are occupied. Their office is closed from the ... read more
Outside Silver Slipper Casino

North America » United States » Mississippi September 11th 2012

Today, 9/11, is certainly a day we all stop and remember. Pause....Remember.... September 11, 2012 is another day WE shall remember....we are free: free at last! One month to the day .... we are actually out of Red Bay, Alabama. We are heading South towards the Gulf Coast. We are like birds out of their cage....flying free with a song in our hearts. It was a long time coming! Our departure was not easy....surprised? We waited ALL day as they finished up the final touches, thus, getting into the cashier department at the very end of the day. What they do on their computers is beyond me.....1/2 hour of typing away aimlessly. It made any government red tape process seem simple. You would have thought she was writing all my blogs. Then the insurance gal strutted ... read more
Repair Bays & Motel
2 Overflow Areas

North America » United States » Mississippi September 9th 2012

Trying to take it all in before we go back "home" to Red Bay....excited because we found a Flea Market until we got inside to find only junk and many crates of pathetic puppies for sale....out of there FAST as I get so upset seeing that. Across the road, we could see Buffalo roaming in the field.....WOW -- maybe we had made it out West and hadn't realized it!'s the Tupelo Buffalo Park. What's better to see - hummingbirds.....hmmmmm. We had a great trolley ride through the fields seeing more than Buffalo as my photos show. They also had a walking/petting/feeding section. I love places like this...Cory patiently goes along. Our next stop was at the Tupelo Auto Museum. If you like cars of all vintage...this was the place to go. The white car with ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi September 5th 2012

We're not in California as planned but we are in the Hollywood Casino/ Hotel....back in Tunica, Mississippi. It's beginning to seem like home and has become a wonderful, restful retreat for us .... away from "Prison Red Bay". We like this gorgeous hotel the best...extremely clean and comfortable PLUS they compt'd our room for both nights of our stay when Cory checked in....we don't even ask, they just do it. The delicious, bountiful buffet is 77 cents and they don't even charge us that...All doesn't get any better. It is such a welcome and needed relief from the stress we have dealt with at "prison alley". We're whistling a Happy Tune right now....we'll return to reality tomorrow. Our room overlooks the casino and buffet area.....we LOVE the view.....our two favorite places. Because this is the ... read more
Slots & Buffet Below
Picking Cotton
Stay in the room, Lulu

North America » United States » Mississippi September 3rd 2012

First things first: Happy Birthday, Sara - our granddaughter's birthday is today. On this visit to Tunica (note we have had three so far) our choice of a casino hotel was the Gold Strike. Our new friends from Atlanta said that is where they always stayed. The casino was really nice but the roomS (note the pleural) weren't. Our FIRST room had a live, crawling, centipede-like creature crawling around in the bathtub. We're out of there! One many more?? Our SECOND room had issues but found too late to move. I moved the desk lamp only to find a white powdery substance!!! Could it be???!! When taking our morning shower, "someone's" shampoo bottle was found hanging on the rod. There were brown flecks on bathroom floor and a caked-on gob of something on inside of ... read more
Lobby of Gold Strike
Bathroom Bug
Barges on the Mississippi

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