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North America » United States » Colorado » Lake City September 5th 2017

Ein wunderschöner Fährt ab. Gutes Wetter. Schöne Straßen. Wenig Verkehr. Schöne Aussicht. Transkontinentale Wasserscheide überquert. Jetzt fließt das Wasser schon mal in den Atlantik. Die Heimat rückt näher. Der Borkenkäfer hat viele Quadratkilometer Nadelwald zerstört. Aber weil die Flächen so ungeheuer groß sind und auch nicht immer zugänglich sind, kann man der Natur nur wenig helfen. In günstigen Lagen regeneriert sich der Wald schon und es gibt einen Mischwald, der ja dann auch weniger anfällig ist.... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Lake City December 16th 2016

On the morning of July12, 2016, Easy E (hereafter referred to as Double E or EE, or just Easy) took our annual trip to Big Blue. We did NOT take his rental SUV. That would have been against the law. So that never happened. We took some other means to get there, but I don’t recall exactly how. We stopped in Lake City to pick up a snack in case we were running late on the way back. We each picked up a pie, unbeknown to one another. Here is a picture of his pie and one of my pie. I once had a student named my pie, but she spelled it different. I also had a girl named Houston. Houston Man. Her father was Van Man and her mother was Bunny Yan Man. I also ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Lake City August 7th 2013

My Longest Blog It is only fitting that this blog will be my longest blog after the very short blog of the “Big Gas” truck stop in Bryan, Texas. Some people didn’t “get it”. Just say “Big Gas” fast. Anyway, I’ll start this blog with a contest. Just fill in the blanks and you could win: “This summer we want on a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Hint: The answer is the same for all of my contests. The first person that correctly guesses the answer will have the privilege of buying Holiday Road lunch at a dining establishment of his choosing. Lunch on the Reservation There is something about lunch under a cement teepee that just seems so right. The said cement teepee was located on the parking lot of a remote ... read more
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North America » United States » Colorado » Lake City August 8th 2011

We departed Houston on the first of July. We were headed to SW Colorado for our summer _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Be the first to fill in the blanks and receive a free propylene glycol refill of you humidifier (if you are a cigar efect….. afect….. effectoin…. smoker). If you aren’t a cigar smoker and happen to win the contest, I will send you a cigar and you can become a cigar smoker. If you are having a hard time figuring out the answer to the contest, here is a hint: Connie Francis had a hit song during the month of July, 1962. Figure out the name of that song and you should have a pretty good idea as to the correct answer. We spent the 1st in Colleyville, the 2nd in ... read more

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