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North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence June 28th 2008

about 2 days and i'm off. this feels big, and i believe it will be a big movement in my life. i am excited for change and the unknown (even though sometimes i let my mind convince me that the unknown is scary, not usually for too long though). i have felt my life is too stagnant for quite some time and am ready for that feeling to dissipate with visions of things i will be seeing for the first time. i am getting together a list of all i will be taking and will post it hopefully before i go to see how that list will change and how effective it will be for me. my friends, if you have any desire to travel yet are unsure how (or do not think you can afford ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence May 25th 2008

Part of the reason I am doing this is to make sure that I don't completely lose every single bit of grammar knowledge I once had; I need to maintain my habit of typing correctly. i don't want 2 get lazy and start typing everything like this and not now how too spell or use the right words or a period i also dont want ppl too get upset w/me 4 not caplitalizing they're name so i will use this web sight to tell my freinds about washington and waht i will do when i get their. The world is beginning to scare me because I have actually received emails that look like this and I desperately do not want to become one of these people. So I'm packing today and tomorrow morning and will set ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence October 31st 2007

One will do anything for a chance to sleep in their own bed, even if for one night. On the road usually most of the week, I have driven home straight 17 hours to be here. Also, 14 hours, 11 hours, 15 hours, and from locations such as New Orleans, New Jersey, Atlanta, and Houston. Driving is different from flying as it puts you behind the cockpit. There isn’t a security person asking you to dump out your water bottles and take off your shoes. However, on the road, whether you like it or not, you have entered the TRUCKERS DOMAIN. These truckers in America, and the rest of the world, think because they are so big that they can run over the tiny cars. They have their own lifestyles, radio shows, gas stations, etc. which ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence August 7th 2007

I have SO much to share, but for now, I just want you to know that I have just gotten home safely. We were 53 hours in transit, this time...instead of the 21 hours it was supposed to take. Whew. This was one of the most amazing months of my life. Now, I need to go rest. More soon!... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence May 28th 2007

UntitledBetsy K.This is a test post. If you get this--hello family, friends, colleagues, and students! I have recently created an online travel journal to write about my South America trip this summer, as well as other future travels. I have already posted a couple entries explaining my plans for this summer. If you scroll down my webpage, you will see them! If you do not wish to be on the list, feel free to "unsubscribe" at any time. Please do it at the website instead of marking the message as spam. You also can forward the web address to the site to invite others to read it, if you wish. The direct web address is: OR Please add "" and "" on your "safe" e-mail list if you u... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence May 25th 2007

This morning, I received my flight itinerary for my trip to Asuncion! I had checked travel sites to get a basic idea of how many miles and hours I'd be traveling. I had gotten myself used to the idea of my travel taking the better part of a day, and it looked like I'd have 3 legs to my trip (KC to Atlanta/Houston, there to Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires, there to Asuncion). Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw my itinerary this morning! It will take me 5 flights and 23 hours (just from nose up to wheels down, not including ground travel) to get to my destination city! I will leave on July 5 from Kansas City and arrive July 6 in Asuncion--a whole day in transit! I suddenly realize how far I am traveling, what ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence July 27th 2006

It is too hot for me here in Kansas so... I am going back to Costa Rica. I know, that sounds backwards, but it really is cooler there than it is here. My reason for going is more professional than anything. I have been given an incredible opportunity to do some independent consulting work in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. I have been asked to be the primary designer on what my client hopes will be an example of how to build in a way that is not detrimental to the environment. In his words: We are convinced small, environmentally smart and economically self-sufficient communities will be a growing market trend in the 21st century. Pueblo Verde will be the first of what we hope are many such eco-villages in central America. The place that ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence July 17th 2006

I am actually not packing at this very moment. Everything is basically bought, organized, and scheduled on time. I am extremely excited about this trip. I have always wanted to go to Central America and it is never too late to learn Spanish. I have had a little problem with getting the correct Anti-Malaria medication, but after getting a second medical opinion, I think I am prepared. ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence June 29th 2006

This summer, Axel is working in beautiful San Diego as a part of the staff for CORTRAMID - basically an opportunity for all NROTC students who have completed their first year to be exposed for a month to all of the Naval Communities (Aviation, Submarine, Marine and of course SWO). Because Axel wanted to have his car with him, we decided to steal the opportunity todrive cross country (well, 2/3 of the way at least) from Columbia, Missouri to San Diego, California. What an adventure it was. The first night, we drove into the sunset and headed across I70 to Kansas. Unfortunately, Topeka had very few options at 10pm on a Friday. We actually stayed at a Motel 8. The highlight of our hotel was the price, $20/night. Laurie is however, still disinfecting herself….. The morning ... read more
To Topeka!

North America » United States » Kansas » Lawrence May 19th 2006

Well I'm all packed up and ready to go. I have my suitcases zipped up and my backpack full. I don't know if my spanish skills are ready, but I have definitely packed them. I'm worried that I won't be able to speak very well, but I'm confident that as time goes by I'll get better. I had to say goodbye to all my friends yesterday and it was pretty hard. Especially Owen and Rahul, because I became really good friends with both of them this semester. I'm going to miss my roomates a lot too. We had some crazy adventures together. Karen's already gone back to chicago and mel and ashley are leaving today for wichita. I've already moved a lot of stuff into my apartment for next year. I'm really excited to live with ... read more

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