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August 8th 2011
Published: August 8th 2011
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We departed Houston on the first of July. We were headed to SW Colorado for our summer _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Be the first to fill in the blanks and receive a free propylene glycol refill of you humidifier (if you are a cigar efect….. afect….. effectoin…. smoker). If you aren’t a cigar smoker and happen to win the contest, I will send you a cigar and you can become a cigar smoker. If you are having a hard time figuring out the answer to the contest, here is a hint: Connie Francis had a hit song during the month of July, 1962. Figure out the name of that song and you should have a pretty good idea as to the correct answer.

We spent the 1st in Colleyville, the 2nd in Raton and the 3rd at the cabin. The morning of the 4th we drove up to Mesa Verde and spent two nights at my mother’s house. She is the oldest Park Ranger at Mesa Verde this summer season. The photo is of Frank and Jessie James. Not really. It’s my youngest son and oldest grandson. Don’t know who the women folk are. They spent the first half of July with us.

We all made it back to the cabins on the 6th. Picked up supplies at the City Market in Pagosa Springs. Had a chance to stop by and see Ernie Wilkinson while we were in Monte Vista. He was in very good spirits but had obviously suffered a stroke in the past year. Also, he told me that his wife Margret is now confined to a wheelchair. Very depressing to me, but if he can stay positive about his situation, why can’t I? Purchased his most recent book. He insisted on putting on his hat before I took the annual photo.

I had two traveling companions this summer. I will refer to them as TC1 and TCB. They both have terrible skin rashes on their face, as you can see. It is sometimes embarrassing to be seen in public with them, but we don’t run into many people up there. TC1 flew into Colorado Springs, rented a car and drove to the cabin. He stayed a week and departed the same day as the James Gang. Had a good fishing experience and spotted a bear on the way to Continental Reservoir. The last time I spotted a bear in the wild was in 1967. I was 13. See the video. Some day I will learn how to edit before I post (but not today).

TCB flew unto Durango and I picked him up there. He spent week 3 with us. Fished everyday and had good catches. The days passed quickly and it was soon time to take him back to the airport in Durango. On the way back we stopped at Kamp Komfort. Showed him the bell and the photo wall from the movie. The owner let us drive down so TCB could see “Sparkey’s Place”.

My sister spent week 4 with us. She had been up at Mesa Verde all summer with our mother. She really enjoyed having her own cabin. Actually, everyone enjoyed having their own cabin, my wife and self included. The last day finally rolled around. I spend the last day fishing as many spots as possible and then loading up in the early afternoon. Fished the Rio Grande in the AM and Clear Creek in the PM. At about 3PM I hooked, landed, and released a 16 inch Brown and decided that was a good way to finish out the summer. I didn’t take a photo. Didn’t need one.

I have also included a video of North Clear Creek Fall. Also, photos of a sunset at the cabin and a picture of Sam Anderson standing by my boat. Sam and I have been playing pracical jokes on each other for several decades. I think that I'm better at it than he is. Here is a photo of my tan line. The wife noticed the dried up wrinkled skin on my hand. She told me that a cream would help. She said “I use Pond’s”. I replied “So do ducks”. She was not amused (but I was).

Additional photos below
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8th August 2011

Could it be "Vacation"? I don't want a cigar. Give me a better prize, please.
8th August 2011

Yes, the answer is vacation. The answer is always vacation. The answer will always be vacation. I could print a 8 by 10 of the sunset at the cabin, but I don't understand why anyone would rather have that than a cigar.
9th August 2011

TC1 ???
Cute photo of the cool guy in his vest holding a massive trout. Could be he has made "Troutmaster" status?
9th August 2011

It could just be so.

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