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North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 2nd 2019

July 31, 2019 – Bar Harbor, Maine - Weather: 84°F/29°C, Foggy in the AM, Clear skies by noon, wind 8.1 mph, humidity 78° This morning we threaded our way into Frenchman Bay through the fog and fields of drifting buoys marking the locations of lobster posts. Bar Harbor is located on Mount Desert Island, which is the third largest island on the East Coast of the United States. As there is no wharf we had to anchor in the bay and use the ship’s tenders to transport guests and crew ashore. The island is home to Acadia National Park which covers approximately 38,000 acres with another 12,000 acres of conservation easements. After spending a quiet morning aboard ship reading we went ashore in the early afternoon to catch our shore excursion “Victorian Villages of Mount Desert ... read more
2_Lobster pot buoys
3_Zuiderdam at anchor
4_Colourful advertising

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 29th 2018

Portland Maine has an attractive busy downtown , setup for Cruise Ship patrons. We unloaded around 2000 passengers and the Royal Caribbean another 2000. So now let’s try to walk on the smallish streets and visit the myriad shops and eateries. Not possible! Did find a donut shop that claimed to be one of the top 10 in the USA. Did not buy a donut , should have. A couple hours wandering around and Kathy and I had pretty much seen enough. Nice cobblestone streets and promoted as an artisans haven , with many red brick warehouses converted to studios. Did not purchase anything , not even a coffee at a Starbucks, just pilfered their WIFI. Enjoying the ship. Caught a show , an impressionist comedian. A couple of good laughs. Got to know the servers ... read more
coastline Bar Harbour
Acadia National Park
That’s us

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 27th 2018

Bar Harbor Maine img= 3:40 Maine, USA 9-2018 No views2 days ago... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor July 21st 2018

On the road again, so to speak On this beautiful day I am comfortably riding Amtrak to Boston to join the Rotterdam for The voyage of the Vikings. Love the entire idea of no airports, no planes, no stress, no mess. Joe dropped me off in New Haven where they have Redcap service. So pleasant. The conductor will call ahead to have a Red Cap meet me on the train in Boston. While waiting for the train, I chatted with a woman traveling with her fifteen year old Chihuahua. They were going to Providence after traveling from Beirut by way of Jordan. They had spent the past six years working with refuges from the war, helping them cope with the disaster their lives have become. As we pass the Ct Shoreline I saw an Osprey Nest ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor July 19th 2018

Sun was filtering in our cabin window letting us know that we needed to get ready for our first tour day. We were still approaching Bar Harbor while I began working on yesterday’s blog. Sharon was getting ready for mass. After she left for mass I got a phone call in the cabin, and somewhat bemused, I wondered “Who could be calling me?” Of course, I knew it must be Sharon. She asks, “Where’s mass?” I tell her and promise to meet her at The Hudson Room to go up to the Lido for breakfast. Up in the Lido we’re forced to settle for an outside table. I got an omelet which I seem to have developed a taste for after a few days in Boston. It was entertaining watching the chef flip the omelets over ... read more
Wig Wam recreated in park
View of Sand Beach from Trolley
Thunder Hole

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor September 27th 2017

We woke this morning and looked out our balcony windows, fog. A heavy marine layer as the captain calls it. We were scheduled to tour Acadia National Park, visit some lighthouses, and have a lobster lunch. We had breakfast and went to the theater to await our tour group's call. Soon the captain spoke over the public address system, and informed us that the marine layer may lift in the next hour as it warms up. So we waited. After an hour he came back on the PA and said that the marine layer was not lifting , but would give it another hour. At noon, he called it. No tendering to shore today, we might get there if the fog lifted, but if the fog came back it was too dangerous to send the tenders ... read more
View from our balcony toward the bow - the bridge extends over both sides of the ship
Stings play in the Piazza - very Titanic like

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 1st 2017

Today we drove to Acadia. Took the Lake Champlain Ferry into Vermont, then drove across Vermont and New Hampshire. Drive was on two lane roads and we saw a lot of moose signs, but no moose. Other drives it was like moose crossing sign, cemetery, body of water. Only passed 2 McDonalds in 8 hr. drive.... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor October 21st 2016

The CD Michael has done quite well with those Greek Weather Gods of his that he seems to be on such good terms with. A couple of his “Nifty Iffy” hedges have actually panned out into beautiful days; or, at least for what passes for beautiful days for a New England autumn afternoon. So his “Fifty Fifty (Nifty Iffy)” projection for today at least had the promise of a lobster roll for me! But the bleakness of the chilly white soup outside our obstructed view was not reassuring, and atop in the Lido our worst fears were confirmed. At first we could see a second cruise ship, smaller than the Rotterdam also at anchor in the bay off our starboard stern. Just thought that I’d through a few nautical terms in for you so you may ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 25th 2016

Geo: 44.3875, -68.2044We met our taxi at 6:15 am and headed to the Bar Harbor Airport.We had a fantastic time with our great friends and river neighbors, Jeff and Malia Joy. They were incredible hosts and did a wonderful job of exposing us to the many faces of the Maine coast. We are forever thankful.... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Bar Harbor August 19th 2016

Geo: 44.3875, -68.2044Today, we rented bikes and explored 18 miles of the Carriage Roads through Acadia. The trails were a perfect mix of grueling inclines followed by long downhill stretches to regroup. We took a break for lunch at The Jordan Pond House overlooking, what else, Jordan Pond.We returned to town in the afternoon, had a few drinks in town, and spent the evening relaxing on the boat.... read more
Jeff and Malia Joy
Eagle Lake
Checking the Map

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