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North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa November 13th 2013

TAKING OFF (1)(slang) When a surfer paddles into a wave and matches the speed of the wave rather than the speed they were paddling to obtain that wave. The exponential match in speed between surfer and wave causes the surfer to "take off" from gravity. (2) When a surfer gets on a plane and that plane takes off from the land causing a new horizon to be viewed and a new destination to be reached upon landing. Before i started my travels while i was still in Hawaii i watched a film called "The Way" with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. The film itself was a bit slow but there was a scene that I really was touched by. The father is going on a trek to remember his son who passed away traveling. He does ... read more
Blue Passion
Take off
Bottom turn

North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa February 1st 2013

Today I went for a typical North Shore kind of day: Hoped on the Route 55 Bus to Haleiwa which is $2.50 on time, comfortable and easy ride so I didn’t have to worry about getting a parking ticket. Had lunch at the orfanic super market at the historic surf town. Visited Clark Little gallery and picked up some postcards for my loved ones then I spent the afternoon watching the end of today heats at the Volcom Pipe surf competition. What a chill day!... read more
After the surf!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa October 24th 2011

Ok, Hawaii was the pure awesomeness. Seriously, it was pure. I'm talking 100% not diluted. Exotic fruits, skydiving over Oahu, paddle boarding down Anahulu, climbing waterfalls in Palolo, getting the dankest strawberry-blueberry-banana-orange smoothies EVER at the Coffee Gallery in Haleiwa, drinkin' beers on white AND BLACK sand beaches, hiking with cool people (Lauren and Ryder) to secret waterfalls in Kahalu'u, hanging out with old and new friends on the big island (That's you guys, Mike, Celia, Rusty, Tyler and Ashley (Alicia). Also mad love to my new homies Shadow, Ali'i, Melay and Cocoa.) SHEER TERRIFICITY. I had such a good time, I felt it warranted making up a new word. Make note, Merriam and Webster. Most of all, though, I gotta thank Mike for making it all possible. You rock, Mike. Thank you for letting me ... read more
A pond
That's a plant
That's me

North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa October 20th 2011

Today Joe did a thing he does best. He'd been talking all week about surfing lessons, so we challenged him to do his own research and choose a location and instructor(s), which he did: North Shore Surf Girls in Haleʻiwa. We were instructed to meet them "behind the 76 station" at 9 AM on Thursday, which we did, arriving just on time. A deeply-tanned adorable girl with salt-spray tousled hair drove up in, no kidding, a battered old BMW with all the windows down and six giant surfboards mounted on top and an "NSSG" vanity plate with mermaid frame. Seriously, like a movie. She talked with a slight surfer accent and did the cute head-tilt. Not dumb at all, rather the most laid-back sharp-eyed businesswoman you'll ever meet. Joe, Laura's parents, and I as Anne's guardian ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa July 5th 2011

Note: If you click on one picture, all pics from day 3 and 4 will show up in an album. Day 3 found me at Ted's Bakery waiting in the small line at 7am for sinfully outstanding baked goods. Besides the normal sweet stuff, I brough home fresh croissants which we smothered with scramble eggs, crisp bacon and cheese back at the house. After breakfast we headed to Chun's Reef a mere 1/2 mile away for a private surf lesson in the AM. Our oldest son finally decided he wanted to try surfing. The lesson lasted roughly 1.5 hours and the surf board was ours to use until 9am the following morning. North Shore Surf Girls sent out Cheryl to work with our son Gordon. She had a terrific personality and our son got up on ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa July 1st 2011

Our return to Oahu found us with a milliion dollar view (As my friend Brian called it) peering out the double 24 ft sliding glass doors of our beach home on the North Shore of Oahu. Brrian and Janine Sather, two of our dearest frineds, joined us on this trip. They have been to the islands before, but had not spent alot of time on the North shore like we were about to. Our first impressions were captured in this 1 min HD video I slapped together (Copy/paste text, place in Address URL, enter): The day was about done when we arrived so much of the time was spent unpacking and putting together a quick shopping list for dinner. Day 2 we set out for Costco and the grocery store to load up for 11 ... read more
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