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While some of us slept in, I was up at 6am doing laundry. We didn’t have cell service or WiFi so I couldn’t work on my blog. By the time my laundry was finished everyone else was up, had breakfast, and was ready to check outYosemite. Bug problem….no maps. Our host had a few small copied maps that were difficult to read but they weren’t very helpful. We had no clue where to go. AND the vacation rental office was closed so they were no help. Fortunately we talked to a neighbor who would guide us to the nearest visitors center. We were so grateful. First stop was what is known as tunnel view, so named because you are just coming out of a tunnel through the mountain and the view opens up to all the ... read more

Every August as the heat waves roll through, I start dreaming about Autumn. I know it's a bit early, but its my favorite season. I know its only a matter of time before we start getting that fresh crisp air, changing leaves, pumpkin everything, cozy sweaters, and warm pies fresh out of the oven. Autumn is also a great time to travel to the mountains. We live in the Carolinas and enjoy frequent drives and hikes to the surrounding blue ridge mountain area. In Autumn, we're always trying to catch those beautiful multi-colored leaves before they fall to the ground. These local trips to the mountains are basically what has replaced our bigger travels since the pandemic. But right before the world was flipped upside down with Covid, I got the chance to take a solo ... read more
Yosemite Valley Chapel and Autumn colors
Autumn Views in Yosemite
Autumn trails

My best and only travel buddy sent me an excerpt from an article he read in the Wall Street Journal. He said it applies perfectly to me. Wanderlust is a beautiful state of being! WSJ: One section explains "in many ways having traveled is far superior to actual traveling. Most of us travel in search of a story , but the pleasure of shaping the narrative comes only in retrospect -- usually within some quiet place back home, The helps explain why so many of the world's best travel writers have, paradoxically , also embraced long sessions off the road".So, yes, I agree, it does apply to me. And I do write daily blogs about our trips. But the greatest joy comes from family and friends who ask about our trips, past and ... read more
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What Is Wanderlust?

Lauren and I went to Yosemite for a week,. Drove and stayed in two airbnbs. One inside the valley/park one down more south in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Incredible and spectacular. My favourite place for scenery. Yosemite National Park is famed for its giant, ancient sequoia trees, and for Tunnel View, the iconic vista of towering Bridalveil Fall and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome.... read more

This was going to be my first vacation in two years. I usually like to plan my trips, but this one wasn't. My flight to San Jose was supposed to take off at five in the morning. I fell asleep while seated and woke up more than an hour later only to find the plane still grounded. The flight was delayed by more than two hours. By the time I got to San Jose, I was under-slept and tired. I just had some food and went to sleep. The next day was going to be exciting. The next morning, I had a freak accident. I sneezed not very violently, but somehow managed to pull my back muscle - very badly - so bad that I had trouble moving initially. I struggled to get dressed and saw ... read more

Vorgestern habe ich wieder gut gefrühstückt, bevor ich zeitig mit dem Auto zum Glacier Point gefahren bin. Dieser Berg ist einer der Highlights im Yosemite Park. Die Fahrt dorthin war sehr interessant. Es wird ja immer vor Bären gewarnt. Aber ich habe keinen gesehen. Wenn man einen trifft, soll man sich groß machen und laut schreien und es gab anscheinend noch keine Tötungen durch sie. An diesem Point bin ich gut angekommen und habe auch noch einen Parkplatz bekommen. Dann bin ich das letzte Stück noch zu Fuß und habe wieder Fotos gemacht. Man befindet sich dann direkt über dem Yosemite Valley. Danach bin ich wieder zur Lodge und habe nach kurzem Suchen zum Glück dort auch einen Parkplatz bekommen. Im Starbucks habe ich wieder einen Frappuccino getrunken, bevor ich den PC an der Rezeption benutzt ... read more
Im Yosemite Park.
Im Yosemite Park.
Im Yosemite Park.

Vorgestern habe ich in Bakersfield mal wieder Pancakes zum Frühstück gegessen, bevor ich mich auf den Weg nach Yosemite gemacht habe. Unterwegs habe ich mal wieder getankt und die Preise waren wie so oft bei ca. 4 Dollar pro Gallone (knapp 4 Liter). Davon kann man in Deutschland bei den hohen Steuern für die Fleißigen nur träumen. Den Yosemite Park habe ich gut erreicht. Teilweise gibt es Spuren von Waldbränden, was bei der langen Zeit, die ein Baum zum wachsen braucht, natürlich sehr schade ist. Das eigentlich Yosemite Valley ist sehr schön und hat mehrere Wasserfälle. Es herrschte ziemlicher Betrieb. Zum Glück habe ich einen ordentlichen Parkplatz an der Lodge gefunden. Nach dem Einchecken habe ich die Bilder für den 15. Juni an einem PC an der Rezeption hochgeladen. Danach habe ich im Starbucks des Komplexes ... read more
Fahrt nach Yosemite Valley.
Fahrt nach Yosemite Valley.
Fahrt nach Yosemite Valley.

Spent half the day trying to find parking spots so we could get out and see the beautiful landscape. Many tourists just hung out their car windows taking photos without stopping. ... read more

" When we get out of the glass bottle of our ego and when we escape like the squirrels in the cage of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright. But things will happen to us so that we don't know ourselves. Cool, unifying life will rush in." D.H.Lawrence. Routing: A series of highways and byways. Las Vegas to Visalia. Then to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. Distance: 779 km. Total distance to date: 1985 km. After the frenetic noise and crazy sort of debauchery of Vegas, it was time for some real therapeutic peace and stillness. With this in mind we slipped out of this mind boggling city in the desert with GPS devices set for an RV Park at Visalia CA which would put us in ... read more

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