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North America July 10th 2011

Day 8 found us right back at Waimea bay, spending 7 hours on the beach with nothing to worry about except when we'd eat the next samwich out of the cooler. SUP boarding was alittle tough as the wind was blowing pretty good. Day 9 at the crack of dawn, my oldest son and I hiked around the ancient ruins of Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau up above Waimea valley where 3 from Captain Vancouver's exploration party met their sacrificial fate in 1792. The view of Waimea Valley and Waimea bay was stunning. We spent the morning on the Analulu stream in Haleiwa, paddle boarding with the turtles up and down stream. Later in the afternoon, a good friend on the island who lives near Punchbowl came over for a BBQ and chat. One day left on ... read more
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North America July 8th 2011

One note about staying in a house on the North Shore...after day 3, you stop pointing out turtles swimming out front because they are so abundant! Day 7 found us at the Wet n Wild Hawaii waterpark with the kids. By 1pm we were finished and headed back to the North Shore where we changed out of wet clothing into dry and headed back to Waikiki for an afternoon of shopping. A surf warning was out on Waikiki beach the the surfers were abundant in numbers. After shopping and a stroll we headed to Tiki's Grill for a delicious dinner and cocktails. The tourism numbers are significantly lower than they were when we were here twice in 2009. Perhaps the Japan earthquake is a contributing factor? Day 8 we headed to Kailua early in the morning ... read more
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North America July 6th 2011

Note: For video, copy/paste URL into browser address and hit enter. To view more pictures, click on a single picture and a picture browser will appear. Day 5 found me once again lined up at Ted's Bakery (5 miles down the road) salivating like Pavlov's dog but instead of the Pavlov's bell ringing to make the dog salivate, it was the much anticipated unlocking of the front door that made me salivate! I purchased breakfast croissants once again, freshly baked, and brought them back to the house so that we could load their cargo up (scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese.) After breakfast we headed to beautiful Waimea Bay for the annual SUP board racing on the 4th of July. Waimea is our favorite destination for the 3 S's.. sun, sand and snorkeling. You can see a short ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa July 5th 2011

Note: If you click on one picture, all pics from day 3 and 4 will show up in an album. Day 3 found me at Ted's Bakery waiting in the small line at 7am for sinfully outstanding baked goods. Besides the normal sweet stuff, I brough home fresh croissants which we smothered with scramble eggs, crisp bacon and cheese back at the house. After breakfast we headed to Chun's Reef a mere 1/2 mile away for a private surf lesson in the AM. Our oldest son finally decided he wanted to try surfing. The lesson lasted roughly 1.5 hours and the surf board was ours to use until 9am the following morning. North Shore Surf Girls sent out Cheryl to work with our son Gordon. She had a terrific personality and our son got up on ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Haleiwa July 1st 2011

Our return to Oahu found us with a milliion dollar view (As my friend Brian called it) peering out the double 24 ft sliding glass doors of our beach home on the North Shore of Oahu. Brrian and Janine Sather, two of our dearest frineds, joined us on this trip. They have been to the islands before, but had not spent alot of time on the North shore like we were about to. Our first impressions were captured in this 1 min HD video I slapped together (Copy/paste text, place in Address URL, enter): The day was about done when we arrived so much of the time was spent unpacking and putting together a quick shopping list for dinner. Day 2 we set out for Costco and the grocery store to load up for 11 ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu August 31st 2009

Day 10-The saying goes, all good things come to an end, and that's where we found ourselves reflecting of the wonderful days we've spent as a family on the island of Oahu. Kids grow up fast, so one needs to take advantage of times like these we have together. We chose to stick around Pat's at Punaluu on Day 10 (a separate review of Pat's at Punaluu Condo's is on Travel Advisor) and be one with the sand and surf, that is, beach bums. We swam after elusive sea turtles that poked their wary heads above the surf not 10 feet from shore, and watched sand crabs burrow quickly into the sand when we approached them with footprints that were quickly washed away by the surging tide. And, when the day was nearly complete, we took ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu August 30th 2009

It was "Ground hogs Day" as in the Bill Murray movie, a return to Waimea Bay. Again, Ted's Bakery (make those chocolate eclairs illegal!) and we finally got a parking spot within the parking lot, at 7:45am. The kids wanted to return to this beach as the rock jumping was just too tempting for brave souls. Peer pressure got to me and I had to jump as well. I had to plug my nose as I hate salt water going the wrong direction in my sinus cavities. The rock was busy today so I only did two jumps, but the kids wore themselves out jumping time after time. A wild pod of dolphins paid a relatively close visit to the shoreline and the sea turtles were present as well, although I didn't personally swim with any ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu August 29th 2009

Today started with another beautiful sunrise on the windward side of the island, bringing with it the light of day and transluscent blue waters that dance around the island we call Oahu. We made another attempt at Waimea Bay as parking here is an issue. We stopped for a 2nd time at Ted's Bakery for a post-breakfast fat pill and I made comment to the lady behind the counter that the Barvarian Creme Eclair should be made illegal as they are most definately addicting! Arriving at Waimea Bay parking area at 8:45am, we were still too late for a prime parking spot, so we settled on the parking area just North near the church, which is a good 1/4 mile walk. It was worth it! Now, before I tell you what a great time the kids ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu August 28th 2009

This was the first day I actually slept past 6am (Which is 9am my time). The day started with breakfast at Keona's just 3 blocks from the Outrigger for under $30.00 for all 4 of us with one coupon. The kids finally had an opportunity to swim in the Outrigger pool (the pool was reserved the night before for a private party) and I took the opportunity to take some photos around Waikiki. After checking out at 9:45am, we headed up Hwy 72 to take in some sites such as the blow hole, Sandy Beach, Makapu'u beach and finally settled on Lanikai beach for 3 hours of snorkeling and relaxation. We met some folks from our home state of Washington, the father an electrician from Vancouver, WA (Yes, there are TWO Vancouvers, one in Canada, and ... read more
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North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu August 28th 2009

Wet-n-Wild Waterpark is not exactly a Disney World class water park, but it's great fun for the kids regardless. Located WNW of Honolulu, HI, our trip from Punaluu took about 45 minutes. A couple of "don't miss" slides are the Tornado and the "Shaka". The wave pool is fun but shortlived fun as it gets old pretty quick. If you have kids under 14 y/o, they'll enjoy this waterpark. After the waterpark we headed to Waikiki to check into the Outrigger on the Beach. Hulu's was in store for our Open Table reservation at 6pm and we arrived early at 5:30pm to a railing table overlooking the pool, where a private party for a Duke's Oceanfest event was taking place. The kids were bummed that they couldn't take advantage of the pool after dinner, but the ... read more
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