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North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence October 6th 2016

Geo: 38.9731, -95.2365The hotel was fine overnight, and we were up early with the help of the alarm to get going in time to make it to Spivey, Kansas before the post office closed at 11:15 a.m. This trip was through the backroads of Oklahoma and Kansas on mostly two-lane roads without much traffic. We pulled into Spivey about 10:45 and drove first to the post office. I created and printed postcards at home with a sunflower photo and "Greetings from Spivey, Kansas" on them to mail to all the Spiveys whose physical addresses we have. I took the cards inside the post office and asked the young woman working there if they could be postmarked locally. She did that for me stamping them clearly in red. I also mailed one to us. After dropping off ... read more
Highways and Byways in Kansas
Spivey, Kansas
Spivey, Kansas

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence January 28th 2012

After a year and a half of working my way onward through the application process, I am finally going. Note to the wise, cross your t's and dot your i's during the application process or it will bite you in the butt. Because of a missing date on a medical form, I was delayed another 3 months before getting my invitation. And this is my ideal situation! I will be absurdly busy with my three main projects in Zambia which are agricultural sustainability (going from village to village assessing needs and developing solutions), environmental education (working with school teachers to create environmentally focused clubs to help cut back on the deforestation), and micro-entrepreneurship (shadowing merchants and creating working as well as supporting successful ones). I can't tell you which one I am more excited for, because ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence October 14th 2011

Geo: 38.9731, -95.2365Friday morning in Nashville, set to be in Denver by the next evening - 1200 miles between. Piece of cake.The day went somewhat slowly as I babied the clutch, accelerating like a sloth but keeping the RPM a little closer to 3000, where the clutch seemed to be stronger and not slip as much. I was determined to make it to Denver unscathed, which would be a much better location to find a shop to doctor up my poor Tacoma, or at least a better location to get stranded by gambling and continuing to drive it sans repair.I passed through Kentucky, seeing little more than the freeway (which was not very impressive) and a quick stop in Paducah (even less impressive), and crossed over the Ohio River into the southern flatlands of the Land ... read more
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St Louis Arch
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North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence May 26th 2011

I haven’t really thought this trip through as much as I have others. I just don’t feel as if I am fully prepared for the adventure. For example, Sunday night as I began to feel daunted by the errands and packing I had some twelve hours to accomplish, I of course stopped doing what needed to be done and called a friend. His attempt to encourage me demonstrates my state of mind: “Well Erika, all you really need is your passport, right? And you have that.” At which point I had to get up from the bed upon which I had decided to deposit my daunted self and add ‘passport’ to the list. Then I went to bed. I was a bit wound up the next day, complete with timed schedule of things to do, but ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence June 9th 2010

June 9, 2010: We have thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the western United States. Seeing all that we have has been a blessing to us as a family. We have been reminded once again of how lucky we are to live in this great and beautiful country! Spending this time together has created so many great memories; we hope that Isaac and Grace will remember parts of this trip for a lifetime. Now it's time for us to make our way home. We're grateful for safe travels and for friends and family to return home to at the end of this road trip. Though we'd love to hit the lottery or to be independently wealthy so we could just keep going, we're grateful to have jobs to return to so we can set sail again to ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence October 20th 2009

Here are some links to marching videos when we performed for the Heart of America Band Festival. The pre-game is incomplete, but we only did half of it for this show. I am mostly back field, sorry the films are a bit far away. and here is a picture link I have also added some pictures of my apartment, outings with friends, and of course from marching band. We had a senior day where all of the band seniors stood on the field and had their names announced over the loud speaker. I have been quite busy this semester and band had actually taken up most of my time. I am about to begin second semester and will be taking some new courses and working at the Study Abroad Office. Everyone, I hope ... read more
Dining Room

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence August 11th 2009

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz. We drove for 8 hours to Lawrence, Kansas! We spent the drive playing on the computer, hours upon hours of driving, and looking out at green flat fields going on into the horizon. On our drive today, we came across a sign for the Oz Museum which I really wanted to go to, but time was short. Tonight we're sleeping at a Holiday Inn that has an atrium with a pool, hot tub, and mini golf. Vanessa and I worked out and swam. While I write, my sister is browsing the internet and my mom is paying bills! Tomorrow, we're going to drive to Indiana to visit family, yay! ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence June 5th 2009

4 JUNE 2009 - Friday So it was Friday, I had arranged to be off all 3 days of the weekend and wanted to spend it riding. I thought to start it off I would head to Lawrence KS and get my 1 point in the ABCs of Touring for the KS HOG Rally. I would spend the rest of the day collecting other ABC points and riding SE KS. Up by 10am I am shortly on the road and heading to Lawrence. I could take the interstate, a toll road, but I hate paying tolls so I head off on US24 and take the scenic route. This way will take be by the HD Dealer. At most rallies the only real worth time thing is the vendors who always seem to have the same stuff, ... read more
Working on the fender
Doing the Helmet
The Gas Tank

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence August 23rd 2008

Greetings! Sometimes your that bat...& sometimes your the ball, as my friend Pewamo likes to say. This weekend I get to participate in the first annual Lawrence Busker Festival. Along with my band, Zydeco Tougeau, we did not have to travel a long ways to participate, but it was fun & Educational. The thing I really like about performing on the street is the close contact with the "audience", who often become part, or the main attraction, of the show. This is really true of little kids... When we can get one or more cute little kids dancing on the sidewalk, they become the "main attraction" & we become the accompanyment,,,,, which is fine with me. Also, it's fun to get people who are on their way somewhere else, to stop, & listen & sometime dance, ... read more
Zydeco Tougeau playing by the stupa
more "skydancing"

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence August 5th 2008

Hey Everyone! As most of you know I've spent the past year clerking for Judge Deanell Tacha in Lawrence, Kansas. Unfortunately my time there has come to an end and today I'm taking off for five weeks to backpack through Europe---one last attempt to avoid the inevitable arrival of the "real world." I start private practice in DC this fall. I'll be overseas until September 10 and my itinerary is pretty flexible at this point. Possible destinations include Krakow, Vienna, Budapest, Croatia, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, French Riviera, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, London. I obviously won't have a cell phone so I will stay in touch with everyone through email. Hopefully this website will also help me keep you all updated during my travels! I'm not sure how often, and if, I'll be able to update this, ... read more

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