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December 16th 2016
Published: December 16th 2016
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big blue
On the morning of July12, 2016, Easy E (hereafter referred to as Double E or EE, or just Easy) took our annual trip to Big Blue. We did NOT take his rental SUV. That would have been against the law. So that never happened. We took some other means to get there, but I don’t recall exactly how. We stopped in Lake City to pick up a snack in case we were running late on the way back. We each picked up a pie, unbeknown to one another. Here is a picture of his pie and one of my pie. I once had a student named my pie, but she spelled it different. I also had a girl named Houston. Houston Man. Her father was Van Man and her mother was Bunny Yan Man. I also had a girl named Déjà. Her boyfriends’ last name was Vu. If they got married she would be Déjà Vu. For some strange reason I think I have heard of that before. What if Sonny Bono hadn’t had a fight with a tree (and lost). If Yoko Ono married him she may have called herself Yoko Ono Bono. In College my Ret. & Comp. professor

my pie
accused me of getting off the subject. I still don’t get it.

At Big Blue Easy went fishing and I sat, read a book and had a cigar. I man came riding up on a 4 wheeler with a rather large trailer in tow. In the trailer there was a dog, a lady, and a young boy. Seems he towed the 4 wheeler up on the trailer, then put the 4 wheeler to work pulling the trailer. It turns out that he came from out of state to spend the summer remodeling, on a volunteer basis, the Alpine Guard Station at Big Blue. It seems that the Forrest Service is going to let people stay there, for a fee.

Anyway, the only fish I caught is now on display in Lake City.

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sign on the way to big blue

my cigar

my book

thoughtful man

my fish

18th December 2016

Speaking of Deja Vu...
Do you know what veja du is? It's the feeling that you have never done something before.

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