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North America » United States » Iowa » Amana July 5th 2019

July 5 This morning was a hot one, sun was baking down with intensity for our first foray out this morning with the dogs. It was so hot I didn’t even want coffee, just too hot. We knew Dan was up early this morning putting a brisket in the smoker and we were looking forward to that. We checked in by phone with Angie and Dan and decided we’d go over to their house in the early afternoon. We’d let them get there chores done as they were having us and some other guest for barbecue around 4pm. In the meantime I enticed David to go shopping this morning at the Amana Colonies by suggesting we go to the local bakery for breakfast. I’m not sure he completely understood the ramifications of his quick answer, YES, ... read more
Ramona at the woolen mill shop.
David carrying our new blanket.
The Amana furniture and clock shop.

North America » United States » Iowa » Amana July 4th 2019

July 4th Happy Independence Day! It was a nice leisurely morning. As usual David took the dogs out, I got coffee and breakfast started but I had extra to prepare this morning as David took home Apple Strudel from the restaurant last night to have for breakfast. I had creme pie last night as did David. The apple strudel is much better is our assessment this morning. We enjoyed it very much. We got showers and I did a few chores before we loaded up and headed the twenty miles into Cedar Rapids. Dan had given me directions for a new road that was more direct to their house but I missed a turn somewhere and our GPS didn’t have the new road listed. Why is it you buy a vehicle that comes with navigation, for ... read more
Red wants Gizmo to play ball!
Cephas tried to lure Red again!
Cephas from his scary perch!

North America » United States » Iowa » Amana July 3rd 2019

July 3 Today we’ve got a pretty long trip. Straight North out of Columbus to Amana Iowa. Originally we were going to stay near a lake at a Corp of Engineers park but it only had electricity and only 30 amp so only one air conditioner could run. It’s been so hot and miserable that without both air conditioners I think we’d be pretty unhappy so I canceled and we’ll be staying at the Amana colonies with full hook ups and 50 amp. We are staying 5 days to visit our niece, Angie & Dan. We dearly love them and didn’t make it out to see them as originally planned last October. We promised this summer so this will be our farthest point east of the trip from there we will turn west again. We got ... read more
Getting into the Amana Colonies, Amish country.
Our spot at the Amana RV Park!
Dinner in Amana!  Weiner's and Spatzle!

North America » United States » Iowa » Amana October 18th 2015

Now that I’m at the hotel, I can certainly say that I’m pretty glad that today is over. I guess the excitement from yesterday turned into a bit of a crash today. I’ve had a really hard time staying awake at times, but needless to say, I made it to my destination for the evening safely. The hotel I stayed at last night in Des Moines had little in the way of food, but I had wanted to try one of those breakfast pizzas at Casey’s, which Beth had told me about. My first stop after leaving the hotel was Casey’s for gas and breakfast. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any breakfast pizzas. Bummer. And while we’re talking about gas stations, I gotta say: Iowa, get it together. I get that you have corn in your gas, ... read more
Old Fire Dept HQ in Des Moines, IA
It's not exactly English, is it?
Windmill in Amana, IA

North America » United States » Iowa » Amana June 2nd 2013

I stood in the beautiful old barn, the only female under fifty, along with six hundred grinning, gesticulating, enraptured men surrounded by the thing they felt most passionate about—woodworking. Woodworking doesn't particularly interest me. Its this thing my husband loves and always talks about. This thing that fills my garage with saw dust and piles of wood. This thing that keeps him standing in the cold, on a concrete floor in January til 2 a.m. This thing from which emerges something beautiful, personal and completely unique. I'm familiar with the vocabulary woodworkers use. I know words like hand plane, jig saw, dowel and spokeshave. I know the difference between a dovetail and a miter joint but that's about it. Road trips to Iowa and displays of hand tools don't particularly get my pulse racing, but meeting ... read more
Don Williams
Handworks Tool Show
Jeremy on shave horse

North America » United States » Iowa » Amana September 11th 2010

Let’s go back into ancient history and get y’all caught up. Internet availability has been sporadic, we’ve been busy, libraries under renovation, yadda, yadda, yadda!!! Most importantly, has had ISSUES!!! They have revised their software and have had hardware problems. I connot (or don't know how) to get rid of the "flags" on the map so y'all can have a clear image. I'll try to get it sorted out before the next blog. Bear with me, please. We had kept quite busy during our week in Independence MO and had skipped a couple of attractions in nearby Liberty MO that we probably would have included had we allotted more time. Indeed, Kansas City is on the “return to” list. Since Liberty was on the way to St Joseph and since the drive to St Joseph ... read more
Victim of The James Gang
Lie Still - Until Calmed Down
Run or Walk To Exhaustion?

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