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North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 9th 2013

What a lazy easy day for us. We woke up to pouring rain and thunder. The lightening started soon after and the kids thought it was great. All day long it has done nothing but pour rain...I feel like I am on the Oregon Coast except that it isn’t as beautiful. We decided that Theo needed a jacket since he forgot his and headed to downtown Bar Harbor. We were lucky we made it there early as we came back later and it was wall to wall people. We were able to get him a hooded jacket and left for Acadia National Park. Our first stop was Sand Beach. The only sand beaches this far north on the eastern shore. We were being blown and rain was pelting us, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ... read more
Lobster Boil 2
Lobster Boil
Lobster Roll

North America » United States » Maine » Houlton August 8th 2013

Day 14: Woke up early this AM and got off by 6:30, even after dumping the holding tanks. Kerry was standing outside their trailer as we left. When we said our good byes last night (we had such a good time together, that was really sad), they did not know where they were going to go today - - just that they didn't plan to stay where they were. Our drive was 436 uneventful miles -- about 9 hours. Just as crossed into New Brunswick, we saw a complicated array of towers and wires that was the Canadian National Radio Broadcast facility - - looked just like Marconi's setup. Thought we saw Jim standing in the middle of all those wires. Traffic was mostly pretty light. Had some drizzly rain. Temperature dropped noticeably when it started ... read more
Radio Xmitter
Radio Transmitter
More wires

North America » United States » Maine August 8th 2013

More photos at: Picasa url= I'd been lucky so far this trip, but the rain finally caught up with me today. This made my visit to Acadia National Park somewhat shorter and wetter than originally planned. I drove the loop road and took some pictures when visibility allowed, but I didn't do any hiking.... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 8th 2013

We left early today knowing we had a long drive in front of us. We had planned to stop at a local maple sugar farm to see how it was done and get some pure maple syrup. I found a place on the internet that looked exactly like what we were looking for. I plugged in the coordinates on the GPS and off we all went. When we arrived at Morse Maple Farm, no one else was there. We went in and watched a 15 minute video on how they get the sap that Mr Morse narrated. What a character he was! They had a sign posted saying there were “cuss” words in the video that may not be appropriate for young children..well I immediately sent mine out. Mr Morse told the story so well we ... read more
New Hampshire
Morse Maple Farm VT 1

North America » United States » Maine July 29th 2013

Today we journeyed from Cape Cod to Bangor ME. We made a choice to front load our trip with some long, highway days so we could relax for the rest of the trip. When we set out at 8 am, we expected to encounter rain off and on all day. We lucked out. The rain held off and we even had some sunshine. On Rt 95 below Boston, we happened upon a car with Tim and Anna, some friends and Anna's mom. This wasn't planned and we certainly did not expect to meet them on the road. Too funny. We loved riding through the Big Dig, the tunnel under Boston. Riding through on a motorcycle made me feel like I was in thr Tron movie! Once we reached Portland ME, we both relaxed. We started seeing ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Houlton July 28th 2013

Day 4: Got an early start this morning - - off at 6:30. Bob drove from Matamoras, PA to a closed rest area on I 495 in Mass, about 3 hours. Gena wanted to drive, so I gave up the wheel. She drove maybe twenty miles and it started raining, hard at times. The roads were really wet with LOTS of spray thrown up by the cars & trucks - - heavy traffic north bound and REALLY heavy traffic southbound. It quit raining about the time we went by Augusta, ME and was really nice the rest of the way. Had about a twenty mile detour onto ME 2 because of bridges being rebuilt on I-95. Still made it to Houlton, ME (about 600 miles) in 9.5 hours. Gas is really high up here - - ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Eastport July 27th 2013

27 July, 2013 It started raining Thursday night and rained all night Thursday, all day Friday and all of Friday night. But this morning was sunny and bright. Clouds moved in and out all day, but by late afternoon, most of the clouds were gone. Due to Friday’s rain, we mostly sat indoors, except when we went to the Walmart in Ellsworth to stock up on groceries. Friday morning I paid bills and took care of that chore. Friday night’s rains were more of the drizzly sort, but the trees would become loaded with rain and then the water would blow out of them onto the roof. It sounded like out-of-sync rain. Today we followed US 1 north, which up here is called the Coastal Highway. I guess it hasn’t been the Dixie Highway for many, ... read more
Our rig
The dock
same dock

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor July 25th 2013

25 July, 2013 Tuesday morning we left Plymouth and drove north on Hwy 25 until it turned into I-495. We then enjoyed the relatively light traffic on I-495 as it bowed west of Boston and we followed it until it ended at I-95, not far from the New Hampshire State Line. The morning started out muggy-hot and overcast, but it turned to rain before too long. We slogged through rain mixed with fog with poor visibility at times. But as I said, the traffic was fairly light and no one was driving crazy. In New Hampshire and Maine I-95 is a toll road, but the toll was not expensive, even pulling a trailer. The weather cleared by late afternoon and we stopped for the night in Poland Spring, Maine, at a very pretty campground. We did ... read more
From Cadillac Mountain
from Cadillac Mountain
also from the top of Cadillac Mountain

North America » United States » Maine » Ellsworth July 9th 2013

"Give me reasons to believe That you would do the same for me" We had to backtrack a couple of miles to get some blood pressure medication for Jan, then with bass drum thumping and Philip Phillips slashing his guitar we were Gone, Gone, Gone to Maine. We deliberately took a slight detour to take the road through Smugglers Notch and Stowe which Men's Journal had just listed as one of the 20 most thrilling rides in America. It was beautiful, but totally devoid of thrills. I should re-write their article from my own experiences (driving over 17 miles coming down from King's Canyon without once touching the gas is one I might list, or the one lane road along the ridgeline in Grand Staircase-Escalante, or the road BEYOND Hana, or the West Maui Mountain road ... read more
Stream near Smugglers Notch
The three beauties
Trapp Family Lodge

North America » United States » Maine » Millinocket June 19th 2013

I hear Phil stopped by at 7:30 to congratulate me but I was still sleeping. I did not get out of my bag until 10:30. I had the keen-to for 2 nights so I had it in my head I could take a day in the park to revive and refresh. As I took a moment and considered this option I could feel the hard work of the day before. I had hiked to the point of muscle failure and now I fell stiff. I have been down this road a time or two and I know that the next 3 days will suck to be me. Knowing that my only hope is to keep moving. Moving and Aleve! By 11:00 I start South Bound on the Appalachian Trail or on the trail known as a ... read more
Cold Stream

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