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Spent half the day trying to find parking spots so we could get out and see the beautiful landscape. Many tourists just hung out their car windows taking photos without stopping. ... read more

" When we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don't know ourselves. Cool, unifying life will rush in." D.H.Lawrence. Routing: A series of highways and byways. Las Vegas to Visalia. Then to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. Distance: 779 km. Total distance to date: 1985 km. After the frenetic noise and crazy sort of debauchery of Vegas, it was time for some real therapeutic peace and stillness. With this in mind we slipped out of this mind boggling city in the desert with GPS devices set for an RV Park at Visalia CA which would put us in ... read more

The morning dawned clear & bright, Glacier Point road was still closed when we drove past se we decided to walk there instead. We drove into Yosemite Valley & parked up at Four-Mile Trailhead. This was down as one of the more strenuous day hikes in the Yosemite, but the other one we were looking at, up Yosemite falls, was described as a "Stairmaster workout" so we opted for this one instead! It turned out to be less bad than we feared, most of the trail isn't too steep, despite going up a very steep mountain side, as it zip-zags so much. Plus we stopped loads to admire the stunning views that greeted us with every turn. We took so many photos of the vally, of Yosemite Falls, and of Half Dome all fromslightly different angles ... read more
Four mile trail
Yosemite Falls
Royal Arches in Yosemite Valley

Weather forecast for Yosemite Valley still bad so the Hetch Hetchy plan was a on. The morning weather was good though and as we had to drive in & out of the valley to get to Hetch Hetchy we stopped at the various scenic points which we failed to get photos from yesterday. Although Hetch Hetchy is within Yosemite National Park you have to drive out & in again to get there. As the pay station was closed when we came in on Sunday we stopped in the way out & they said it would be easiest to just pay entry at the quieter Hetch Hetchy entrance. Just before we got there there was a golden eagle sat at at the side of the road!!! Sadly the road was too twisty to stop, & the eagle ... read more
Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
Carlon Falls
Yosemite Valley

Up to grab a quick tea/coffee from the lobby then back to the room to make sandwiches (peanut butter as we had no fridge) before setting off into Yosemite Valley to hike the Mist Train up to the Vernal and Nevada Falls. We got there early enough that there was plent of parking at the trailhead then headed off, out plan to hike up the Mist Trail and back down the John Muir Trail, making it a loop walk, was scuppered as the upper portion of the John Muir Trail was closed still! The perils of holidaying in the mountians at the start of the season... Lots of tourists on the lower part of the trail, some only going as far as the Vernal Falls Footbridge (first views of the falls), many going up the Mist ... read more
Vernal Falls
Half Dome & Nevada Falls
Yosemite Valley from Tunnel View

Possibly the only place that we knew we would definitely visit whilst in California was Yosemite National Park. I tracked down one of my old college friends who lives about an hour and a half from Yosemite so we arrange to meet him on the weekend and as he’s keen for some walking, do a day hiking together in the Park. The benefit of meeting my friend is that he drives us into the park, which is quicker and easier than taking the RV, the down side is that at the weekend the park is (as expected) pretty busy, but I’m actually surprised at how well the traffic flows and we find a parking space at the end of the valley without too much hassle. There aren’t that many shortish hikes you can do in the ... read more

Finally we reached our must see bucket list item for this trip, Yosemite National Park. The 6-hour drive up from Monterey was uneventful, but a little nerve racking during some of the journey; like driving the RV on CA-120's steep switch-back turns up the mountain to Groveland, our 3-day RV home. The RV park sits upon a former gold rush mining encampment aptly named Second Garrote after making a habit of hanging its law breaking residents. The hangman's tree sort of remains in front of the park along with a state historic marker detailing its proud history. I can sure pick'em... Anyway history aside, the park is really nice, quiet, and remote enough to receive wildlife visitors like deer and wild turkeys. The former mining town of Groveland proudly houses California's longest continuously run tavern, The ... read more
Beautiful El Capitan
Walk to Falls
Yosemite Sign

According to many travel "experts" and writers, these are the new travel trends for 2018. Some of these are familiar, if you follow what I do and where I go. Let's see if there is anything interesting. Solo travel-hello! I think I invented solo travel. Who else would take the Trans Siberian Railway across Russia solo? Multi generational travel-I never traveled much with my Mom, except for local trips. But my kids really enjoyed having grandma along, especially my daughter. Double destinations-again, I hate to tell you, maximize that 10-12 hour trans-ocean flight and see the world. My last trip to eastern Europe covered five countries, and easily could have included more!!! Glamping-though I am not a big fan, I did this on the Serengeti in Tanzania. It was quite comfortable, ... read more
Indy 500-The Greatest Spectacle in Racing
Bomb shelter in Laos
Walking through the medina in Tangiers

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