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The family trip to Rhode Island actually started a few days earlier in the week, when Tory and 4 month-old baby Vivian left to Washington D.C. a few days earlier leaving the Monday after Mother’s Day (May 13th). Vivian thought it would be fun to see where her Mommy Tory spent her college and work years before coming back to California. Steve, Nathan, and Rosie helped take them to the airport but first had to make a stop at the “Bruder” Factory nearby the airport. At the Factory, the kids can “test” the different trucks out and play in a ball pit. All of Nathan’s favorite trucks from home are Bruder trucks so getting “test” as many trucks as he wants, particularly the ones he doesn’t have at home. Who wouldn’t want to be a tester ... read more

When Steve was looking for accommodation for our stay in Washington he said ‘Oh look, the Watergate – we should stay there!’ With rooms starting at upwards of several hundreds of £££s per night, he quickly decided we shouldn’t – those prices would blow the budget big time. He went a bit quiet after that but nothing unusual there – normally he beavers away to draw up a short-list of possibles before I join the conversation to reach a decision. His eventual choice (the River Inn) would suit us just fine. But Steve is quite tenacious and can be a bit like a dog with a bone when he really wants something and he really wanted to stay in the Watergate Hotel! He finally presented me with a convincing argument – if we booked four nights ... read more
Watergate whiskey bar
Potomac River view from our room
Me, head to toe in Watergate

Our American Airlines flight from Charlotte NC to Washington DC was scheduled to depart at 7.30 am. We were initially delayed because the cabin crew were still busy with an earlier flight they had done, but we were assured their plane had landed and they were now deboarding those passengers. We waiting passengers were told that we had too much cabin luggage for the plane to cope with and therefore those in boarding groups 8 and 9 would have to put their luggage in the hold. With a weight limit of 40 lbs for cabin luggage I wasn’t surprised there was a problem. I mean, who would choose to put their cases in the hold if you could legitimately carry them on board? We had no choice in the matter as we hadn’t seen our suitcases ... read more
Reagan airport vaulted ceilings
Washington Monument, Washington DC
Arlington Cemetery, Washington DC

We have all been there. Either a flight delay or long layover creates a "twilight zone" of time in our lives. And yes, I have my tablet, and my smart phone, and a good book. So, what else can I do for anywhere from two to 6 hours of down time? My first option is to find a an airline lounge. If I am traveling first or business class, no problem, IF the airline has a lounge nearby, or at all. I found out that my Chase Visa card offers free lounge access through Priority Pass. That means the lounge provides free internet, free snacks, and soft drinks, and sometimes free alcohol and hot food. Often times, they have CNN or BBC running on the TV, lots of magazines and newspapers, and a view of the ... read more
Or a great museum
A drink and some music
More exercise!

April 5, 2018 Weather: 645 AM 35 degrees, 12 noon 45 degrees and sunny, 55 and sunny States: Washington DC City: Washington DC Miles: Hours Driving: Hotel: Fairfield Inn Downtown Restaurants: Cosi (lunch) and Cuba Libre for dinner We had an early start this morning. We had to be at the White House by 715 AM. We caught an Uber at 645 and arrived early to the White House Tour line. I’m glad we got there a little early because the lone got long and you have to wait outside to start, then walk inside and out to go through security and we were the head of our tour line. It was coooold outside this morning. 35 degrees but sunny. We were cold waiting outside. We met a very nice couple (young grandparents) who brought their ... read more

April 4, 2018Weather: 77 and sunny in Virginia to 65 and sunny DCStates: Virginia, Maryland to DCCity: Williamsburg to DC... read more

After a few stops in West Virginia and Virginia we arrived at Cherry Hill RV Resort to spend Christmas at Justin's house. On the way into town we had our bikes on a rack on the back of our towed vehicle and planned to use them for sightseeing, but someone somewhere along the trip bumped into Mike's bike and bent the real rim. The bike was no longer usable so we just took them back home to Ohio. It's about and 6 hour drive, but it was nice to check on the condo; we have been away since the day after Thanksgiving so the time at home was nice. It was a little cold on some nights but the RV kept us warm and comfortable. We had a little extra time so Justin, Mi Hyon and ... read more
Justin's Party
Museum Quilt

Ok to break with tradition this will be a short update blog…yeah OK we will see…. Well we got out of New York OK and decided that we would break with tradition completely and utilise the GPS in the car to get out from Newark airport and onto the motorway and south towards Philadelphia….yes you did I hear it right I used a GPS …so sue me!!! I always like to use a map but sometimes needs (and too many streets) must!! Headed south and made good time on the freeway and arrived in Philadelphia and looked for a car park near the visitors centre and think we did Ok because when we came up the stairs the sign read “ visitors centre car park” and we walked straight into the visitors centre…Gee wiz these GPS ... read more
Working the old fashion way
Washington memorial

Finally back to Washington DC! it took me some time. My first visit was back 9 years ago with Leslie. We stay only 2 days and I kept a great souvenir of that short stay. This time it's adult time....and we have legs to walk longer...further! We are staying next to the Pentagon. It was actually fun to drive next to the car park of the huge building to reach our hotel. Our little nest will be the Westin Crystal city. Nice decent room...and walking distance to a Whole Foods supermarket...perfect place to pick up nice food for dinner time. This time, we have many more museums on the program. Hotels in Washington DC can be pretty cheap in summer....but museums, are free of charge. Going around is also easy by metro, so put it simple, ... read more
The lawn of the White intention to meet the current guy in charge...
What a day in Washington!
Welcome to the Congres....

A very sad day, as we have heard (no thanks to the American media) that Brucie has died. Well at least there is some cheer as yet another member of Donald Trump's dysfunctional all inner-circle has gone. On top of all the Charlottesville controversy, are we here to see the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency? There were a few final things to wrap-up in Washington before we left to drive to Philadelphia. My wife, son and daughter had not seen the Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial, so we drove there first. We all collectively agreed that this is our favourite of all the memorials. Whist we were taking a photo of our kid's standing alongside some statues in a queue, a guide told us that that was a very popular (i.e. unoriginal) picture and ... read more
Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

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