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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu April 6th 2019

Aloha from Oahu Hawaii. Our ship arrived in Honolulu about 7:00 this morning. David was up earlier than that to prepare for his excursion this morning. So he was dressed and fed by the time we arrived in port. Unfortunately it still was not light enough to get a good view of Waikiki or Diamondhead while we were sailing into port. But David was down in the Atrium when they approved everyone to depart the ship. His excursion was supposed to meet at 7:20 inside the cruise terminal and he got on the first bus to leave. Today’s excursion was to the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. The most well know item is the Arizona Memorial, but it includes a lot more. We only went to two places but spend half a ... read more
Arizona Memorial
USS Bowfin
Entryway to the Missouri

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 10th 2019

Who would ever think that a little bakery in Hilo, Hawaii would become world famous? Certainly not Robert Taira, back in the 1950s, in Hilo. Sometime in the 1960's, they moved to Honolulu, and changed their name from Robert's Bakery to King's Hawaiian. By the 1980s, they grossed over $20 million, and moved to Torrance, CA. Robert Taira was the son of Japanese immigrants. He opened hi first bakeshop in 1950s in Hilo, after graduating first in his baking class. "The first round, soft loaves of Original Recipe King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread were made here. The loaves rarely ever made it home before being devoured, and a local traditional island favorite was born." When we first started visiting the islands, King's was hard to find. Then it popularity spread across the islands. Soon, the Southern California ... read more
Now a branch in SoCal too!
Great for tailgating too!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 9th 2019

I often thought Alaska was #50, and Hawaii was #49, but it is the other way around. Hawaii is our fiftieth and final state, as of August 21, 1959; and prior to that, it was a territory since 1900. Also, the population of Hawaii remains fairly constant at around 1.5 million people. And despite a total area of only 10,931 square miles, Hawaii ranks only 13th in U.S. population density. Nearly 900,000 live on Oahu's 600 square miles. The median age here is only 38.5 years, with only slightly more males than females. Racially diverse, Hawaii is 38% Asian, 25% Caucasian, two or more races 23.8%, only 10.2% Native Islander, African American only 1.8%, and 1% other. But remarkably, 63% of residents are Christian, 10% non-Christian, and 26% unaffiliated. I would have expected a bigger Buddhist ... read more
The UH Manoa campus
Iz (need not say more)
Love the island sunsets!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 6th 2019

I must tell you that I am very picky when it comes to Hawaiian music. I was never a fan of Don Ho and his Tiny Bubbles. I also remember being entertained by Hilo Hattie on the Harry Owens and the Royal Hawaiians on TV back in the 50s. Through adulthood, I have just lost interest in Hawaiian music, save for the occasional hula at a wedding or party. In the 90s, I learned of the great IZ*, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, who died an early death but made a huge impact with his falsetto Hawaiian singing. I do like the ukulele virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro, though it is hardly traditional. But what do I really know about its roots and meaning? From the experts: Music and rhythm have played central roles within the Native Hawaiian culture. From the ... read more
Iz is the legend!
Jake, ukulele virtuoso
Harry Owens

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 6th 2019

Oahu, Hawaii: 1-2019 Hawaii Tet Ky Hoi 1 1-2019 Hawaii Tet Ky Hoi. Oahu, Hawaii2 Tet 1 -2019 1-2019 Hawaii Tet1 Hawaii 1 Hawaii 2 Oahu1 1-2019 1-2019 Pearl Harbor The Peaceful World beginning for 2019 Add description ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 5th 2019

Our trip to the Hawaiian islands is roughly a copy of my trip to SE Asia last October. We plan to visit friends on three islands. We start is Honolulu with Ben, Leicey, and their young family. Then, off to Kauai to see Rey and Corinne. Finally, to our Marriott timeshare on Maui (Denise), with my brother, Bob, and his wife, Laura. It will be a busy two weeks. Much of our sightseeing days are over. These trips are for relaxing, visiting, and eating good island fare. Some of our favorite places: Honolulu: Aloha Stadium Flea Market, Libby's Manapua, Dee-lite Bakery, Shirokiya, and Leonard's Malasadas. We also found an old time favorite, the KC Drive In waffle dog. Kauai: Kauai Cookie Company, Kauai Coffee, Kintaro, Hamura Saimin, and Kountry Kitchen. And a few new places on ... read more
Bubbly time in the islands
Are you an Island foodie??
Pearl Harbor is a sobering experience.

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu January 12th 2019

I was rather fortunate on my last trip to SE Asia in October. My long flights to get to SE Asian and back were fine, even early. But I ended up taking six short "puddle jumpers" while there, mostly without delay. I considered myself lucky. This is not always the case here in the U.S. A recent survey reveals the best of airlines for delays. MONEY weighed these factors as well as cancellations and diversions to come up with how the ten largest domestic airlines rank when it comes to sticking to a schedule: Hawaiian Airlines... read more
I need to get home!
Tired, hungry, and waiting!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu October 30th 2018

Dateline: Monday, October 30, 2018, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii Diamond Head, Honolulu Aloha… Leisurely day today as we wait for everyone to get off on their tours before heading off the ship. It’s overcast and 78 degrees but the skies show promise of sun. We have decided to take a walk to the closest Hop On Hop Off stop which is about a mile away from the ship. Each time we have come to Oahu we have headed anywhere but Honolulu …today we are staying in the city and taking in the sights. Best way to get around to all the places we want to see is the ever-popular Hop On Hop Off bus. We walk out of the dock area and turn left along busy Ala Moana Blvd. After a few blocks we turn right on ... read more
Diamond Head
Beaches at Diamond Head
View from Diamond Head

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu September 21st 2018

Well today another big day but what a day. Went out to Pearl Harbor early this morning and caught the first bus across to Ford Island where the Battleship Missouri (Big Mo) is docked. As we boarded to look around we were asked did we know who sang on this ship? Answer Cher. We were advised that we were more than welcome to re-enact her song, sadly we declined saying we forgot our costume!! Wandered about the ship looking out for the kids to arrive. Finally saw them and watched them set up for their first concert. How proud were we standing watching them play the US National Anthem and seeing US citizens stand proud while the kids played. How awesome was it standing on the Deck of the USS Missouri watching them play. Felt very ... read more
Guns on the Missouri
Where they signed the surrender
Picture of the signing

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu September 11th 2018

Well about 3 days ago I got a phone call while I was on my way to a wedding..."Hi Tyler it's _____ from the RMS (Staff deployment at work) how would you like an all expense paid trip to Hawaii?" Gee thanks...Hawaii in a hurricane, well I landed late Sunday evening, stopped at the store picked up some canned goods and went to my hotel before hooking up with some local friends for dinner. (sorry no food pics I was tired) I had Chicken Katsu and BBQ Beef Plate Lunch (Is it still a plate lunch if its dinner time?) From there my brain was like I can't handle it anymore, It was 2100 Hawaiian time and Midnight Pacific time. So I went into the hotel room, left the door unlocked and sat on the balcony ... read more

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