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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 15th 2015

A slow start to the day and no real plans other than a game of football to go and see tonight at Aloha Stadium. Grid Iron and all its mysteries! We took an extremely crowded pink trolley to Ala Moana shopping centre midday it was a double decker and every seat was taken with people standing as well. People can pay $2- and hop on this pink line Waikiki trolley at any time, it is cheaper than The Bus which is $2-50 a ride. (Always ask for a transfer for TheBus, your $2-50 allows a change of routes which could be a return) We went and paid Walmart a visit and decided this was a more of a general store rather than groceries but got a few things we needed.I went bra shopping and boy are ... read more
Grid iron maiden experience
Huge professional stadium

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 14th 2015

The mission for today was to purchase trolley bus tickets. We had looked at this online and found a 7 day pass for $59- per adult which included all 4 lines. Stop and go and get on and off as you please. Pink line was shopping, red historic, green scenic and blue line panoramic coastline. But when we went to purchase them online it said it would take 2-5 days to process the tickets. We have only 7 days left so we decided to purchase them on foot at the depot. Well this was a search and a half, but eventually we found the depot in T Galleria off Kalakaua Ave up near the Royal Hawaiian centre. Two very slick sales ladies then lead us through a power 5 minutes of a speed dating version of ... read more
Polynesian dance show
Cheesecake factory

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 14th 2015

Our new roomies in the dorm beside our private room have no concept of the word share or what it entails. They were quite incensed to find us walking through "their" room to get to ours and when I mentioned they were sharing a bathroom it all seemed a little too much. They told us they were catching a cab to the USS Arizona tomorrow morningso needed the bathroom early. We are also going to Pearl harbour tomorrow early too,and said we were catching the 6-41am No42 bus. No problem with bathroom sharing they were up at 5am loudly proclaiming their intentions for the day, heaps of door slamming and an amazing amount of noise.We quietly got up at 6am, they had left by then; showered changed, grabbed a banana and drink from the nearby ABC ... read more
8am National anthem

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu August 7th 2015

Today was huge in fact it was 30 hours of huge. Getting up at 5am Australian time Friday 7th, driving the 1 hour to Proserpine airport from Mackay, waiting for our delayed Jetstar flight to Brisbane and then the hanging around until 6pm to depart Australia direct to Honolulu. Gotta love airport food and drink, almost $100- spent today just hanging out and eating and drinking. Pick the terrorist today, 2 gunpowder swaps in Proserpine, and a full body scan in Brisbane. So after a 9 hour flight we arrived 7-30am Friday the 7th USA time. ( this was 3am Saturday Australia) which is no problem when you can sleep on a plane, and a huge problem for Martin who only sleeps luxuriously tucked up in a real bed.And guess who got pulled aside for a ... read more
$10 worth of airplane entertainment
Not comfy, but quite Ok
Sunrise coming into Honolulu

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu July 28th 2015

With the mindset “live each day like there’s no tomorrow” we decided we wanted to go see Pearl Harbor on Oahu Island before our stay in Hawaii came to an end. We don’t know when or if we’ll ever make it back – as beautiful as it is, we're generally the type of people that like booking vacations to places we’ve never been before. We booked the flight to Honolulu leaving Lithue at 7:00am and returning 8:00pm on Hawaiian Airlines the day before for about $120 round trip, per person. We rented a car because many of the blogs I saw said that taxis were about as expensive and we didn’t want to waste time trying to navigate the public buses. We wanted to stop by in Honolulu and Waikiki beach as well, if we had ... read more
On the deck of the USS Bowfin
The USS Missouri through the binoculars on the USS Bowfin
The view from the bridge

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu June 17th 2015

Day 5 Honolulu & the Sunset Cruise 17 June 2015 We started the day slowly with an enjoyable breakfast at a cafe up the road from our hotel. Today was the day we visited the Waikele Premium Shopping Outlet which was part of our package tour. Now some of you who know how I love to shop (not!) may be guessing that I was debating if I really wanted to go, but we decided to anyway. It was a shopping centre made up of many international brands. We wandered through many of the outlets. Thank goodness we have a little 7 year old granddaughter to buy for. I always find it difficult to buy for adults!!! Tom wanted a new suitcase but we had found an excellent outlet near our hotel where we bought one, so ... read more
Tom doing the Duck dance on the Alii Kai Catamaran
Sun setting on the Alii Kai Catamaran (2)
Alii Kai Catamaran Sunset Cruise along southern coast of Honolulu  (1)

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu June 15th 2015

Day 3 around Honolulu Hawaii & Pearl Harbour - 15 June 2015 Today was the day we were off the Pearl Harbour. We decided to take a tour as well as do our own thing. The deal with the USS Arizona Memorial is because it is free one of the options is to go with a tour and the other is to get there early and pick up one of the 2000 entry tickets. We chose the former as it was the easiest. The other advantage of the tour was that the bus took us around some of the sites of southern Oahu Island and around Honolulu. The tour guide was very informative stopping at the Iolani Palace, King Kamehameha Statue in front of old Judiciary Building Hawaii used to be Kingdom for 100 years before ... read more
Honululu Hawaii - King Kamehameha Statue in front of old Judiciary Building (1)
Honululu Hawaii - King Kamehameha Statue in front of old Judiciary Building (3)
National War Cemetery of Pacific in Honolulu Hawaii

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 20th 2015

Our last day at The Kahala Hotel was too short. Though both Deke and I were both suffering from one physical affliction or another, it was still difficult to leave. I tried to soak in views from our balcony, and remember details—the humidity in the air---the dolphin lagoon below, and the leisurely and pleasant breakfasts. Deke liked the breakfasts most of all; he really loves great service. I learned from people who live in Hawaii that there is something called the “VOG.” Apparently, the VOG is a volcanic fog created by volcanic ash; it can cause respiratory distress and sickness. A couple of people thought that maybe my cold symptoms had come from the VOG. When our driver took Deke and me to the airport, he stated that the longest word in the English language is ... read more
Final View from Balconhy
The Kahala Area of Ohau
Hazy Day at the Kahala

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 19th 2015

Not everything I read sticks with me; though as an English major, I really wish that I had a photographic memory. However, the gist of James Michener’s first chapter of Hawaii – “From the Boundless Deep” stuck with me for years. It is a dramatic narrative of how the islands were born, and it is definitely worth the read. Michener’s sweeping epic style is dramatic, but after having stayed in Hawaii for a week, I see that Hawaii warrants such a style. I came to Hawaii not quite believing that it could live up to its reputation, but it has for me and more. Except for in high school, I haven’t really thought of myself as a fun-in-the sun sort of person. If there was a climate to express how I saw myself, it would be ... read more
Hawaiian Dawn 1
Fun at Sea
Board Yoga

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu » Honolulu February 18th 2015

Upon awakening, I went to my beloved veranda before dawn. This time, there was more staff than usual buzzing about. I found out from one of the employees that their work was under inspection today. I think that sometimes we forget that our vacationing comfort is due to other people’s hard work. The sunrise was magnificent. Even though I got some good shots, I don’t think that I managed to capture the shot that encapsulated the glory of the experience. I suppose that I am turning into a true shutterbug like my mother, “Mama S.” I used to get frustrated with Mama S because she was always behind the camera, always trying to get us to pose for her shots, but now it looks like I am this way. I have really wanted to go snorkeling, ... read more
Sunrise 5
Enjoying the Sun at The Kahala

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