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Published: July 3rd 2010
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Between The BridgesBetween The BridgesBetween The Bridges

Anchored out between the two bridges at Bahia Honda State Park- so cool!
Although we have made it back to the States, we still aren’t home yet. We still have to sail the boat from Florida to Texas. And the jumping off point for that leg of the journey is in Key West. So after a few days of rest and recovery, plus some much needed shopping, we left Miami at first light and sailed down to the Keys.

Oh… the Florida Keys! You gotta love it. Remote enough to have an island feel, but still connected to the mainland and all the amenities. Funky little towns along the way, great fishing and seafood, plus fun and interesting people. We have always enjoyed our time in the Keys and we decided to stop at some of our favorite anchorages along the way. Besides, we can only travel along the Hawk Channel during the day to avoid all the reefs and fish pots and it is surprisingly a long way from Miami to Key West. So we had to break up the trip anyways.

One of the anchorages we truly enjoyed was Bahia Honda State Park. We had never taken the boat there before, but had heard it was a lovely little spot.

Kona is just hanging out on the deck.
So we pulled in for a night on our trek down to Key West. It is a fun little anchorage, just off the beach and nestled between the two bridges. On the west side, you have the Overseas Highway and the steady hum of cars driving along. And on the east side, you have the old bridge for the railroad which has had a section removed so that boats can access the anchorage. Cool! So once we settled in and made sure our anchor was well set (we would hate to drag here in this anchorage because you would definitely end up pinned under a bridge) we enjoyed our last night on the boat at anchor. We grilled up some steaks for dinner while enjoying a spectacular sunset thru the bridge.

It was an odd feeling to look out to the east to the Atlantic Ocean, and then out to the west to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We thought it rather fitting to our situation. In one way, we were reflecting back on all the adventures we have had in the islands in the Atlantic. And the other way, we were looking towards all the adventures

Enjoying our last sunset at anchor- it sure was beautiful!
yet to come as we set sail into the Gulf of Mexico. Rather poetic, actually.


3rd July 2010

Yes, that must have been a poetic feeling looking one direction towards the old adventures and then looking the other direction towards the new adventures! Well put, Jen. Love...... Jean/Mom

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