Happy 4th of July from Amana Iowa!

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July 4th 2019
Published: July 21st 2019
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July 4th

Happy Independence Day!

It was a nice leisurely morning. As usual David took the dogs out, I got coffee and breakfast started but I had extra to prepare this morning as David took home Apple Strudel from the restaurant last night to have for breakfast. I had creme pie last night as did David. The apple strudel is much better is our assessment this morning. We enjoyed it very much. We got showers and I did a few chores before we loaded up and headed the twenty miles into Cedar Rapids. Dan had given me directions for a new road that was more direct to their house but I missed a turn somewhere and our GPS didn’t have the new road listed. Why is it you buy a vehicle that comes with navigation, for which you pay at least $2000 for and then every year they charge you $150 to update! Wouldn’t it be better to charge me $3000 and give me lifetime updates?! I sent for the update right before we left, 2018, update and it doesn’t list a road they’ve been working on for two years!!!! Oh gosh don’t get me started on that!!!!!

We arrived at Dan & Angie’s house by around 11:00 am and the temperature was already climbing. The rain from last night made it very humid too. Angie came out to greet all of us and David lead the way around the north side of the house to the backyard gate. They have a beautiful backyard with big trees that shade almost 2/3 of the yard. The lush green grass was certainly inviting to Red as he explore every inch of it at a high lope. Dottie took right to the deck investigating all the strange smells. You see Angie has three cats, Gizmo, Cephas, and Sherlock. Angie went inside and in that brief moment when she opened the sliding door, Dottie tried to dart inside and met Gizmo nose-to-nose! There was not a sound from either of them and after a brief stop Dottie just moved on as if Gizmo had been a plant. Gizmo was Dottie’s first encounter with a cat. We were all thankful it was uneventful. I was concerned however that Red would be more interested. Dottie came shooting back outside ready to play. She darted in and out, and around the patio furniture like a rabbit enticing Red to chase her. They had a grand time running free and exploring the whole yard including the cool sand under the deck. It had been quite awhile since they’d known such freedom. With the heat, an some ball throwing Red was panting and ready for his first orientation to the cats. David put him on his leash and we went inside where Sherlock was perched on a chair just under the kitchen table. Sherlock didn’t move a muscle and Dottie and Red moved on by without notice. Cephas however, was in the living room and made quick notice of Red and Red him. Thank goodness Red is rather reluctant in new encounters because Cephas buffed up and told Red to back off. Before long life settled down and all seemed to be going well. Angie had a squirt gun which was a great deterrent for Red if he wanted to explore the cats too much. Most of the cats vacated the area choosing to be upstairs rather than deal with the crazy guests. At one point Red caught a glimpse of Cephas heading for the stairs and Red followed for a very brief period. To Reds surprise
Cephas from his scary perch!Cephas from his scary perch!Cephas from his scary perch!

Dog or person beware!
as he traveled towards the stairs Cephas poked his head out of the banisters above Red and hissed loudly at him. Red, startled, turned tail and ran leaving skid marks on the floor I’m sure. It didn’t help that we were all laughing at Red as he wanted cover from David. Big tough Doberman was a basket case for a few minutes there. I guess Cephas had certainly taught Red about cats! LOL

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We had sandwiches for lunch with all the sides, and best of all Angie and Dan made home made pizza for dinner! What a delight the pizza was! We had a great time visiting and catching up, with brief interruptions of back yard play.

On the way home, it was just past sunset, we could see fireworks. It seemed all the local communities were having there own celebrations. Just as we’d pass one display we’d see another in the distance. When we got back to the trailer, the local Amana community fireworks was just starting. I stood outside for a short time to watch but the bugs were too much. David had already gone in so I followed and watched the fireworks with the dogs from our back window which was a perfect view. We were so close that the percussion of the explosions rattled our windows each time. The colors sparkled in the black sky like diamonds and rubies! It was the best display I’d seen in a longtime. The dogs seemed interested in the fireworks not frightened. David was uninterested and has a different perspective of fireworks. Years ago, back in Wyoming when he worked at the sheriff’s office there was a tragic accident at a local fireworks stand. Two children and two adults were working in a semi trailer full of fireworks. Some believed there were illegal fireworks in there with them. Something caused a fire and all of the people were killed, including the kids, burnt unrecognizable. David investigated the accident, notified families and recovered the bodies for forensics. Ever since that incident he has hated fireworks and especially stands selling to the public. While I think the display tonight was beautiful, I can certainly understand the sadness that comes over David when he sees fireworks.

It was late now and we all headed to bed. I wondered if Red would have nightmares of cats jumping out at him. It was a quiet night so I guess he recovered.


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