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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Bahia Honda State Park February 18th 2013

Monday, 18 February 2013 Happy Presidents’ Day. Let’s get caught up. Wednesday we drove down to Summerland Key to the Wharf Bar and Grill for supper where we dined on BLTs. Not just bacon, lettuce and tomato, but bacon, LOBSTER and tomato, huge sandwiches too tasty to be served just anywhere. We could have split one and had plenty, but we didn’t know that and ordered a sandwich and fries each. Needless to say, we did not go home hungry. Thursday was another big day, softball in the morning and wings at night. It was just one more fabulous day here in the Keys. We rode our bicycles around the park on Friday, stopping at the Sand and Sea Nature Center and the Gift shop before heading back to the camper to avoid the rain. It ... read more
Calusa Beach swimming area
bridge to nowhere
Bahia Honda bridge

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Bahia Honda State Park February 13th 2013

Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 Has it been a week since last I blogged? Well, Thursday it was softball in the morning, and another beautiful morning it was. Kerry did a little fishing in the afternoon and caught a little fish, a very little cow fish, but a fish nonetheless. Of course Thursday night was wing night at the Hurricane. It was just the two of us, but the wings were excellent as usual. It seemed exceptionally noisy at the Hurricane, I think because we sat in the room without carpet and all the chatter and noise echoed. Friday we just relaxed and watched the ocean. It has been quite windy and the kite boarders and sailboats have been out in full force. We were entertained by a wee gecko, who seemed to be dreaming of growing ... read more
Another sunrise
The fisher guy
Day dreamer

Here we are, still in the beautiful Florida Keys. Tuesday morning we were back at Marathon City Park for another game of softball. Another big turnout of players, 26 I think. Kerry felt much more coordinated than he did on Sunday, his knee is better and he’s getting into the rhythm. Because there were so many players, someone decided they should play 9 innings so that everyone got plenty of chances to bat. So, after playing 9 innings, Kerry is sore and tired. Tuesday afternoon Alex and Cindy came over for supper. We sat at the beach for a while drinking adult beverages, telling stories, and laughing before heading back to the camper for hamburgers from the grill and avocado salad. We laughed until our faces hurt. A very good evening. Wednesday we broke camp and ... read more
Old Railroad Bridge
Loggerhead  Beach
Seagrape leaves

Although we have made it back to the States, we still aren’t home yet. We still have to sail the boat from Florida to Texas. And the jumping off point for that leg of the journey is in Key West. So after a few days of rest and recovery, plus some much needed shopping, we left Miami at first light and sailed down to the Keys. Oh… the Florida Keys! You gotta love it. Remote enough to have an island feel, but still connected to the mainland and all the amenities. Funky little towns along the way, great fishing and seafood, plus fun and interesting people. We have always enjoyed our time in the Keys and we decided to stop at some of our favorite anchorages along the way. Besides, we can only travel along the ... read more

Good-bye Marathon! Our departure is much less eventful than the arrival. We set sail in full daylight and before hitting the open ocean, we pull up to the nautical gas-station, people at fore and aft holding ropes to tie us to the dock. The manager of the dilapidated station jokes to the boys about how lucky they are to have a boat full of women and points out the water hose. We’re feeling rested and plucky, ready to try our luck again on the Trade Wind. We decide that it’s a day for snorkeling and aim for a tall rig that marks out shallows known for good snorkeling. But by the time we get out there, the wind has picked up and the waves begin to slide and bounce and jostle us around. We anchor at ... read more
Sea life
Wind in the hair

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Bahia Honda State Park February 26th 2010

Sixty miles south of Key Largo is a resort known as Sunshine Key. Although the resort is on its own key I don’t actually think the name is official. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my week there. Each morning I walked the perimeter of the park starting on the Gulf Coast side and ending on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Unfortunately, the weather has been abnormal for Florida, the mornings were cool, the mid-day’s pleasant but the clouds rolled in the late afternoon each day so I wasn’t able to see one of the sunsets the Keys are famous for. The Bahia Honda channel separates Sunshine Key from the Bahia Honda State Park. This channel is the deepest in the Keys and there is a lot of scuba diving just off the coast here. The park’s main focus ... read more
Bahia Honda
Bahia Honda
Atlantic Ocean

Bahia Honda State Park is on it's own key in the Florida Keys. This island is truly a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There are camping facilities for RV's and tents, a marina and docking for boaters and campers, two lovely beaches and an historic old railroad bridge as a beautiful backdrop to everything thing you do here. Walking every morning provides awesome scenery and wild-life viewing. We have seen sharks, turtles, dolphins and birds and fish of all descriptions. After first arriving, we walked the beach with our friends, Nick and Sandra from England. Every year we meet up the usual group of suspects that we hung around with the years before. Paul and Corinne, Dick and Jane, Tom and Nancy, Don and Carol, Jack and Rosie, Diane and Rick, Bill and Ellen, Bill and Lucy, ... read more
School of fish
Bahia Honda Sunset
Sun getting ready to set at Key West

There is a road, called the Ocean Highway, that links Key Largo to Key West and several other keys in between, so we were able to drive all the way to Key West. There are of course lots of bridges, the longest of which is called the Seven Mile Bridge for obvious reasons. That was the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger blew-up in the True Lies movie, albeit the old bridge that still runs parallel to the current one. On the way there, we stopped at the Bahia Honda State Park for a break and some snorkelling. The beach here is supposed to be the second best beach in the United States. I tried to find out where the top beach was and it seemed to depend on which website you were looking at. The top beach ... read more
Bahia Honda State Park
Seven Mile Bridge
Seven Mile Bridge

“ALL KNOW THE WAY. FEW ACTUALLY WALK IT”. bodhidharma January 25, Monday. Our first stop was a bike shop to get Bob’s tire repaired and then on to an internet cafe to update the Travelblog. We traveled down Highway #1 to Bahia Honda State Park. This is a coveted campground on the beach. In 1992 it was voted one of the best beaches in the USA visit Dr Beach to see the list and how he rates beaches. But about five years ago a hurricane changed all that. It is still a very beautiful place to visit. It is one of the many state parks in Florida, and this state has a great park system. Several parks we stayed at were voted BEST STATE PARK. We walked along the beach, had lunch and moved on ... read more
Best Beach
Mallory Square

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