Trump is on the Move

Published: April 6th 2018
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April 5, 2018

Weather: 645 AM 35 degrees, 12 noon 45 degrees and sunny, 55 and sunny

States: Washington DC

City: Washington DC


Hours Driving:

Hotel: Fairfield Inn Downtown

Restaurants: Cosi (lunch) and Cuba Libre for dinner

We had an early start this morning. We had to be at the White House by 715 AM. We caught an Uber at 645 and arrived early to the White House Tour line. I’m glad we got there a little early because the lone got long and you have to wait outside to start, then walk inside and out to go through security and we were the head of our tour line. It was coooold outside this morning. 35 degrees but sunny. We were cold waiting outside. We met a very nice couple (young grandparents) who brought their two grandsons to Washington. They said they’ve traveled a lot. They reminded me of Paul and I. We shared stories in line.

It was so cool to walk the grounds and inside the White House. We could only see the East Wing. They still use the rooms when visitors are not there. You could say it was similar to visiting the King’s house, Elvis, the King. No Jungle room. It was a fairly short tour but worth being in there. After the tour, we walked toward the National Mall. It was coooold. We worked our way to the Smithsonian Visitor Center because the museums were not open until 10. We waited in the warm there until just before the Natural museum opened. Then we stood outside again in line. Brrr. I always think ahead so I insisted on getting in line 15 minutes early and so glad I did because two bus loads showed up shortly after we got in line. We got right in. So cool that the museums are free. They are nice too. Elizabeth and I liked and hated the bug exhibit the best. Big creepy bugs. Shiver.

We started our way toward the Capital building because we had reservations at 2. We had lunch around the corner and got warm again. By noon, it was a little warmer but there was still a chill in the air. The Capital Tour was neat. Highly recommended to make reservations for any of the tours through your state rep. You bypass long lines. We saw a number of rooms in the Capital filled with statues of all of the presidents. The dome inside is really cool. One of the rooms is the old senate. On the floor, there are plaques with presidents who served there and the plaque is place where their desk was. So cool to stand where Abraham Lincoln stood.

By the time we got out of the Capital Building, the temperature had gone up and the sun was warm. It turned into a beautiful day. We walked from the Capital to the Lincoln Memorial. Much further than it seems. Matthew got “hangry” on the way so we got some fries and a drink. Feed the lion. His body must burn food so fast. When he gets crabby, we know its feeding time. We were all getting tired but we did it and it was worth it. It is so beautiful along the National Mall. People laying all over the grass, playing ball, riding bikes, running. Large groups of kids all wearing the same shirts of some fluorescent color were passing in each direction. The memorial fountain is so pretty. We sat on the edge with Lincoln behind us looking at the Washington monument and the Capital building peeking around. We relaxed there in the sun taking it in. We noticed some secret service on the roof of some buildings including the White House and a police helicopter circling around. Elizabeth guessed Trump was on the move. As we got up to walk toward the Lincoln Memorial, three military helicopters flew between us and the Washington monument toward the White House (really cool to see) and we all guessed Elizabeth was right.

I have always wanted to see the Lincoln memorial. It is amazing. So grand. From there we went to the Vietnam wall. My cousin Jamie died in the war. I have always wanted to find his name. I was overwhelmed by the number of names and I didn’t have any idea how to find his name. I was a little sad and the kids tried to help me find it which is impossible. I asked Jamie to help me find his name. Just then Paul comes up and says come with me. We walked back to where we started. He had found out how to find the names and found my cousin. Jamie was my dad’s nephew but because they were close in age, they were very close more like friends. My dad was very sad when he died. I obviously never met my cousin but it is meaningful because of that. I was so happy. It is incomprehensible to see all of the names of the so many who died.

We looked at getting an Uber back to the hotel but it went from $10 this morning to $60. Ugh. We thought we’d walk. It was about a 24 minute walk. It was warm. Along the way, we found a place to eat for dinner which made my night. Cuba Libre. I love Cuban food. It was the coolest restaurant. It looked like a little piece of Cuba inside. I had myself a Cube Libre (Rum and coke with lime), my fave. Paul had a mojito. We ordered Plantains with dips and a crab guacamole, Aropa Vienna (pulled beef in a tomato stew) and Carne Asada platter is (steak, chicken chimichuri). We were all stuffed to the brim. We hiked back to the hotel. Elizabeth and I danced a little (its the rum).

We hit the hay when we got back for another kind of early morning. We have to pack up the car and head to the Pentagon to meet Pauls cousin Loretta. She works there and she is taking us on a tour. Yay. I am excited. I will say, though, that I am done traveling. I am tired of eating out and sleeping in different beds. Happens at the end every time. Looking forward to going home. Very satisfied.

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7th April 2018

Elizabeth and Rum
Can't wait to ask Elizabeth about dancing and rum. D.C. is one of our favorite places to visit. So much to see and do. Have a safe trip home.
9th April 2018

I promise Elizabeth wasn’t the rummy. Thanks for reading along!

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