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North America » United States » Maine October 5th 2019

As our friends and family know, we sold our house in June. We have been living in the RV since June 3. Not having a house to tend to we have enjoyed exploring Maine over the summer. I also have been playing with the camera learning how to operate it off of the "auto" setting....definitely a work in progress. I had the most fun with it so far trying to capture the spray of the waves at the ocean and slowing the roll of the waves. I probably am including too many pictures of them but I just thought it was so cool so maybe you will too. As this is my first post, we'll see how the pictures all set up...(Already see I am going to need to do a couple of entries to capture ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bangor August 21st 2019

Bangor, Maine, 20 juillet Déjà la dernière étape du périple... Cette aventure le long du littoral oriental américain nous a ravi, séduit et on en reprendrait bien encore un peu! Gavés d'océan, de plages (un bonne vingtaine au compteur), de découvertes formidables et de moments magiques, nos têtes heureuses garderont longtemps le souvenir de cet été de rêve. Au cours des derniers jours, nous avons redécouvert Provincetown (Massachussetts) et son ambiance unique, Salisbury Beach (Massachussetts) au lever de Lune sur l'océan, Hampton Beach (New Hampshire) et sa jolie petite route côtière, Old Orchard Beach (Maine) et sa "québécitude" (sans parler de la plage, qui mérite amplement sa popularité) puis enfin le magnifique Acadia National Park et Bar Harbor (Maine) avec son littoral rocheux et son relief spectaculaire. Après plus de 5000 kilomètres de route, près de ... read more
Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachussetts
Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachussetts
Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachussetts

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 2nd 2019

July 31, 2019 – Bar Harbor, Maine - Weather: 84°F/29°C, Foggy in the AM, Clear skies by noon, wind 8.1 mph, humidity 78° This morning we threaded our way into Frenchman Bay through the fog and fields of drifting buoys marking the locations of lobster posts. Bar Harbor is located on Mount Desert Island, which is the third largest island on the East Coast of the United States. As there is no wharf we had to anchor in the bay and use the ship’s tenders to transport guests and crew ashore. The island is home to Acadia National Park which covers approximately 38,000 acres with another 12,000 acres of conservation easements. After spending a quiet morning aboard ship reading we went ashore in the early afternoon to catch our shore excursion “Victorian Villages of Mount Desert ... read more
2_Lobster pot buoys
3_Zuiderdam at anchor
4_Colourful advertising

North America » United States » Maine » Portland July 26th 2019

Poet, novelist and travel writer William Graham holds a BA and MA in English and a MS in Communication from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He lives in Stowe, Vermont. His most recent travel book is Border Crossings: Travel Essays and Poems. I have traveled to all seven continents of the world. I have seen many stunning landscapes. One of them is in my own backyard in New England where I live. It’s the state of Maine, where I have taken many vacations over the past 20 years. Maine’s unique combination of mountains, forests and stunning rocky coastline keeps drawing me back. My most recent trip involved travels to Monhegan Island, Camden and Portland. Here are a few highlights. Monhegan is a small, rocky island 10 miles from the nearest mainland and scarcely a square mile ... read more
Creative Flower Arrangement at Monhegan Harbor
Cliffs on Monhegan
The Pines of Monhegan

North America » United States » Maine » Rangeley October 11th 2018

We arrived in Portland on a Wednesday, and the weather was very nice with highs in the 80’s for our drive to Rangeley, ME, and the Saddleback Inn. Unfortunately, on Thursday, the cold temperatures started, and the rains came in earnest, preventing us from doing any serious hiking. From then on, it seems like it rained every other day, and the temp did not get above 60 degrees for the rest of the trip. On Thursday it rained all day so didn't get to do the planned hike to Saddleback Mt. We did drive to a state park along the lake as well as to the trail head for the hike to Saddleback Mt, but it would have been a very wet slog to the top without much chance of any views with the foggy weather. ... read more
Loon Lodge
Rangeley Lake
Rangeley's claim to fame

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 29th 2018

Portland Maine has an attractive busy downtown , setup for Cruise Ship patrons. We unloaded around 2000 passengers and the Royal Caribbean another 2000. So now let’s try to walk on the smallish streets and visit the myriad shops and eateries. Not possible! Did find a donut shop that claimed to be one of the top 10 in the USA. Did not buy a donut , should have. A couple hours wandering around and Kathy and I had pretty much seen enough. Nice cobblestone streets and promoted as an artisans haven , with many red brick warehouses converted to studios. Did not purchase anything , not even a coffee at a Starbucks, just pilfered their WIFI. Enjoying the ship. Caught a show , an impressionist comedian. A couple of good laughs. Got to know the servers ... read more
coastline Bar Harbour
Acadia National Park
That’s us

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 27th 2018

Bar Harbor Maine img= 3:40 Maine, USA 9-2018 No views2 days ago... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Portland August 31st 2018

Great city with lots of history and sites to explore.... read more
Maine Vacation (2)
Maine Vacation (3)
Maine Vacation (4)

North America » United States » Maine July 24th 2018

“Guten Morgen!” was our morning greeting from NJ on this, the morning before the final day...! This morning, I went rogue. With little food options and time to spare, I threw my cleats on and walked over to the Dunkin Donuts across the street to grab myself a bacon, egg, & cheese croissant and iced lattes. Don’t worry though, I changed out of my “Can’t get out of bed, send coffee” moomoo beforehand. I sat with the team in typical circle form on the floor and soaked in the moment for a second since this is our last normal Bike & Build day. NJ was on a mission to find brown sugar for her oatmeal and once she found it and added it in, she exclaimed “FROM PASTE TO GLORY!!” Lol Chore time then proceeded so ... read more
Meditation & Flat Fixin'
A True Friend Will Pop Your Pimples For You
B&B Drive!!

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor July 21st 2018

On the road again, so to speak On this beautiful day I am comfortably riding Amtrak to Boston to join the Rotterdam for The voyage of the Vikings. Love the entire idea of no airports, no planes, no stress, no mess. Joe dropped me off in New Haven where they have Redcap service. So pleasant. The conductor will call ahead to have a Red Cap meet me on the train in Boston. While waiting for the train, I chatted with a woman traveling with her fifteen year old Chihuahua. They were going to Providence after traveling from Beirut by way of Jordan. They had spent the past six years working with refuges from the war, helping them cope with the disaster their lives have become. As we pass the Ct Shoreline I saw an Osprey Nest ... read more

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