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September 29th 2018
Published: September 29th 2018
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Bar HarbourBar HarbourBar Harbour

Very cute public dock
Portland Maine has an attractive busy downtown , setup for Cruise Ship patrons. We unloaded around 2000 passengers and the Royal Caribbean another 2000. So now let’s try to walk on the smallish streets and visit the myriad shops and eateries.

Not possible! Did find a donut shop that claimed to be one of the top 10 in the USA.

Did not buy a donut , should have.

A couple hours wandering around and Kathy and I had pretty much seen enough.

Nice cobblestone streets and promoted as an artisans haven , with many red brick warehouses converted to studios.

Did not purchase anything , not even a coffee at a Starbucks, just pilfered their WIFI.

Enjoying the ship. Caught a show , an impressionist comedian. A couple of good laughs.

Got to know the servers at our coffee bar. That was the best part of the day. Very sweet. A Malaysian a Phillipino and a young girl from the Ukraine.

Eating way too much cake!

Up early , a quick workout then a tender into Bar Harbour. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Anticipated just a quick walk a bout then back to the ship. Ended up taking a National Park free bus on a tour of a portion of the Acadia Park. It was part of a program to promote a small carbon footprint as it was powered by Natural Gas.

20 minutes ride , then we got off to walk the beach. Beautiful rugged coastline with spectacular views. Up the walkway to the bluffs then a couple of mile hike.

This was where it became interesting.

4 foot stone wall separating the trail from the road and another 3 foot wall between the trail and a 100 ft drop to the water. The trail had some deep puddles of water and the hiker in front of us , not wanting wet feet , jumped up onto the wall , lost his balance and started to fall over the cliff!!

Kathy grabbed him and pulled back off the wall onto the trail.

She was Wonder Woman , very heroic.

Just another day of adventure.

Acadia National ParkAcadia National ParkAcadia National Park

Kim and Richard

Flagged down a bus to take us back into town but the driver was busy visiting and missed her turn. It was a one way loop.

Took us an extra 45 minutes to get sorted out.

She told us that not many get the chance to see the areas that we did.

We decided it was a day for the books, we got Kathy a Chocolate Martini to celebrate and I promised to write a song about her escapade.

You know , like The Ballad of Davy Crockett.

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