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North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit May 18th 2009

This is blister 2 Gail, I have no idea what day or date it is nor do I care. We started off our trip with some good old primal screaming, in the car of course. Everyone needs to try this ,it is very therapeutic and we are still in Michigan staying at the Marriott. Sue thought I had out done myself because right next to our room is the concierge lounge. Here we were greeted by Sally with all kinds of yummy things to eat. Of course I was as just surprised as Sue, as I did not realize the significant s of the fourth floor. Right now we our practicing doing nothing in preparation for tomorrow, when we fly to the land of enchantment Sedona. Sue says to you she is very proud of how ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit May 2nd 2009

Here we go again, see the attached map for a more detailed route guide for the next 14 days. We are in Detroit Airport for a 7 hour layover (there are worse airports we could be at). No upgrades on first leg, Northwest has really been disgruntled since the Delta acquisition, very unfortunate for them and for us as a result. Will work magic on the Detroit Amsterdam leg. We had a bit of hummus and some cocktails just now in anticipation of the real thing in Turkey. No photos until we reach Athens, but the restaurant manager got a shot of us in the Mediterranean Grill which we will post.... read more
Mediterranean Style
With Our Bartender

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit April 6th 2009

Well I have one week left until I start my new job as a firefighter in Iraq. It is a one year contract where I work for 4 months then I have 10 days R&R. I plan on going to many diffrent places in the world during my 10 day R&R and I would like to share it with others. So I have started this blog. I will post some pics from my going away party and I will see what pics I have from my trip down to TX.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit April 5th 2009

The one thing I love about travelling is people watching in airports. Because in general people are very interesting to watch. I think especially in airports, where I tend to wonder where everyone is from or where they are all going. Right now I am in the Detroit Airport, which is HUGE! Concourse A has 78 gates alone. Its nuts, and yet the place seems oddly quiet for an airport. I don't know if its because of the day or the time, but it seems dead. Of course I'm hanging out in the International part of the terminal, I'm certain that there are other areas that are pretty hoppin'. So now I'm hanging out in Detroit, for my 13 hour long flight. I think that that is a record for me. Hopefully I can get ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit December 22nd 2008

My flight from London Heathrow was delayed by about three hours, so I missed my connecting flight in Detroit. Now, I'm stuck here, trying to stay calm because I just want to go home! The wind is so freakin' cold, it practically burns my skin. I'm sitting in a huge van, a shuttle that's taking me to a Best Western down the road. The airlines is putting me up in a hotel for the night. To my right is a good-looking college-age guy.... I'd seen him in the airport in London, with his backwards baseball cap, cargo pants, and white t-shirt. He looked like a frat boy who was the star on the wrestling team in high school. That's an American boy, right there! I thought, as he strutted by. They don't make 'em like that ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit September 17th 2008

As most of Tuesday (9/16) was taken up by driving to Detroit, we decided to get tickets to visit the museum for Wednesday, September 17. We were surprised, and very happy, to find that with a Verizon phone, the audio tour of the museum was free! Apparently, they have a deal set up with Verizon to allow customers to dial #THF (#843, 313-483-4098 for non-Verizon) and then enter individual item numbers to listen to the history of Henry Ford and pieces in his collection. It was great! So for anybody who wants to, we will include the item number with the photos, so you can call and get info about the object and hear what we heard (it's free air time for Verizon customers, everyone else will pay their regular long distance rates). How cool! The ... read more
Henry Ford
Henry Ford
Henry Ford

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit July 6th 2008

4th July 2008 Yesterday after our trip to Peele point we were all hungry and Amy had spotted Shermans resturant almost next to the Ramada Inn where we where staying. Despite our original misgivings it turned out very well. I managed to get a roast beef dinner with a salad (bar) starter for $11-75 (less than six pounds) and also had apple crumble and ice cream. The others all manged to find soups and salads. We then returned to the Ramada where I loaded up our blogs whilst Amy wore the exercise machines out in fitness room before joining Mum and Richard in the swimming pool. This morning we enjoyed a free breakfast in the hotel before setting out for Detroit to catch our plane. We were worried about the potential traffic delays at the border ... read more
Train in Airport
Outdoor shop

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit June 13th 2008

Our annual baseball and arts roadtrip took us to the city of Detroit. I'd been there once for work and didn't care for it too much. But, for the sake of getting another ballpark out of the way, I was willing to give the city another chance. The trip also went through Indianapolis IN, Windsor ON, Lansing MI, South Bend IN and Omaha NE.... read more
The Rathskeller
The Rathskeller
The Rathskeller

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit May 2nd 2008

So the trip is off to a good start. The airplane sat on the tarmac in Ottawa for 1.5 hours while the crew sorted out a "baggage problem." Unfortunately, this caused me to miss the connection in Detriot to Tokyo, and there were no other flights on other airlines that would get me there today. So my best option was to take the free hotel and dinner. All drinks on the flight as a result were gratis! which was the good part of the flight. I thought I would make the most of my night in Detroit but the Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers all play tonight, however they are out of town, and the hotel is right near the airport which isn't near anything else so, lets hope the flight tomorrow is a lot better ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit April 15th 2008

Two days before the mission team leaves! Please subscribe to this blog so you can be notified of our updates! We will try to access the internet and write how the mission trip is doing as often as possible but please be patient and keep in mind we will be in a third world country. Pray for us!... read more

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