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North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa March 28th 2018

The jani will be headed off for an extended trip to Portugal soon. We're going to try a travel blog for this adventure. Email or message me if you want to be on the distribution, although I'm sure we'll also be doing some FB posting... read more

I After a month of riding, and a previous week of viscous California coast with its intensely graded stretches, I arrived in Santa Rosa. I was to be a visitor at the TrueNorth Health Center. I had emailed the coordinator for visitors a month before and told her my situation, and she had informed me that Mondays were the best day to come as the Director, Dr. Goldhamer, would be giving a lecture. So, on Sunday night, I rolled into Santa Rosa, after getting slightly lost on the bike path between Sebastapol and Santa Rosa. I ended up sleeping in a community park Sunday night, but I was on time Monday morning. This was my first professional stop on the trip and I was extremely eager to see what they were doing at TrueNorth. We live ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa August 24th 2013

A Dose of Outside A Dose of Outside is intended to share a bit of nature with you as experienced on my local hikes and other adventures. Take a moment to look out the window or step outside and see what it is you see. What you smell. Notice what’s growing around you. Use all your senses and really get A Dose of Outside! HIKE DATE: Today. Anadel State Park, Santa Rosa This morning I’m heading to Leedson Marsh via the Schulz trailhead. The trailhead is off of Lawndale in southern Santa Rosa, off highway twlve. There are only about 5 parking spots for smaller vehicles at this trailhead, so best to go midweek and/or early. Today is going to be a longer hike if I have my way. I started packing my things, not entirely ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa July 10th 2013

Deb's Day No reports of great roads today. I did a guided tour of 4 wineries with Platypus tours. They pick you up at your motel and cart you around. After 4 wineries with 5 samples at each one it seemed like a good idea. We went to smaller boutique wineries and not commercial ones. The settings were positively lush and edenistic with all the vines and flowers. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable of all aspects of history of the area and wine production. Because I was on a private tour ,I was able to go into areas not open to the public. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and had trouble figuring out how I was going to get my wine home. Hooray for UPS! We walked to a restaurant for a nice dinner with my ... read more
Wine Cave
Robert Young Winery
VML Winery

A day of leisure and a visit to the Charles Schultz Museum. It was only 3 miles from our motel so a short trip was in order. I wasted space bringing mesh jackets as the temps here are rather moderate...or downright cool. 53 when I got up this am. The Schultz Museum is rather interesting as it chronicles his work from childhood. Also next door is an ice rink where Senior Hockey contests are played. In the ice rink is located the Warm Puppy, a snack area for the skaters. We came back by the area for the BBQ contest and it is not an easy place to find. I can only imagine the BBQ Rigs pulling thru the quiet neighborhoods to get to the site. I considered moving motels that would be closer but we ... read more
Kite eating tree
Warm Puppy
Schultz's Office

It was a lovely sunny cool day on the Coastal Highway, not a g and p day, hallelujah. There is a nice organic cafe called Queenie's Cafe. It is located in Elk,CA and the food is awesome. The coffee in California makes me itch it is so strong. I still think that is what makes the drivers so crazy here. They are constantly wired! Drink more wine for heavens sake... Then onto the seal beach vista point where we met a BMW F800 rider. He was having chain problems so we gave him the Santa Rosa dealer's number. When we stopped by to visit the dealership later, they were still there and we visited some more. He was impressed about the anonymous book for our riders organization that lists numbers of dealers and riders all over ... read more
View from ELK
Elk Store
Sea Lion beach

Sad it was to leave my girls - I can say we shed a few tears as we loaded up my rental car and I drove off leaving them to catch their flight back to the UK. We have had a most wonderful time together. And we had had a whirlwind 3 days in San Fran - we all fell in love with this beautiful city - in spite of it being cooler then we expected and very windy. Movies of California always make you think the weather is just perfect ... but I guess that's not the reality. Suz had researched what to do and the Top Ten and we left it to her to sort us out for the 3 day plan. Immediately we got a hop/on/off bus with a 48 hour ticket which ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa April 23rd 2013

Throughout the world there are many common things that bind us together as part of the human race on this planet. One is that almost everywhere, people answer the phone with “hello” no matter what language they speak. You can be on a plane sitting on the tarmac in India and the Burmese gent next to you takes a call and begins by saying “hello.” Another common aspect of everyday life is the posting of signs. They come in all forms, sizes and colors. Some are advertisements, some bumper stickers, and some are official government road signs or signs in parks and other areas. This is where the fun comes in if you have even the slightest sense of humor. We’ve endeavored to collect as many pictures of these signs in our travels so that ... read more
And we brought chips!!
In other words....

North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa November 27th 2012

Well, where to start!!!!! Again, we've left it nearly two weeks since the last blog so it's down to me to jog memory, Shelly is sat downloading pictures. I won't add much to the slating of Vegas Shelly gave in our last blog apart from saying it is probably because of the magnificence of Canada and the West coast that spoilt us and left us ill prepared for the brash, bright in-your-face Vegas but it was an experience and the scale and grandeur of the hotels was amazing! We left Vegas on Thursday 15th November slightly overwhelmed and deffinately ready to hit the road, almost immediately we got a glimpse of Lake Mead which was quite strange, a huge lake in the middle of the desert but very pretty. We drove over the Hoover Dam which ... read more

North America » United States » California » Santa Rosa April 17th 2012

Spending Christmas and New Years with family was relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. It was an enjoyable time had by all, and my first holiday period back in Cali since I left over five years ago. I bought myself a new laptop and Santa brought me a new iPod Touch. Good times. We cooked, we ate, we ate, we cooked. I didn't exercise. I put on weight but I didn't care. I love the wholesome goodness my folks' know how to bring to the table. I feel fortunate I grew up in a family wth parents who knew (and still do..) how to cook and cook well. On a gloriously blue-skied day in January, my mom, my brother and I spent some time at "our" beach, Bodega Bay, somewhere I hadn't been in years. ... read more
Beautiful Coastline at Bodega Bay
My brother, his nameless dog and me
My buddy Janel

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