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North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit October 11th 2019

Travel day at last. The itinerary is Savannah to Detroit which was a good flight. Now there’s a 4 hour layover which gives me time to think about what I’ve inevitably forgotten and see if I can think of any additional supplies that might be needed and are available at the super inflated airport prices. Next flight is Detroit to Seoul South Korea - a nice 13+ hour flight, which I’m still hoping that the middle seat is still unoccupied. I’ll be hoping against the Eastern European weight lifter with an asthmatic service animal who loves misses seats. Once there, the next flight is on to Bangkok. Not sure if it’s 4 or 6 hours, and at that point it really doesn’t matter. Local time in Bangkok is 11 hours ahead of East coast time. Added ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit May 27th 2018

Think of it as the world's largest jet ski. Powered by four giant diesel engine driven jet skis (requiring 20,000 horsepower) the ferry scoots across Lake Michigan in a couple of hours. We took it in the early morning to Oskegon MI, and then drove on to Detroit. David came and found us at Dearborn, and took us into the city. It is so close to Canada you can almost touch it. The city is all concrete and steel, not very pedestrian oriented which is perhaps appropriate for what used to be the center of car manufacturing in the country. GM has a prize spot for its headquarters, right on the river separating us from Canada. We walked through a park, and took a train around town, and then had a great BBQ dinner at Slow's ... read more
Land of Harley still with us
Jeep Cherokee boards the ferry
Jet Ski wash destroys the early morning calm at the yacht club

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit October 24th 2017

Geo: 42.3316, -83.0478... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit June 14th 2017

It was cool in the room when we woke up this morning, a good sign that we still had electricity. We didn't have far to go today as we only planned to visit the Henry Ford Museum and luckily it was only 2 miles away. We slept in as best we could and after a quick breakfast we set out for the Ford. We arrived just as it was opening and looked at the myriad of options. There are basically 4 sections to the complex. The Ford Museum of Innovation, Greenfield Village, F150 Assembly Plant Tour, and the Giant Screen which was really an iMax. Since we were only here one day and didn't want to feel too rushed, we chose the Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. We saw the Corvette Assembly tour a number of ... read more
Greenfield Village - Pottery Shop
Greenfield Village - Glass Shop
Greenfield Village - Model T Rides

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit June 13th 2017

Our second day in Dearborn started out strangely. As I was waking up, I noticed that the room was a little warm, and made a mental note to be sure and turn down the A/C tomorrow night. Jody woke up, headed to the bathroom and yelled back that the lights were out in the bathroom. As we both looked around, it was evident that there was no electricity in the entire room, and a peek out the door showed the emergency lights were on in the hall. There was no electricity in the entire hotel! Jody's big concern was with the availability of coffee, of course. So while she headed down to the lobby in search, I headed into the shower in the dark before we ran out of hot water. Jody came back with the ... read more
Detroit Institute of Art - Jody At The Big Candle
Detroit Institute of Art - Outside Sculpture
Detroit Institute of Art - Native American Coat

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit November 9th 2016

Geo: 42.3316, -83.0478Checked in at Metro Airport. Relaxing in Delta Sky Club waiting for our flight to Paris. Can't wait to be in Paris again.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit August 22nd 2016

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin c'est les adieux avec Sonia et Arthur. On ne changera pas le personnage, Arthur, si je l'avais laissé faire m'aurait garni la voiture, des fruits, de l'eau, des biscuits, des sandwichs, etc, pour la route. Mais comme j'ai déjà tout dans ma petite glacière, il est presque déçu. Il me fait trainer, jusqu'à 9h30 pour partir, pour éviter les bouchons de la traversée de Chicago. Il avait bien raison, il ne m'a fallu de 45 minutes pour passer du nord au sud de la ville, pratiquement aucuns arrêts sur les 60 kms. Je sais que je vais garder l'autoroute sur les 500 km qui me séparent de Detroit. Il me faut contourner le lac Michigan par le sud. Le lac Michigan c'est une vrai mer: Longueur 494 km largeur 190 superficie ... read more
arrivée à Detroit
une facette de Detroit
une dernière de Chicago

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit June 17th 2016

According to MSN, these are among the ten most dangerous cities, and should not be visited alone. 1. Oakland Well, I lived in Oakland twice in my younger days, both in the Lake Merritt area. I never had any trouble, walking, riding my bicycle, or with my car. Parts of Oakland are nice, parts are downright dangerous. But its reputation precedes itself in the eyes of many, including tourists. 2. Lima, Peru Staying on the beach, overlooking the Pacific Ocean is hardly dangerous. We stayed there on our way to Machu, and on our way back from the Amazon. Lima has quite a food scene, and walking around seemed quite safe. But on the taxi ride between the airport and the hotel was another adventure. We passed many barrios and crime ridden areas. 3. Memphis I ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit August 8th 2015

Caro amigos de los Gringos Viejos: This is a little late for the Colombia blog, since we have been back in Detroit for six months now. However, I do now have the hippo video from the old Escobar menagerie that I finally figured out how to send to you. It is not great, but maybe some of you will find it interesting. It was shot by our driver Diego from a perch on top of the fence that would have been fatal to me. TravelBlog does not let you post videos directly any more, so you have to get them onto YouTube, and then send a YouTube address to everybody. Here it is: As for travel advice, we advise everybody to come to Detroit in August. The summer has been just about perfect. We have ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit July 17th 2015

Geo: 42.3316, -83.0478Going west to celebrate two 25th anniversaries.... read more

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