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North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg June 29th 2019

In 1863 Vicksburg was under siege for 47 days from the Union Army lead by General Grant. On July 4 the city finally surrendered marking a turning point in the Civil War. One of the reasons they didn’t have a hope was the fact that they were bombarded with cannons from gunboats on the river. These were incredible floating iron structures. The Cairowas sunk in 1863 by a mine remotely detonated by hand, and a hundred years later was raised. It is now on show at the Vicksburg National Military Park. Vicksburg is in a strategic position on the confluence of the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers. However it has lost this somewhat after the Mississippi changed course and cut it off. It has had its fair share of disasters with a major flood in 1927 and ... read more
The towboat bow a museum exhibit
The Cairo

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg April 23rd 2017

Total of 21 pictures. Make sure you see them all. I was not happy with the weather report for Saturday morning’s travel to Vicksburg, but I pleasantly surprised when it changed at the last minute and the rain went around us and our planned route. We broke camp, leaving the barking beagles, and were on our way by 10:30 to our next stamp, Vicksburg Mississippi, 1.5 hours north. The ride was pleasant on a beautiful highway. The last 3 miles of the trip we travelled a road that said ‘no trucks.’ I led the way very slowly, and other than a few low limbs that didn't reach my rig, we made it through safely. Ameristar RV resort is run by a nearby casino, it has about 60 sites with full hook ups, mostly a pavement lot ... read more
View from the bluffs of Vicksburg down to the Mississippi

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg December 9th 2016

Geo: 32.3501, -90.8815A beautiful day, but a bracing -2 deg C when we started out. Very unusual for the South, where mild winters are the norm.Really interesting battlefield tour today, recounting the 47-day Siege of Vicksburg. The Confederate defeats here and at Gettysburg, both in early July 1863, are considered pivotal events in the course of the Civil War. With the fall of the heavily fortified and defended Vicksburg, the Union gained control of the Mississippi River and denied the South this critical supply route.... read more
Vicksburg National Military Park
Acropolis Museum
Battle Lines

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg September 10th 2016

Day 9 Vicksburg Left Memphis and headed south to Mississippi about a four hour drive to Vicksburg ! We had gorged ourself a on waffles for the trip and felt pretty full !! The drive was fairly easy and we checked into our new digs around 4 o'clock, quite a nice looking hotel ! We checked out the facilities and spent the next hour in the pool and hot tub . . . A hard life !! We done some research and got a cab to a nice roof top restaurant called 10 south east ! The view from up in roof were amazing, a great view down the Mississippi River, we had a few beers and ate chicken and waffles, tasted just as weird as it sounds !! We stayed for a bit as it ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg July 29th 2016

Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. Driving to Mississippi from Louisiana we weren't sure which way to go, so many interesting things to do in Mississippi, and so many talented Musicians came from here. And also very historic, we decided to follow the Natchez Trace Pathway. It starts in Natchez, on the border of Louisiana and Mississippi and runs through Mississippi and Alabama and finishes in Nashville Tennessee. The Natchez Trace Parkway stretches for 440 miles, or 700 Kilometres, it is a National Park, it averages about 200 metres wide.At different places along it you can see the old Trace, a pathway which was made by Indians, then by Trackers and Traders which came from the north and would walk home from Louisiana after sailing their goods down the Mississippi. The Trace became less popular when the ... read more
Natchez Trace Parkway, Mississippi

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg October 10th 2014

October 4, 2014 (Saturday) (Double click on a picture to enlarge it) As I was looking for a motel last night I passed a sign for Vicksburg National Military Park. I did some research last night to see what it was and decided to go this morning. I’m only 360 miles from home so I had time. Vicksburg was the last placed still controlled by the confederate army in the civil war. Grant sent his men down to try and take control so the union army would be able to control all of the Mississippi river which was a major supply route. The battle ground is now Vicksburg National Military Park. I stopped at the visitor center first. They had a film and a museum showing the battles that took place there. I took the 16 ... read more
Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi
Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi
Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg October 10th 2014

October 3, 2014 (Friday) I turned on the TV when I woke up this morning to check on the weather. Rain was supposed to be moving in and I wanted to get down the mountain before it started raining. They said rain should be in the area in an hour so I jumped out of bed, took a quick shower, finished loading up the car and was down the mountain in 40 minutes. I stopped at the condo office checked out and started heading down the road to home. When I left the condo office the GPS tried to take be back over the bad road I came in on Monday. I ignored the GPS. There was no way I was going back over that road. It started raining on me about 20 minutes down the ... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg August 14th 2013

The drive from Natchez MS to Vicksburg MS on US 61 is designated as a scenic route for the entire 72 miles. With the exception of a short segment passing through Port Gibson MS, the entire route also is a four-lane divided highway with very few side road intersections. The drive on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 took a little over an hour, was very relaxing and held no surprises. I arrived at Plantation RV Park a couple of miles before reaching Vicksburg. The park is quiet, clean, and the sites are level but without shade and quite cramped. The owner (I suppose) told me I could park my truck in the adjacent RV space – even though that was a violation of the printed park rules. It seemed he had assigned every other RV space to ... read more
Historically Positioned Artillery Pieces Demonstrate The Conflict
The Mississippi Memorial - It's Nice From The Road
The Mississippi Memorial - Get Out Of The Car, Many Are Phenomenal Up Close

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg June 10th 2013

In Vicksburg, MS -- Kota waoke up at 10:40AM wanting to go to the pool. :-) We all made the pool and then Aleta went to the casino while Shelby, Dakota, and Briar went to the Vicksburg Military Park (renamed to be politically correct, I guess). Aleta made her donation and returned to the motorhome. Shelby, Dakota, and Briar enjoyed the park, the cannons, the monuments, the Cairo ( an ironclad which was raised from the river. Had supper from Subway. Kids went back to the pool, Briar rode his bicycle in the park.... read more

North America » United States » Mississippi » Vicksburg February 28th 2013

ON THE AMERICAN QUEEN - VICKSBURG Vicksburg was incorporated in 1825 in honor of a Methodist minister, Newitt Vick, and was a prosperous city until the 47 day siege during the Civil War. There are several interesting museums in this small city, with a great deal of emphasis on the Civil War and the river. There are also several hills in town. Walking downhill is a lot easier than going up. It was a beautiful day today with sunshine and temperatures in the low 60’s. The hop on - hop off tour had seven stops. The first I got off at was the Old Depot Museum which had a nice diorama of the siege and several models of ships. Also, a working model train exhibit was well done. My next stop was the Old Court House ... read more

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